YMCA Camp Kern

Strawberries & Ice Cream 2019

Join us at Camp Kern to kick off Summer 2019 with our Annual 'Strawberries and Ice Cream Dinner'. A great chance to reminisce with old camp buddies, meet the new summer staff, and hear what's new at Camp Kern in 2019! We'll start with appetizers and conversations, enjoy a delicious buffet dinner and will cap off the evening with our traditional Strawberries and Ice Cream. We will also be hosting staff and alumni 'vespers' and 'candlelight' ceremonies, that all are open to all. RSVP below and spread the word to all your camp friends!

Date: 06/13/2019 (Thu.)

Time: 6:00pm - 8:30pm EDT

Location: YMCA Camp Kern -- Schiewetz Assembly Hal

Created by:   Chris Addison

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Guest Count:    Confirmed: 77     Maybe: 4

YES (44) -  

Matthew Marascalchi (2 guests)

Sarah Geeha (2 guests)

Andy Gazzerro (1 guest)

Jesse Murphy (2 guests)

Barbara Khalili (2 guests)

Nancy Nichols (1 guest)

Alexis Hagenmaier (2 guests)

Michele King (1 guest)

Dominic Hardin Jr (1 guest)

Ashley Gloor (2 guests)

chris sauby (4 guests)
Wont miss this..best thing i know is Camp Kern

John Baker (1 guest)

Scott Singerman (2 guests)

Alex Williams (1 guest)

Laurie Dearworth Leon (2 guests)
This will be my first Strawberries and Ice Cream as an Alumni Staffer.

Korinne Erbaugh (1 guest)

Sean Doore (1 guest)

Kristina Ball (4 guests)
Can't wait! We look forward to it every year!

Melissa Huist Kneer (2 guests)
2 Adults, 2 babies!

Liz Blosser (3 guests)

John Woods (2 guests)

Gabe Belk (1 guest)

Kristyn Aiello (1 guest)

Jake Parsons (1 guest)

Juliet Perrino (1 guest)

Tom Kuhn (2 guests)

Joshua Sullenberger (3 guests)

Robyn Carter (1 guest)

Michele King (1 guest)

Doug Paetz (2 guests)

Graham Duggins (1 guest)

Hannah Huntington (1 guest)

Russ Lee (2 guests)

Kev Thornton (1 guest)

Zach Siegert (2 guests)

Chris Addison (2 guests)

Amy DiMario (2 guests)

Jack Blosser Blosser (2 guests)

Cam Miller (2 guests)

Sierra Zumwald (1 guest)

Emily Tittle (2 guests)

Jim Zappe (4 guests)

Riley Taylor (1 guest)

Katie Vonderhaar (2 guests)

NO (5) +  

MAYBE (3) +