Crohn’s and Colitis Research Fundraiser

EuCURE for Crohn’s Euchre Tournament

Pre-registration for our euchre tournament for Crohn’s research.

Date: 01/12/2019 (Sat.)

Time: 5:30pm - 9:30pm EST

Location: St. Mary’s Visitation Catholic Community Center
2459 146th Ave SW, Byron Center, MI 49315

Created by:   Amy Fein

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Guest Count:    Confirmed: 125     Maybe: 0

YES (62) -  

Jenny Brechting (2 guests)

Rick Paulin (2 guests)

Scott Beyer (1 guest)

Matt Pepper (2 guests)
Abby is not playing but coming to help if she can.

Janel Dewey (2 guests)

Chris Hurley (2 guests)

lisa butler (1 guest)

Cindy Riley (2 guests)
EuCURE for Crohns

Jeff Steffens (2 guests)

Karen Hale (1 guest)

Erik Engelman (2 guests)

Stella Hiar (1 guest)

Jerry Horton (2 guests)

Kimberly Schaendorf (2 guests)

Lisa Hall (4 guests)

Jon DiLorenzo (8 guests)

Jessica Kearns (2 guests)

Cindy Dellinger (2 guests)

Ashley Moelker (2 guests)

David Myers (2 guests)

Ronnie Snyder (1 guest)

Terry Jones (4 guests)

Bernie Steffes (3 guests)

Joshua Christenson (3 guests)

Sheila Roblyer (2 guests)

Sheila Lenhart (2 guests)

kristi bonilla (3 guests)

Sharon Saleski (4 guests)

Stephanie Schoenherr (3 guests)

Mary Rewa (1 guest)
After 5 pm Mass

Dan Johnson (2 guests)

Paul Morway (1 guest)

Nick Myers (1 guest)

Kara Tuttle (2 guests)

Joe/Steph Braspenninx (2 guests)

Mary Batson (4 guests)

Christa Ruppert (1 guest)

Gene Fitzgerald (1 guest)
Look forward to seeing everyone there.

Brandon and Kimberly Williams (2 guests)

Kelly Nieuwbeerta (2 guests)

Raechel Gallert (1 guest)

Del Avery (1 guest)

Deb Steele (2 guests)

Tina Eager (2 guests)

Jen Pals (2 guests)

Todd Goodman (2 guests)
Be there after church

Stephanie Schut (1 guest)

Denise Bulgarella (1 guest)

Melanee Dusseau (2 guests)

Lisa Martinez (2 guests)

Roark Thurston (3 guests)

Karen Ebright (2 guests)

Jared Schut (1 guest)

Tanner Whitcomb (1 guest)

Mark Black (1 guest)

Jason Lund (2 guests)

Shae Thurston (2 guests)

Mary Myers (2 guests)
I’ll pay the entry fee but I’ll just help where needed throughout the event. Mark will play.

Carol Lenhart (2 guests)

Jessica BeVier (1 guest)

Sharon Lenhart (2 guests)
Please let me know what I can help with

Ian Gibson (2 guests)
Make Erin attend.