No Place Like Home ~ Seniors' Residence

Service Opportunity #1 ~ Seniors' Residence ~ Vegetable Garden Planting & Beautification

We will plant vegetables, herbs and flowers in the garden boxes/containers/ground at the senior garden.  They will add the harvest to their meal while enjoying the garden through out the summer.  Flowers and Specific items or Financial donations are greatly appreciated for this Service Opportunity (see below).


  * Preparing/replacing soil

  * Planting vegetables/herbs (7 garden boxes, containers and some in the ground)

  * Planting spring flowers on the deck/sitting area (2 big pots) and some in the ground.

  * Clean up

What You Should Bring: 

   * Garden glove

  * Garden tools

  * Shovels

  * Clippers

Donation Opportunity: Needed Items:

  * Bag of Garden Topsoil ~ 7 bags

  * Cow manure fertilizer  ~  4 bags

  * Garden stakes( hard wood, 2ft tall )  ~  10 to 15

  * Garden safe fungicide spray  ~  3 bottles

  * Flowers:

          ~ 1 flat of pink begonias 

          ~ 1 flat of gold marigolds

Time:   9:30am-12:00pm 

Age Restrictions: 14 & under (must be accompanied by Adult)

Note: a Service Opportunity manager will be in contact with instructions

Date: 05/18/2019 (Sat.)

Time: 8:30am - 12:00pm EDT

Location: Church Portico CSS Registration Table

Created by:   St. Peter the Apostle

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Vegetable Garden Planting & Beautification ~ Be sure to enter in the Comment Box if you wish to donate Supplies Listed (12)
  7 of 12 slots filled
Katie Zoch (2)
5 bags of Top soil, 4 bags of manure and 1 flat of marigolds
Maria Angderson
Will bring 2 bags of top soil and 1 flat pink begonias
Cris Olson
Kathleen Donovan
Pat Fallon
3 bottles of fungicide spray
Mairead Kress