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Hereford Faith & Life Church

Mission Dinner & Kitchen Registry

Thank you to everyone who has signed up for the dinner and to bring items for the new Women's Center at the Addiction Healing Center - Westminster Rescue Mission.  Almost all of our slots are filled but we can still accept monetary donations. You can bring your donation to the dinner, drop it in the collection bag or send to the church with a notation that it's for the Westminster Rescue Mission.  

Don't forget....all items are due by Sunday, February 16th - they may be dropped off in the FLC lobby or Narthex or brought to the dinner.

For questions please contact Sharon Broughton @ 410-598-4115

Date: 02/16/2020 (Sun.)

Time: 4:00pm - 7:00pm EST

Location: Hereford Faith & Life Church
16931 York Road, Monkton, MD 21111

Created by:   Hereford Faith & Life Church

Will you be attending the event?
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Serving Spoons/Forks - Metal (4)
  3 of 4 slots filled
Wendy Cox (2)
Hunter / Mollie Mcculloch
Set of 5 serving utensils
Pot Scrubbers (4)
  3 of 4 slots filled
Linda Michael (3)
maybe more, havent shopped yet
Large Cooking Pots/Pans (3)
  All slots filled
Rosalie Weller (3)
Large Plastic Storage Containers (6) - For Leftovers
  4 of 6 slots filled
Barbara Sollers
Christy Dull (3)
Stainless Steel Colander - Large
Rachael Zajac
We are excited!
Stainless Steel Colander - Small
Laura Margiotta
Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl Set
Linda Steimetz
Brian Corcoran
Steak Knives - Set
Sharon Fryer
12 steak knives
Food Processor
Ashley Caudle
Pot Holders/Oven Mitts (4) - Any color
  All slots filled
Sharon Fryer (4)
Kitchen Towels (6) - Any Color
  All slots filled
Wendy Cox (6)
Vegetable Paring Knife (2)
  All slots filled
Erica Feldheim (2)
Meat Prep/Cut Knife (2)
  All slots filled
Erica Feldheim (2)
Vegetable Peeler (2)
  All slots filled
Sharon Fryer (2)
8-10 Cup Coffee Maker
Sue Brown
Crockpot - 8-10 Quart
Mae Polley
Baking Pans - Large (4) - Round, Square or Oblong, Cookie Sheets
  All slots filled
Sharon Broughton
Roasting pan
Janet Gardner (2)
Cookie Sheets
Evelyn Bashore-Aldrich
Skillets (2)
  All slots filled
Jen Patterson (2)
Glass Bakeware (4) - Any size
  All slots filled
Mendy Patterson
Pyrex 9x13 pan with lid
Mendy Patterson
8x8 Pyrex pans with lids
Peg Millender
1 Set
Mae Polley
Pie pans
Cooking Utensils (8) - Any Kind (Spoons, Spatula, Turners, etc)
  All slots filled
Deborah Deweese (2)
Wooden Spoons
Karen Kinsey (6)
10 piece stainless set
Silverware/Flatware Service for 12 (2) - No wooden or plastic handles - all metal. Does not matter if the 2 different sets match.
  1 of 2 slots filled
Renee Pretorius
1 set
Measuring Cup Set
Deborah Deweese
Measuring Spoon Set
Deborah Deweese
Cutting Boards - Large (2)
  All slots filled
Constance Matsumoto (2)
Cutting Boards - Small (2)
  All slots filled
Trish Frederick (2)
Christa Bowen
Responses:     Yes: 25     No: 3     Maybe: 6     No Response: 2

Adult Guests:    Confirmed: 45     Maybe: 9

Child Guests:    Confirmed: 13     Maybe: 2

YES (25) -  

Mandy Myrick (2 adults, 3 children)

Shirley Whitehurst (1 adult)

Judi Nance (6 adults)
Guests from Westminister Rescue Mission

Linda Michael (1 adult, 3 children)
Children are 2 teens, Alexis and Jakob and my gchild who is 5

Christy Dull (1 adult, 1 child)

Ashley Caudle (2 adults)

Krista Robertson (1 adult)

Rachael Zajac (2 adults, 4 children)

Barbara Schroyer (2 adults)
Barbara and Steve Schroyer

Glenda Garrett (1 adult)

Linda Steimetz (1 adult)

Hunter / Mollie Mcculloch (2 adults)

Jen Patterson (2 adults, 2 children)

Trish Frederick (2 adults)

Mae Polley (2 adults)

Evelyn Bashore-Aldrich (1 adult)
I am available to help

Sue Brown (2 adults)

Barbara Sollers (2 adults)

Sharon Fryer (1 adult)

Janet Gardner (2 adults)

Wendy Cox (2 adults)

Erica Feldheim (2 adults)

Deborah Deweese (1 adult)

Sharon Broughton (2 adults)

Mendy Patterson (2 adults)

NO (3) +  

MAYBE (6) +  


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