Children's Room Summer Reading 2018

Kids Summer Reading Finale 2018

The library is having an ice cream social and outdoor party to celebrate the end of our 2018 Summer Reading Program! All kids who signed up for our Summer Reading Program (and their siblings) will receive a free ice cream sundae as a reward for all of their great reading! We are looking for donations of ice cream toppings and bottled water. 

Date: 08/09/2018 (Thu.)

Time: 5:00pm - 7:30pm EDT

Location: Outside Centre School, Hampton NH

Created by:   Wendy Rega

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Big Bag of M&M's (Plain) (3)
  All slots filled
Jessica Svirsky (2)
Wes Osswald
Bag of Oreo's (3) - Pre-Crushed Please
  All slots filled
Kim Hopkins Betts (2)
I will need to drop these off at the library 2 days prior b/c I'll be out of town for work - Jocelyn is going with another family.
Amy Roy
Hershey's Syrup (3)
  All slots filled
Mikki Phillips
Andrea Lewis
Hannah Cyr
ReddiWhip Can (6)
  All slots filled
Monica Muldoon (2)
Laren Giovaniello (4)
Sprinkles/Jimmies (Rainbow/Chocolate) (3)
  All slots filled
Lily Leedberg
Andrea Lewis
Aaron Blais
12-packs of small bottles of water (22)
  16 of 22 slots filled
Amy Howard
Melissa Phoenix
Andrea Lewis
Wes Osswald
April Mitchell (2)
Kelli Higgins (2)
Andrea Shepard (3)
Melissa Caldon
Wendi Lewis (2)
Kelly Lawry
Amie LaPierre
24-packs of large bottles of water (10)
  3 of 10 slots filled
Teri Parker
Laurie MacLeod (2)
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Mary Ball (4 guests)

Laurie MacLeod (6 guests)

Rayann Dionne (4 guests)

Julie Lord (4 guests)

Tracy Rickers (3 guests)

Erin Hamlen (3 guests)

Beth Bourassa (2 guests)

Alaina Frechette (1 guest)

Jess Howe (2 guests)

Brayden Sullivan (1 guest)

Amie LaPierre (3 guests)
Thank you to all the librarians for making such a wonderful summer reading program!

Andre Renee Mammah (1 guest)

Jennifer Clifford (2 guests)

Marilynn Parsons (5 guests)

Ashlee Thurlow (3 guests)

Kaela Charette (4 guests)

Meaghan Rowe (2 guests)

Steve Oleniak (2 guests)

Kelly Lawry (3 guests)

Jennifer McClelland (4 guests)

Megan Davis (4 guests)

Wendi Lewis (4 guests)

Melissa Caldon (2 guests)

Andrea Shepard (3 guests)

Teri Parker (3 guests)
Available to help out where needed

Kelli Higgins (4 guests)

April Mitchell (3 guests)

Hannah Cyr (2 guests)

Wes Osswald (4 guests)

Bekka Wright (3 guests)
Wish I could help more but unable this year:( sorry

Aaron Blais (2 guests)

Amy Roy (4 guests)

Andrea Lewis (4 guests)

Mackenzie Field (5 guests)

Laren Giovaniello (3 guests)

Mikki Phillips (3 guests)

Lily Leedberg (6 guests)

Melissa Phoenix (3 guests)

Jessica Svirsky (4 guests)

Monica Muldoon (3 guests)

Kim Hopkins Betts (1 guest)

Amy Howard (7 guests)
Hi Wendy, I told you my teen Josiah could help. However, we may be late. The kids were given the opportunity to go to the Shepherd McAuliffe museum that day and talk to astronauts on the ISS.

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