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BLAST Pen Pals With LifeChurch! Back By Popular Demand

Do YOU LOVE To talk about Marvel, Trains, Pets, Sports or Video Games? 


This virtual volunteer opportunity is perfect for reaching out and making a new friend. With just a little time each month, your letter to a new friend will make a HUGE difference, lift a spirit and say you care!

We have gathered information from all the cool kids who want someone to connect with! Look over the list and find someone who shares your interests and start a conversation!

Once you and/or your family have signed up, we will send you an email with the name and address of your pen-pal and instructions.

You can do this project on your own OR get your whole family involved! Your family can send a note, include a picture or a sheet to color. Even if your littlest family members help with stamps, envelopes and mailing, everyone counts, so please include their names.   

Once a month, use real postage stamps and snail mail to send your pen-pal a fun letter!

This project is designed for 7 months of friendship from December 2021 through June 2022!  Long enough to make a cool new friend! More impactful than buying a gift, this is the GIFT OF YOU!

And every month, we will email a reminder with a suggested topic to write about. That will make being a pen-pal a BLAST and so easy!  


Melinda Lauffenburger

Executive Director

[email protected]



P.S. Please take a moment to review our Volunteer Code of Conduct so that we can all be on same page!

Date: 01/01/2022 (Sat.)

Location: Your Home

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Created by:   Melinda Lauffenburger
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Life.Church Members & Families

Choose someone for me! (20)

I want to be a Pen Pal but you can choose someone for me!


Jadon - 12 years old (2)

Jadon likes Roblox, drawing Sonic the hedgehog and painting on his PC.


Timothy - 13 year old (2)

Timothy loves minecraft, coding, roblox and all things NASA


Jensen - 8 years old (2)

Jensen loves video games, super heroes, cooking and baking! You will love being his penpal!


Zachary - 14 year old

Zachary loves turtles, ninja turtles, art, video games and skateboarding!


Cody - 11 years old (2)

Cody loves hot wheels, drills and anything we can take apart!


Zak - 19 years old (2)

Zac loves dungeons & dragons, politics, literature and computer programming.


Matthew - 19 year old (2)

Dancing puzzles, long walks, dogs and playing games on my tablet


Gabriel - 12 year old (2)

Minecraft, European history, Tehcnoblade/You Tuber, Marvel Movies Spiderman, thriller books


Andrew - 8 years old (2)

Andrew loves animals, trucks and music! He's looking for an awesome pen pal!


Bryanna - 16 years old (2)

Bryanna loves board games, unicorns and Sponge Bob!


Liliana - 10 years old (2)

Liliana likes reading graphic novels, playing video games, art, coloring and origamim. She likes legos, the zoo, making friends. She loves to write too!


Kingston - 13 year old girl (2)

Kingston likes skateboarding and basketball!


Dylan - 10 year old (2)

Dylan likes watching cartoons, sports and playing outside. Dylan has 2 dogs that he also loves.


Damairiz - 13 year old girl (2)

Damariz loves colors, animals, numbers and playing with Play doh!


Kyler - 8 years old (2)

Kyler loves transformers, legos and cats


Clayton - 10 year old (2)

Clayton likes sports, video games, Pokemon, jelly, riding his skateboard and bike!


Cameron - 10 year old boy (2)

Cameron likes swords, video games, jelly, anime, and sports!


Abby - 14 year old (2)

Abby likes reading games and phone, board games, science and math chess


Emilia - 20 year old (2)

Emilia likes video games, (Pokemon and Persona), Anime, books, painting, writing listening to music, animals, museums


Tobie - 13 year old (2)

Tobie would make a super fun penpal. Sign up and find out what he loves!

1 of 2 slots filled
Julie Skelton

Bennett - 5 year old (2)

Bennett loves super heroes, animals and video games! He needs a fun pen pal!

1 of 2 slots filled
Mckenzie Ledesma
My 6 year old is excited to be his pen pal!

Eddie - 22 years old (2)

Eddie likes YouTube, playing video games, drawing, watching movies, classic cars and trucks and all the dates scary movies were released!

1 of 2 slots filled
Victor Onyenma

Jagger - 9 years old (2)

Jagger loves games, drawing, art, travel and his English bulldog, Rosie!

1 of 2 slots filled
Mckenzie Ledesma
My 9 year old is excited to be his pen pal!

Cole - 13 years old (2)

Cole is interested in NBA basketball! He is learning to play basketball and football. He loves watching YouTube food videos.

1 of 2 slots filled
Michelle Scheall

Ruby - 12 years old (2)

Ruby likes science, Pokemon, Legos, Mincraft, nature, ancient history, beanie babies, Teen Titans and art!

1 of 2 slots filled
Hope Davis

Emma - 11 year old (2)

Emma likes animals, anything science related, pokemon and gardening.

1 of 2 slots filled
Michelle Scheall

Katelynn - 17 years old (2)

Katelynn likes art, music, anime and animals. She especially likes baby animials, puppies, kittens, wolves and foxes. She loves Japaneese culture and weather. A cheery letter would really help Katelynn.

1 of 2 slots filled
Stephanie Jones

Ayla - 13 year old (2)

Alyla loves art, graphic novels, all types of cartoons, cute animals and Hayao Miyazaki films

1 of 2 slots filled
Maggie England

Ben - 7 years old (2)

Ben loves non-fiction about dinosaurs, animals, life cycles, skeletal systems, world maps of continents and oceans. He also lives Pokemon, farm animals and going to the zoo and aquarium.

1 of 2 slots filled
Rachel Aquino
My son, Jacob (7), also loves science and geography! He’s currently into gems, rocks, and astronomy.

Luke - 4 years old (2)

Luke likes all superheroes, star Wars (specifically Kylo Ren), storm troopers, Darth Vader, Baby Yoda and Mandolorian. He also likes basketall, OKC Thunder, OU football and Halloween

1 of 2 slots filled
Sandy Richardson
Judah is excited to be a penpal with Luke :)

Kit - 7 year old boy (2)

Kit likes space and reading!

1 of 2 slots filled
Tara Johnson
I’m a grandma to 6 and I enjoy reading

Rylie - 23 year old (2)

Rylie likes to COOK! She likes to read the bible and other books. She doesn't like spiders or bugs!

All slots filled
Maggie England
Victor Onyenma

Kera bell - 39 (2)

Kera likes dancing, reading and crafts

All slots filled
Christine Klemmer
Victor Onyenma

Bryan - 31 years old (2)

Bryan likes cars, animals, movies, music, driving, sleeping and working!

All slots filled
Adam Sahloul
Hi there, i would love to chat to someone and hopefully send them even a xmas prssent with joy and love. Thanks
Victor Onyenma

Summer - 9 year old (2)

Summer likes pop its, dolls, music and JoJo Siwa

All slots filled
Dees Hodges
Dees Hodges
Stuart Richardson
My daughter Maddie is so excited to become a penpal with Summer
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