The Front Steps Project Glastonbury

***** Due to the escalation of the virus in our community, the photographers in Glastonbury have decided it is time to hit pause on The Front Steps Project Glastonbury and to stay home and stay safely hunkered down with our own families.  The signup will no longer be accepting any new families.  And, we look forward to seeing you all once this passes.  Within the next few days, we will make every effort to get to each of the families who have already signed up - if that is possible.******


Previous text about The Front Steps Project...

Recently, some photographers from the Boston area launched the hashtag #TheFrontStepsProject.  And, across the country, photographers have been joining in the movement to photography families during these historic times..... the good, the bad and the ugly - and maybe, the funny!

Here is how it works.... I am going to drive throughout Glastonbury and do "drive-by" family photo sessions from at least 6- 10 feet away.  The idea is you and your family, doing what you do, on your front steps or in front of your home.  These ultra-mini sessions are not intended to be photos of you all dressed to the 9's.  You can dress nicely.  OR, you might just head out to your session as a family in jammies.  Maybe set up a mock schoolroom outside or on your porch.  In fact, don your facemasks and prop-it-up with your stockpile of Charmin and Lysol bottles in the background.  You get the idea....  this is less about the kind of family photo that might go on a holiday card and more about documenting what this time in history is like for your family.  I won't be able to bring my portable studio lighting or my assistant.  This will be a "raw" documentation in natural light vs a formal portrait sitting.

I am going to pick my favorite photo of each family.  By signing up to be photographed, you agree that I may post your family photograph online with the tag #thefrontstepsproject and #thefrontstepsprojectGlastonbury.  I will give you that social media-ready file (low-resolution) for you to have and to share with others.  I do ask that you share the photo online and help me to promote this project.  Once we begin sharing photos, you will be able to search the hashtag #thefrontstepsprojectGlastonbury to share in the fun that other families are having with this, too.

The intention of the project is to bring some joy and a sense of community to Glastonbury.  And, to photographically memorialize this time in the history of our town.  And, as a bonus, I would like this to be philanthropic.  I ask, that as "payment" for your session, you to make a good faith donation to a local charity or not-for-profit that is meaningful for you.  My suggested donation is somewhere between 20.00-50.00.  BUT, I do not want finances to be an obstacle for anyone who wants to participate in the front steps project.

I will create a little online gallery for each family that participates.  And, if you would like to purchase an archival print or a high-resolution jpeg of any of the photos, you will have the option to do that.  My hope is not to make money with the online gallery, but to cover my gas and editing time and to allow you to see more of the photos than just what I choose.  Additiontionally, the art framer with whom I share my studio space in S. Glastonbury, has created a special frame for images from this project.  Stay tuned for news about that! 

The galleries will not go up right away as that is not a quick process and I am going to spend my present time trying to reach as many families as I can as quickly as I can in case we move into a scenario with tighter social restrictions which would put a halt to the project.

I am going to modify the sign-up list depending on the weather forecast and my availability.  And, it will evolve as the situation in our town evolves.  I will not put others (nor myself) at any greater risk of exposure to this virus.  Given the size of the town, I would ask people to sign up for a day that works best for them.  Then, once I have a list of families and their addresses, I will put together a map so that I can photograph everyone as efficiently as possible.  I expect that I will be giving out windows similar to a cable tech or furniture delivery - "I will be by at some time between 11 and 2."  Please list the best contact number for the day of the shoot.  I will honk and I will try to reach you by phone once I arrive at your home.  But, given that we only have small windows of time, I won't be able to wait long and I won't come to knock on your door as I am committed and respectful of social distancing.

If you are looking for a local charity to support, I have been personally involved with the following local organizations:

The Glastonbury Education Foundation

The Breast Friends Fund

The Protectors of Animals

Glastonbury Gives

Or, consider donating to any of our local places of worship as the good works that they do depens on the generosity of their congregations - which are not allowed to congregate. Examples could be:

* To mail a check to the Society of St Vincent DePaul, c/o St. Paul Parish, 2577 Main St
Glastonbury, CT 06033. 

* To donate to one of the funds, like the Caring Community Fund at Kol Haverim

I will make every effort to photograph any family that is interested in participating.  However, signing up does not guarantee that I will be able to get to your home to photograph you; so much hinges on the unknown right now.

Since originally starting this project in Glastonbury, some other local photographers have jumped on board to help.  We will be keeping the same hashtags and the same philanthropic model throughout the town so that this continues to be a fun way to draw us all together.  If you can not find a date to book with me, please reach out to Lynn Damon, Brian Ambrose or EB Taylor Photography.  Each photographer is handling their own schedule, etc.

Created by:   Carrie Draghi Photography
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Available Days for Sessions - Please pick the best day for your session.

Tuesday 3/24 (First Day) (4)

Slots closed - route already mapped

All slots filled
Sophia Cicchiello
Cicchiello family
Lisa Desmarais
Desmarais Family
Wendy Smith
The Smith’s
Joel Kurlan
The Kurlans

Wednesday 3/25 (4)

Slots closed - route already mapped

All slots filled
Mary Damato
The Damatos
Mary Beth Collins
The Collins Clan
Erin Carducci
The Carducci Family
Jenny Cha
Crawford Family

Thursday 3/26 (7)

Slots closed - route already mapped

All slots filled
Dawn Drouin
The Drouin Family
Jackie Owens
The Owens Family
Aubrey Fountain
Staines /fountain family
Rebecca Jost
The Jost Family
Damian Fox
Fabulous Fox Family
Aimee Fucci
The Fucci Girls
Jessica Gilmore
The Gilmore/McGough Family

Friday 3/27 (11)

Slots closed - route already mapped

All slots filled
Amy Somberg
The Somberg Family
Robert Cotthaus
Glastonbury Animal Hospital
Amber Marques
The Marques Family
Jeannette Galonska
The Galonska Family
Dorie Landers
The Landers Family
Monica Martins
Hercule’s Mom and Dad
Jill Sargis
The Sargis Family
Taylor Daly
Enjoying a drink over a chain link - The Daly Family
Erin Goodhue
Enjoying a Drink Over a Chain Link- The Goodhue Family
Jill Brahm
Enjoying a drink over a chain link!
Sherry And Joey Bruening
The Bruening Family

Saturday 3/28 (16)

Slots closed - route already mapped

All slots filled
Christina Vetica
Vetica family
Alycia Trites
The Trites Family
Jodi Rodriguez
The Rodriguez Family
Christina Gibson
The Gibson Family
kirsten paluska
Paluska Family
Jackie Post
The Post Family
Sheri Palazzo
The Palazzo Family
Griffin Haviar
The Haviar Family
Sandy Cassanelli
Cassanelli Family
Megan Grindle
The Grindle Family
Jamie Clark
Clark Family
Katie Goff
The Goff family
Wheatley Wentzell
Wentzell Family
Jill Larocco
Larocco Family
Lindsay Holahan
Holahan Family
Daryl Fichera
Fichera Family

Monday 3/30 (11)

Slots closed - route already mapped

All slots filled
Jennifer Fritz
The Fritz Family
Shannon Krieger
Katz Hardware
Ryan Kelly
The Kelly Family
isabel rolfe
The Rolfe family
Kara O’Neill
The O’Neill Family
Mike Rosenbush
Rosenbush Family
Amanda Cummings
The Cummings Family
Lucy Hartnett
The Hartnett family
Lillian Tanski
The Tanski Family
Marnie Schulman
The Schulman Family
Heather Sandler
Sandler Family

Tuesday 3/31 (10)

Slots closed - route already mapped

All slots filled
Gina Angelico
Gina Angelico & Isabella Bocciarelli
Teryl Costantini
Costantini Family
Cassia Cogger
The Cogger Family
Ginny Kim
The Kim Family
Kristin Ossino
Ossino family
Susan Murphy
The Murphy Family
Shari Boyaji
The Boyaji Family
Sarah Boucher
The Boucher Family
Shannon Vincelette
The Vincelette Family
Stephanie Tishler
The Tishler Family

Wednesday 4/1 (10)

Slots closed - route already mapped

All slots filled
Jackie Bastoni
Bastoni/Roberts family
Gary Perrelli
The Perrelli Family
Agnes Larson
The Larson Family
Nicole Martyniuk
The Martyniuk Family
Meredith Wester
The Wester Family
Jocelyn DeMaio
DeMaio-Parisi Family
Alexis Ramirez-Arnold
The Kirkpatrick Family
Raeann Schwartz
The Schwartz Family
Jessa Mirtle
Mirtle Family
Colleen Cosby
Cosby Family

Thursday 4/2 (13)

Slots closed - route already mapped

All slots filled
Danielle Moore
Farr Family
Liz Krispien
Krispien/LaCroix Family
Kate Reamer
The Reamer Family
Val Rovaldi
Rovaldi Family
Gary Jameson
Kristen Klin
The Klin Family
Vanessa Johnson
Chin Family
Monica Page
The Page Family
Eric Johnson
The Johnson Family
Cristina Hewes
The Hewes Family
Tracy Benoit
The Benoit Family
Sarah Jensen
The Jensen Family
Brooke Berlet
Berlet Family

Friday 4/3 (3)

Limited slots as it is my daughter's birthday

All slots filled
Laura Vaughn
Vaughn Family
Julie Wilde
The Wilde Family
Sandy Ouellette
Ouellette Family

Saturday 4/4 (21)

Slots closed - route already mapped

All slots filled
Jennifer Barton
The Barton Family
Jeannie Lambert
Christine Finck- Laplante
The Laplante Family
Heather Serignese
Serignese Family
Robin Woodworth
Woodworth Family
Kim Conti
The Conti Familh
Tracy Furey
The Furey Family
Kristy Stephens
The Stephens Family
Kristy Quish
The Quish Family
Sara Caruso
The Caruso Family
Megan Coco
The Coco Family
Amanda Foster
The Foster Family
Jill Linker
Adam and Jill Linker
Jenny Chere
The Chere Family
Randi Pickford
Randi Pickford
Amanda Baksa
The Baksa Family
Meredith Krauss
Krauss Family
Deborah Ginman
The Ginman Family
Allison Schilling
The Schilling Family
Cindy Cole
The Cole Family
Peter Birrell
Birrell Family

Sunday 4/5 (20)

Slots closed - route already mapped

All slots filled
Nicole Bengtson
The Bengtson Family
Kelly Mullaney Hui
The Hui Family
Nikki Jones
The Jones family
Cathy Bentley
The Bentley Family
Leslie Archambault
Toni Naylor
Naylor Family
Jeanne McKinney
The McKinney Family
Lauren Heaven
The Heaven Family
Katie Barnicle
The Barnicle Family
allison peterson
The Peterson family
Heather Jimenez
The Jimenez Family
Heather Dubian
Dubian/Hawkins Family
Jen Staskiewicz
The Staskiewicz Family
Kristina Coughlin
The Coughlin Family - Georgetown
Lisa Collette
Collette Family
Carin Weisner Hoffman
Carin Joy
Kristen Siddell
Siddell Family
Karen Herrick
Herrick Family
Kristine Herold
Herold Family
Deborah McFall
McFall Boys


As of 4/3/09, the project has been put on hold. Please add your name here if you would like to participate should the project re-open. Until then, stay home and stay safe.

2 slots filled - more available
Heather Portereiko
The Portereiko Family
Sami Cardell
The Cardell Family

Sessions that were cancelled - To re-visit should the project re-open. (11)

All slots filled
Danielle Rosenberg
The Rosenberg
Ashley Lundberg
The Lundberg Family
Amy Brown
The Brown Family
Shana Berger
Berger/Kunzler Family
Leila Rebai
The Bartell Rebai Family
Mary Vallera
The Vallera Family
Julia Giliberto
Giliberto Family - did not reply
Kimberly Bouthiette
The Bouthiette Family
Siobhan Federici
The Federici Family
Jessica DiPillo
The DiPillo Family
Courtney Reynolds
Reynolds Family

Out of Town Requests (2)

This is a community-centric project. But if you would like to see if we can help you find someone in your town or if you would like to be on the waitlist in case I can get to you, please sign up here.

All slots filled
Katie Pavia
The Pavia Family - Cromwell request
Molly Beer
The beer family - East Hampton Request
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