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CSA Ugly Sweater - White Elephant - Christmas Potluck Party

Hello Camp Community!

Camp St. Andrews invites you to participate in our annual Ugly Sweater contest , White Elephant Gift Exchange Game , Lunch Potluck  Party at St. Andrews Church on December 16th, 2017 from 12 to 2 or 3 or so. The evening private party changed locations so we have a bit more time!

Who is invited?: The camp community! Participants and friends and family of the participants! Campers! Staff! Parents! Friends! Come and join us!

1) You do not HAVE to wear an Ugly Christmas Sweater, but try to come festive if you can.

2) The White Elephant game is optional. If you want to play, wrap something silly from your house, or buy something that is no more than $10.00 per person who wants to play in this fun gift game.

3) Potlucks are about sharing dishes! This sign up is just to help make sure we get a little bit of everything for the group. Your volunteer dish only needs to serve 10 people, because the collective potluck is enough to feed us all!

Please contact me with any questions! - Ana Flores-Siemsen 2017 CSA Board President - [email protected]


Camp St. Andrews Church - meeting room downstairs

1600 Santa Lucia Avenue

San Bruno , Ca. 94066

 (650) 445-4555

Date: 12/16/2017 (Sat.)

Time: 12:00pm - 2:00pm PST

Location: 1600 Santa Lucia Avenue San Bruno, Ca 94066

Created by:   Ana Flores-Siemsen

Will you be attending the event?
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Chips and Dips (any kind) (3)
  All slots filled
Tiffany Egli
Shiney Nunn
Ali Gleason
Veggie Platter
Bridget OConnor
Fruit Platter
Shiney Nunn
Hot Appetizers (3)
  2 of 3 slots filled
Brig Summers
meat balla
Leah Glaister
Other Misc Appetizers (4)
  2 of 4 slots filled
Sarah Salazar
Snap peas and hummus
Mike Siemsen
7 different dips thrown into a single serving dish.
Pasta dish for ten people (3)
  2 of 3 slots filled
Matthew Mcgeorge
Brittany Longden
Pesto Orzo Salad - Vegetarian, not gluten free, not nut free, not carb free
Meat Dish for ten people (4)
  2 of 4 slots filled
Denora Smith
Kielbasa bites
Ana Flores-Siemsen
Cuban pork Street Tacos
Green Salad and fixings for ten people (2)
  All slots filled
Sarah Salazar
Mixed green salad (will contain dairy/meat/avocado)
Leah Glaister
Side dish of any kind for ten people (4)
  2 of 4 slots filled
Tiffany Egli
scallop potatoes
Caitlin Chase
Chipotle corn with shallots/butter
One dozen cookies/bag/package of cookies (3)
dessert of any kind for ten people (3)
  2 of 3 slots filled
Tiffany Egli
Sara-Catherine Paoli
Pumpkin Bars with Cream Cheese Icing
3 bottles of sparkling cider
Viliami Dauwe
3 2-liter bottles of soda (coke?sprite?diet?) (3)
  All slots filled
Tiffany Egli (2)
7up & Diet Pepsi
Christina Stach
Sprite, orange soda, Dr. Pepper
100 paper cups
Ana Flores-Siemsen
plastic cups actually
100 paper plates
Michael Paoli
box of flatware
package of napkins
Kyle Katsumis
non alcoholic beverages (any) (2)
  1 of 2 slots filled
Leah Glaister
Juice boxes
Responses:     Yes: 18     No: 0     Maybe: 0     No Response: 1

Guest Count:    Confirmed: 35     Maybe: 0

YES (18) -  

Leah Glaister (2 guests)

Ana Flores-Siemsen (3 guests)
Also bringing the Rios Twins

Christina Stach (2 guests)

Mike Siemsen (1 guest)
I’m so ready for this.

Brittany Longden (1 guest)

Kyle Katsumis (2 guests)
With Jess

Brig Summers (2 guests)
Austyn is coming with me.

Matthew Mcgeorge (2 guests)
Jenn will be joining

Denora Smith (1 guest)

Bridget OConnor (1 guest)

Ali Gleason (3 guests)
Can't Wait!

Caitlin Chase (2 guests)

Viliami Dauwe (1 guest)

Michael Paoli (2 guests)
Jacqueline and I will be there. Can't wait!!!

Sarah Salazar (2 guests)

Shiney Nunn (2 guests)

Sara-Catherine Paoli (1 guest)

Tiffany Egli (5 guests)