Church of the Epiphany

Homecoming BBQ 2018

8/12—Homecoming BBQ: Join us for food and fellowship at 4:30 p.m. at Oakhurst Park (307 Feld Ave.)! We will provide the BBQ, and we ask you to bring your own drinks (BYOB), lawn chairs or blankets, and a side or dessert to share AND BACKPACKS FOR A BLESSING.

Date: 08/12/2018 (Sun.)

Time: 4:30pm - 6:30pm EDT

Location: 307 Feld Avenue, Decatur, GA 30030

Created by:   Church of the Epiphany

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Side Dish Item - List what you plan to bring
  49 slots filled - more available
Bill Gary
Kristin Houser
Mary McCall Cash
Chocolate cake
Kristin Phillips
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Judy Jarady
Assorted fruit
Cristin Davis
Ellen & Mitch Jones
Stephanie Everett
Sybil Mccullar
Josh Becker
Barbara Belcore
Sy Burnett
Katy Bassett
Sabra Hanson (10)
corn on the cob
Doug Kertscher
Robert Ballou Ballou
Susan Montgomery
Shannon Lambeth
Shirley Banks
potato salad
Sally Brockington
Kathy Corcoran
Tomato salad
Chris Maurer
Black bean salad
Pamela Gore
Beans or corn and bean salad
Susan Moody
Jessica Burns
Piemento cheese and potato salad
Alison Taylor
Kaylie Gibbs
MaryEllen Stockton
Phillip Ranglin
Kim Finnegan
David & Pam Thierry
Brittany Allen
Potato Salad
Anne Dancoff
John Keys
Katherine Sandiford
Clare Schexnyder
Bill and Pat Graves
Martha Rummel
John Yntema
Cole Slaw
Amanda Lewis Day
Can you help with the event - Indicate if you can help with this event
  2 slots filled - more available
Sharon Hiers
Shirley Banks
Responses:     Yes: 45     No: 18     Maybe: 0     No Response: 339

Adult Guests:    Confirmed: 80     Maybe: 0

Child Guests:    Confirmed: 35     Maybe: 0

YES (45) -  

Amanda Lewis Day (1 adult)

John Yntema (1 adult)

Martha Rummel (1 adult)

Bill and Pat Graves (2 adults)

Jeanette Hanson (2 adults)

Clare Schexnyder (2 adults)

Katherine Sandiford (2 adults, 2 children)

Sharon Pritchett (3 adults, 1 child)

John Keys (2 adults)

Anne Dancoff (2 adults)

Brittany Allen (2 adults, 2 children)

David & Pam Thierry (2 adults)

Kim Finnegan (2 adults, 2 children)

Phillip Ranglin (1 adult)

MaryEllen Stockton (2 adults, 2 children)

Kaylie Gibbs (2 adults)

Alison Taylor (2 adults)

Jessica Burns (2 adults, 1 child)

Susan Moody (2 adults)

Pamela Gore (1 adult)
Great idea to have it in a park nearby.

Chris Maurer (2 adults, 3 children)

Kathy Corcoran (2 adults, 2 children)

Sally Brockington (2 adults, 1 child)

Shirley Banks (1 adult)

Shannon Lambeth (2 adults, 2 children)

Susan Montgomery (3 adults)

Robert Ballou Ballou (2 adults)

Doug Kertscher (2 adults)

Sabra Hanson (2 adults)

Katy Bassett (2 adults, 1 child)

Sy Burnett (2 adults, 2 children)

Barbara Belcore (1 adult)
Vegetarian option? ie mac and cheese

Josh Becker (1 adult, 2 children)

Meg Shearon (1 adult)

Sybil Mccullar (2 adults, 2 children)

Stephanie Everett (2 adults, 1 child)

Sharon Hiers (1 adult)
I can help!

Ellen & Mitch Jones (2 adults)

Cristin Davis (2 adults, 2 children)

Judy Jarady (2 adults)

Kristin Phillips (2 adults, 2 children)

Mary McCall Cash (1 adult)

Kristin Houser (1 adult, 2 children)

Bill Gary (2 adults, 2 children)

Amanda Styles (2 adults, 1 child)
Side note: it’s our wedding anniversary!

NO (18) +