Frostwood Library- Kinder

Frostwood Library Classroom Volunteers 2018-2019

Be a volunteer during your child's library time! You will shelve books and help the children check books in and out. This is a wonderful opportunity to spend some time with your child at school.

Sign up now to be added to the master volunteer list. The classroom library schedule is listed next to each teacher below. Volunteer spots are for Kindergarten through 4th grade only.

NEW THIS YEAR- We are implementing a new volunteer sign up process. After you sign up here, you will begin receiving a targeted Sign Up Genius for each month. This will allow you to select dates that work for your schedule.

Three brief training meetings for new volunteers are scheduled for 8/16 immediately following the PTA meeting, 8/16 at noon, and 8/22 at 8:10 AM. Library sessions will begin on August 22nd.

Please contact me with any questions.

Thank you!

Cynthia Lane- Library Chair

[email protected]

Created by:   Cynthia Lane
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Available Slot

K- Lange

Tuesday 10:30-11:00

8 slots filled - more available
Audrey Orhon
Stephanie Fruge
Elizabeth Canfield
Luke Canfield
Vanessa Habachy
Luke Habachy
natalie slovacek
charlotte Slovacek
Hwa (Andie) Jung
Ellie & Noah
Jenna Buechele
Sean Buechele

K- Leger

Wednesday 10:30-11:00

13 slots filled - more available
Courtney Befort
Dean Befort
Emily Sweeney
Asher Sweeney
Bridgette Bilski
Maryam Schellstede
Ella Schellstede
Chrissy Walton
Trey Walton
Leslie Torres
Karrie Amor
Deepa Mireles
Suong Tran
Annie Tsai
Sayler Robbins
Justy Chon
Cristina Polk
Riley's Mom
Emily Nguyen-Le

K- Muras

Friday 2:00-2:30

17 slots filled - more available
Ana L. Franco
Emily Sweeney
Jude Sweeney
Tara Read
Sofia Massey
Lindsey Bowman
Kaleb Bowman
Muge Ozbay
Melissa Dawson
Melissa Dawson
Kathryn Adams
John Adams
Courtney Cadwell
Addison Cadwell
Giuliana Castellanos
Noel Graham
Connie Chuan
Kelly Fussell
Gail Fussell
Kelly Fussell
Layne Childs
Tiffany Lim

K- Shults

Thursday 10:30-11:00

8 slots filled - more available
Lucy Davis
Ashley Bracken
Megan Richardson
India Chin
Katie Nabors
Amy Zoch
Colette Joubran
Aria Joubran
Lauren Nix
limited availability but hoping i can do a few
Janie Ta

K- Vanderhorst

Friday 10:30-11:00

8 slots filled - more available
Kelly Pettit
Gina Coulter
Gina Coulter
Allison Powers
Sonali Morris
Zainab Rizvi
lin Niu
I would love to come and meet the whole class on the coming Friday which happens to be my off-Friday!
Sophie Magness
bushra ahmad

1- Hogg

Monday 11:25-12:10

10 slots filled - more available
Hope Ji
Libby Kafka
Ellen Halper
Alejandra Rincon
Brianne Lee
Erin Cestero
Angela Stoehr
Ashley Pate
Heesun Jang
Michelle Lee
Emily Nguyen-Le

1- Kim

Tuesday 11:25-12:10

5 slots filled - more available
Monica Kervandjian
Zachary Schultz Mom
Carrie Powers
Blakely Powers
Alexandra Snow
Heather Cody
Sophie Magness

1- McCaleb

Thursday 11:25-12:10

10 slots filled - more available
Carrie Powers
Mason Powers
Nancy Magilton
Jill Perez
Kim Winkler
Sutton Winkler
Sofia Massey
Gigi Wheeler
Lisa Tillinghast
Avery Erhardt
Neda Nosrati
Elinor Smith
Fer Schafer
Diane Rohrbach

1- Mulloy

Wednesday 11:25-12:10

6 slots filled - more available
Carrie Powers
Peyton Powers
Melissa Wilmoth
Kristin Dillard
Jennise Stubbs
Elizabeth Pinion
Susan Swanson
Grant Swanson

1- Walior

Friday 11:25-12:10

8 slots filled - more available
Nancy Magilton
Emily Sweeney
Samuel Sweeney
Susan Swanson
Eloise Swanson
Neely Besetsny
Amy Shih
Eunha Cho-Kirkpatrick
Renee Rice
Kathryn Van Wie
Caroline Van Wie

2- Irons and Muhoberac

Wednesday 8:10-8:55

22 slots filled - more available
Andrea Bishop
Courtney Befort
J.R. Befort
Sharon Delorenzo
Gina Coulter
Gina Coulter
Alexandra Snow
Jules Snow
Allison Powers
Elizabeth Pinion
Tiffani Adams
Eun(Ella) An
Juwon Maeng
Becky Fenn
Myha Phan
Audrey Brown
Rebecca Otieno
Soo Hwang
na slovacek
Michael Slovacek
Katherine Gring
Rhonda Plezia
Ella's Mom
Song Ie Han
Juhee Kim
Jennifer Bonnin
Tommy Tan

2- Buegeler and Swanson

Thursday 8:10-8:55

23 slots filled - more available
Bridgette Bilski
Marcia Edmonds