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BLAST - A Life.Church Pen Pal Project!

Do YOU LOVE To talk about Marvel, Trains, Pets, Sports or Video Games? 


This virtual volunteer opportunity is perfect for reaching out and making a new friend. With just a little time each month, your letter to a new friend will make a HUGE difference, lift a spirit and say you care!

We have gathered information from all the cool kids who want someone to connect with! Look over the list and find someone who shares your interests and start a conversation!

Once you and/or your family have signed up, we will send you an email with the name and address of your pen-pal and instructions.

You can do this project on your own OR get your whole family involved! Your family can send a note, include a picture or a sheet to color. Even if your littlest family members help with stamps, envelopes and mailing, everyone counts, so please include their names.   

Once a month, use real postage stamps and snail mail to send your pen-pal a fun letter!

This project is designed for six months of friendship from December 2020 through June 2021!  Long enough to make a cool new friend! More impactful than buying a gift, this is the GIFT OF YOU!

And every month, we will email a reminder with a suggested topic to write about. That will make being a pen-pal a BLAST and so easy!   

Everyone needs someone to care about them. When you give, you receive! Become a pen-pal and know you are making a difference by helping each other through a challenging time.


Melinda Lauffenburger

Executive Director

[email protected]



P.S. Please take a moment to review our Volunteer Code of Conduct so that we can all be on same page!

Date: 12/01/2020 (Tue.)

Location: Your Home

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Created by:   Melinda Lauffenburger
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Life.Church Members & Families

Choose someone for me! (20)

I want to be a Pen Pal but you can choose someone for me!

1 of 20 slots filled
Manoj Murari
My self pst manoj

Chris - 16 year old boy (2)

Chris likes to play basketball, listen to music and watch movies. He likes socializing, the outdoors and the OKC Thunder!


Ian - 17 year old boy (2)

Ian likes video games and animals- especially cats! He is a senior in High School and is in the band. He likes to learn and keeps up with current events!

All slots filled
Alaiah Ross
Joy Williams
Hi Ian, I am Joy. I would love to be your pen pal

Ezra - 13 year old boy (2)

Ezra likes all trains including Thomas and friends, transformers, baseball, burgers and all types of cats!

All slots filled
Alaiah Ross
Joy Williams
Hi Ezra, I am Joy. I would love to be your pen pal

JJ - 12 year old boy (2)

JJ likes video games including Among Us, Five Nights at Freddy's and Plants vs. Zombies. He also enjoys creating video games!


Abraham - 17 year old boy (2)

Abraham likes Star Wars, Spider-Man, Legos, Toy Story and Disney stuff! He also likes a little bit of sports- mostly football.

1 of 2 slots filled
Ambreail Ross

Ellie - 22 year old girl (2)

Ellie likes Superheroes, Star Wars, animals, movies and music!

All slots filled
Jenn Vincent
Stephanie Jones
Hi Ellie, My name is Stephanie. I look forward to being your pen pal.

Chance - 20 year old boy (2)

Chance likes video games, movies, acting, film/TV, art/drawing, Batman, The Walking Dead and animals- especially bunnies!

All slots filled
Michael Massey
Stephanie Jones
Hi Chance, My name is Stephanie. I look forward to being your pen pal.

Maisy - 4 year old girl (2)

Maisy loves animal, dinosaurs and music. She enjoys painting and loves stickers! Her favorite holiday is Halloween and she dressed up like a Superhero this year!

All slots filled
Mav Family
Emma Tripp
I am so excited to be your pen pal!

Bailey - 11 year old (2)

Bailey enjoys reading mystery, fantasy, comics and Ever After High. They're also into MMA, wrestling, softball, makeup and singing!


Adeana - 13 year old girl (2)

Adeana likes painting and reading books such as Percy Jackson, Twilight and other fantasy, horrors or comics. She likes all kinds of games both physical and electronic. She also likes animals and scary stuff!

1 of 2 slots filled
Ambreail Ross

Tristyn - 6 year old girl (3)

Tristyn likes drawing, painting and singing! She also loves unicorns, glitter and SPARKLES!

All slots filled
Lily Orr
Lily Orr
Mav Family

Hunter - Age 19 boy (2)

Hunter likes video games, listening to music, guitar and piano. He also likes basketball, pets and of course YouTube!


Gabriel - 17 year old girl (2)

Gabriel likes Disney movies, drawing, camping, Spongebob and eating peanut butter sandwiches and cookies!

1 of 2 slots filled
Fin Welton

Octavio - 17 year old boy (2)

Octavio likes pipe cleaners, sports, running and eating chips and doughnuts!


Mason - 15 year old boy (2)

Mason likes books, puzzles, Legos, Thomas the Train and eating candy and chips!

1 of 2 slots filled
Ambreail Ross

Christian - 15 year old boy (2)

Christian likes books, toys, iPad and eating hot chips and pretzels!


Jaxson - 15 year old boy (2)

Jaxson loves ALL things Mario Kart! He also likes stuffed animals and Legos.


Andre - 14 year old boy (2)

Andre likes books, memory games and has a sweet tooth!

1 of 2 slots filled
Keith Welton

Christian - 14 year old boy (2)

Christian likes video games- especially Minecraft and Fortnite! He also likes learning about computers and coding them!


Skylyn - 14 year old (2)

Skylyn likes competitive bass fishing and motocycles!

1 of 2 slots filled
Alaiah Ross

Daryn - 11 year old girl (2)

Daryn likes EVERYTHING about the game Halo! She also likes Legos, animals- especially birds, nature, the Amulet graphic novel series, creating graphic novels and her pets! She is also learning to play trombone.

1 of 2 slots filled
Susan McMurtrey

Spencer - 17 year old boy (3)

Spencer likes Disney and Pixar movies and Veggie Tales. He also loves the flags and cultures of other countries! He loves food, EVERY holiday and drawing! He would love a pen pal to send short messages and drawings with back and forth.

2 of 3 slots filled
Lily Orr
Lily Orr

Weston - 7 year old boy (2)

Weston likes SCIENCE, math and video games!


Emma - 13 year old girl (2)

Emma likes Sonic the hedgehog characters, plushies, animal crossing, Beethoven, classical music and piano


Kolby - 9 year old girl (2)

Kolby loves dance, soccer, video games, toys and Life.Church! She would be an awesome pen pal!

1 of 2 slots filled
Emma Tripp
I am so excited to be your pen pal!

Paxton - 10 year old boy (2)

Paxton loves science, art, robots, history, dungeons and dragons and video games


Analyn - 12 year old girl (2)

Analyn loves musicals, singing, my little pony and Disney movies!


Will - 10 year old boy (2)

Will loves fishing, LEGO's, Star Wars, Ninjago, our dog--Sheba and Pokemon!


Zachary - 13 year old boy (2)

Zac loves drawing, ninja turtles, Nintendo Switch and dogs!


Jake - 11 year old boy (2)

Jake loves video games & pokemon! He plays the saxophone, likes to read, build legos, and enjoys interesting facts/trivia


Eli - 9 year old Boy (2)

Eli likes ALL things Zelda, Mario & Luigi (Mario Kart, Super Mario, etc). He also likes Paw Patrol, dinosaurs, Wild Kratts and Nature. He loves legos, transformers and is a super fast runner!

All slots filled
Sarah Lauffenburger
John Davis

Noah - 14 year old boy (2)

Noah loves all things Zelda, Mario & Luigi (Mario Kart, Luigi's Mansion, Super Mario, etc.) He loves Trains, all things Nintendo, music, swinging on the playground, production company logo's logo games and word searches.

1 of 2 slots filled
Sarah Lauffenburger
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