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Encinitas Sacred Chambers

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Encinitas Sacred Chamber
939 Avenida de San Clemente
Encinitas, CA 92024

What is the Sacred Chambers Process?

Many times Sri Bhagavan has said that the Golden Age will be a time when each of us will walk and talk with our God. That time has come. All over the world the phenomenon, the Divine becoming physical, is occurring.

The Sacred Chamber process is a worldwide, nondenominational phenomena offered locally, here in Encinitas,San Diego to facilitate your Divine becoming physical with you. You have the opportunity for profound healing and a direct interaction with your Divine, or Higher Self. A place where you can initiate the phenomenon for yourself, walk, talk, and touch your Divine.

After being initiated in India in December, 2013, in the beginning of this phenomena's emergence into the Western world, I have the honor to host this transformational and healing phenomonon here in the San Diego area .

I returned home and with the help of a devoted team built two quaint cottage Temples in my tropical garden in Encinitas, California. Traditional Vedic Rituals were performed initiating the Sacred Chambers in order to facilitate  your connection with the Divine Presence Within or your Higher Self.  Know by many names, in Sanscrit Antar Atman , Antar Yamen, the Inner Guru or Inner Master. We provide a safe and Peacefull place in Nature to reconnect and build your own personal bond with that within which you may have never had, forgotten, or hidden long ago. 

This experience is by appointment only. 

How it Works

After you make an appointment, and arrive on the day you are scheduled, you will enter the first "chamber," in my Garden room, where we will give an overview and lead the group coming that day into 2 Guided meditations to contemplate various aspects of life.  Then we will guide you to look into how you can deepen your bond with whatever you want to call your Higher Self, Consciousness, Divine Presence or God within you..

Participants, one by one, take their prayers and intentions into the second Chamber, a small Temple room in the Garden where the emphasis is on healing and fullfillment of your deepest desires of your Heart and Soul.  In this second room, or "chamber," you would express your deepest desires, either out loud or quietly (most powerful if spoken aloud), for physical healing, awakening, or anything at all.Listen, receive, and you may get physical healing, abundance, guidance, insights, or miracles, as is often the case in India and locations all over the World where this process is also offered.

Time Commitment

Plan on spending 4-5 hours. This time will be spent in silent contemplation except for children or those with mental disorders. If you are bringing children, one parent will bring them in first and another parent or guardian will take the children away while the first parent continues their process.

It is important that you come at the start of the appointed time of 10:45AM  and stay thru to the conclusion.  It is best to stay quiet after you leave the Sacred Chambers. Be gentle with yourself.

Free street parking is available.  If handicap access is needed, please email me at: [email protected] to make arrangements.

Signing Up

IF you are signing up for someone else please put THEIR email address so that they will get the automated email reminder from this site. If they do not have email PLEASE BE RESPONSIBLE that they are notified a few days before the date they have signed up. To sign up to attend the Sacred Chambers Process, click the Sign Up button to the right of Chamber Schedule for the desired date. BE CAREFUL NOT TO SIGN UP AS A HELPER BY MISTAKE.

PLEASE PUT THIS ON YOUR CALENDAR AND BE RESPONSIBLE IF IN THE EVENT YOU CANNOT ATTEND NOTIFY CYNTHIA (THIA) AS many days in advance as possible so she can put someone from the long wait list in your spot!!

To sign up to be a Helper, click the Sign Up button to the right of Helper for the desired date. You may sign up to be a helper for the day,no previous experience necessary. Easy and very fullfilling  to be a helper and you can participate fully in the Sacred Chambers; guided Meditations, Foot washing and going into the Sacred Chambers and resting in the beautiful Garden afterwards same as the rest of the Sacred Chambers Participants. Helpers  arrive at 9:15 AM and please bring flowers for the Sacred Chambers a pair of socks and snacks for the day.

IF YOU NEED TO CHANGE OR CANCEL FOR ANY REASON, PLEASE create a Sign Up Genius Login with the same email you used to place your reservation and then you will be able to see any/all the chambers you have signed up under and edit/delete. 


How to Prepare

In meditation, reflect on what aspects of your health (physical, mental, emotional or spiritual) you need help with and would like to address. Writing it down really helps. Be prepared to ask Your Inner Divine for what you would really like, what would make your heart Sing. Clarity is important, as well as, being brief. Meditating and reflecting on these things ahead of time helps to prepare you for the incredible experience of the Sacred Chambers.

Eat a hearty meal before coming, as fasting for the first time you are in the Sacred Chambers is highly recommended. You may bring a light snack,  Hot herbal tea will be available.

What to Bring

Please note that this process is a gift to you from the Divine; therefore, there is no fee.

  • Plenty of water
  • Journal/ notebook and a pen
  • Comfortable clothes - Clean, freshly washed, "sacred" clothes (what you would wear to meet God!) . No shorts, capris, cutoffs, or short skirts. Long pants or long skirts are preferred.
  • Bring or wear socks!
  • You will be removing your shoes and socks. Therefore, do not wear pantyhose, tights, or body stocking
  • A warm shawl, wrap, or blanket if you get cold easily.

How to Participate

Please arrive 15 minutes early (10:45 arrival PLEASE)to get settled. Once the process starts, the Divine requests that you remain in the room or go no further than the grounds, house, and front yard. If it starts at 11 am, it could go up to 4-4:30 pm.

During this process you will Please be in complete silence (if you encounter a logistical issue, you can write notes) to allow you and the others present to go deeply inward. Respectfully holding silence is really important for this deeper experience within, and for you to experience  your Source within. Once we get started, you will see a great value in these requests.

No watches. no cell phoning, texting, or emailing, except for emergencies. Actually, you can just not bring your cell phones in unless you are an emergency responder of some sort.

After the Experience

This Sacred Chamber process initiates a process whereby your Source within, Higher Self, or Inner Presence  or Guru becomes a more and more tangible intimate experience for you and will continue to flower. We suggest you be gentle with yourself and be very authentic. Seriously consider continuing the contemplation suggested during the Sacred Chambers Process after you leave. Drink lots of water during and after the process. Continue to let me know your experiences as this phenomenon unfolds in your life.

Blessings to you,

Encinitas Sacred Chambers
Cynthia (Thia) Lamborne

[email protected]

The schedule is subject to change due to winds of Grace:)

* Please one sign up per person

Date: 09/22/2019 (Sun.)

Time: 10:45am - 4:00am PDT

Location: Encinitas Sacred Chambers

Created by:   Thia Lamborne
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Participants (7)

PREPARE by contemplating the nite before" What do I want in my life and on my path". Bring :Snacks for the day and a pair of socks..WEAR long pants or skirt.(No Shorts or short skirts Please) "Please arrive by 10:45AM

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smita patangay
Thank you so much Thia!
Rachila Bhairavi
Nicole Faber (2)
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Suzanna Light
Love this Thia! So excited:)
Bill Hoefer
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Helpers (3)

Helpers need not have previous experience .Simple support work, Can participate fully in the full days experience including going into the Sacred Chambers

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Leela Wigglesworth
Am happy to be of service!
Carol DeWitt
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