Auction 2019


A bounty of delicious finger-food, crowd-pleasers will help to make our 2019 auction space odyssey  truly out of this world!

Astronauts long for taste treats with bold flavors. A bit of spice. They enjoy creations made with tortillas: Tortillas are perfect in space as they have no crumbs to float around the cabin and get into equipment. Astronauts crave MMs, the prefect snack that won't float away especially while decorating a cookie, cupcake,  or brownie. 

What can you create or buy to keep space travelers happy?

Please keep in mind the fpc nut-free policy:

  •  NO items containing nuts or made with mixes that contain nuts or nut product
  •  NO items for which the packaging states: "contains nuts" or from a "facility that processes/may process nuts"; please check crackers, cookies, any commercial food before using in a donation

Please bring your food  donation

  • plated and ready to serve
  • clearly labeled: what it is, and if it's dairy free, egg free, wheat free, etc.

If no label, we cannot use it as we won't know if it complies with the nut-free policy.

Thank you for your help in  making this a wonderful auction evening for everyone!

The auction committee

Date: 04/06/2019 (Sat.)

Time: 5:00pm - 6:15pm EDT

Location: Fellowship Hall

Created by:   Auction Team
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Available Slot

Appetizers - FINGER FOOD ONLY Plated and ready to eat! (No items that require dipping or heating up at the auction, please!) (20)

mini sandwiches, crostini, skewers, chicken wings, sliders, deviled eggs, any of your favorite crowd pleasers that are nut free!

9 of 20 slots filled
Victoria Tabor
salmon roll ups
Katy Weeks
Not sure yet
Ruth Ann Murray
Mini sandwiches
Dark Helmet
Nancy Cataldo
deviled eggs
Deb OConnell
Rocket Salad Bites
Mark Koenig
moon cheese and crackers
Susan Powers
Out of this world Charcuterie&cheese Platter
Sarah Hanselman
Mexican Pinwheels

Desserts: FINGER FOOD ONLY; plated and ready to serve; no pies, cakes or anything that needs to be cut and plated at the auction (15)

cupcakes, cake pops, fruit rocketship skewers, brownies, bars, cookies, whoopie pies, mini cream puffs & eclairs, fruit, chocolate dipped strawberries--any nut free crowd pleaser!

9 of 15 slots filled
Ann Wickham
Liz Moseley
Dorothy Sonnichsen
Pat Sorn
Fried bananas
Diane Miller
Rebecca Stadolnik
star wars shortbread cookies
Sharon Webb
Deb OConnell
Lemon Meringue Cloud Cookies
Kate Hanselman
Cornmeal biscuits with jam

Cash donation for food

If you can't, or don't have the time to prepare something, let us shop on your behalf! Your donation can fund a delicacy!

1 slot filled - more available
Steve Evans
1 Jackson or 2 Hamiltons

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