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Congregation Bet Haverim

August through September 2020

Dear Chaverim,

We are still coming together for Shabbat services during these challenging times via Zoom. We are reading Torah these days, but from the Chumash or online texts in the safety of our own homes.  The advantage of this for those of us who don't feel as confident reading Hebrew, especially Hebrew without vowels, is we can use texts that have vowels and even transliteration to read from at the home bima. And if you'd like to chant a Torah portion, Carrie Shepard is still available to help you with that.

The bible.ort.org website is really useful. It provides resources to study the Torah portions, hear the melodies, read from the Prophets, learn the Torah blessings, and read summaries of each portion.


The Torah portions are broken down into weekly readings written out in Hebrew with vowels, the text as it appears in the Torah, an English translation, and transliteration.  They have provided sound files as well so you can hear these portions being chanted.  This is the perfect way to prepare for a reading if you don't have a Chumash at home and also use all the many supports to get you comfortable with the text. 

I have revised our Torah readers SignUp page to include all the readings through the end of September. Take a look.  Choose a portion that calls out to you. And join us for Shabbat service. The information on how to enter into a Zoom service is on the CBH website.

All the very best to you,



Created by:   Virginia Lantry
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Date (mm/dd/yyyy PDT) Available Slot
08/15/2020 (Sat.)

Re'eh; 1; Deuteronomy 11:26-11:31

Dalia Frank

Re'eh; 2; Deuteronomy 11:32-12:5

Dalia Frank

Re'eh; 3; Deuteronomy 12:6-12:10

Dalia Frank

Re'eh; 4; Deuteronomy 12:11-12:16

Dalia Frank

Re'eh; 5; Deuteronomy 12:17-12:19

Dalia Frank

Re'eh; 6; Deuteronomy 12:20-12:25


Re'eh; 7; Deuteronomy 12:26-12:28


Re'eh; maftir; Deuteronomy 12:26-12:28


Re'eh; Haftorah; Isaiah 54:11-55:5

Esther Novak
08/22/2020 (Sat.)

Mussar Service: No Torah Service

08/29/2020 (Sat.)

Bar Mitzvah: Ki Teitzei

Aliyot reserved for family

09/05/2020 (Sat.)

Ki Tavo; 1; Deuteronomy 26:1-26:3


Ki Tavo; 2; Deuteronomy 26:4- 26:8


Ki Tavo; 3; Deuteronomy 26:9-26:11


Ki Tavo; 4; Deuteronomy 26:12-26:15


Ki Tavo; 5; Deuteronomy 26:16-26:19


Ki Tavo; 6; Deuteronomy 27:1-27:4


Ki Tavo; 7; Deuteronomy 27:5-27:10


Ki Tavo; maftir; Deuteronomy 27:7-27:10


Ki Tavo; Haftorah; Isaiah 60:1-60:22

09/12/2020 (Sat.)

Nitzavim-Vayeilech; 1; Deuteronomy 29:9-29:11


Nitzavim-Vayeilech; 2; Deuteronomy 29:12-29:14


Nitzavim-Vayeilech; 3; Deuteronomy 29:15-29:28


Nitzavim-Vayeilech; 4; Deuteronomy 30:1-30:3


Nitzavim-Vayeilech; 5; Deuteronomy 30:4-30:6


Nitzavim-Vayeilech; 6; Deuteronomy 30:7-30:10


Nitzavim-Vayeilech; 7; Deuteronomy 30:11-30:14


Nitzavim-Vayeilech; maftir; Deuteronomy 30:11-30:14


Nitzavim-Vayeilech; Haftorah; Isaiah 61:10-63:9

09/19/2020 (Sat.)

Rosh Hashanah

09/26/2020 (Sat.)

Ha'Azinu; 1; Deuteronomy 32:1-32:6

pam elisa driggers

Ha'Azinu; 2; Deuteronomy 32:7-32:12


Ha'Azinu; 3; Deuteronomy 32:13-32:18


Ha'Azinu; 4; Deuteronomy 32:19-32:28


Ha'Azinu; 5; Deuteronomy 32:29-32:39


Ha'Azinu; 6; Deuteronomy 32:40:-32:43


Ha'Azinu; 7; Deuteronomy 32:44-32:52


Ha'Azinu; maftir; Deuteronomy 32:48-32:52


Ha'Azinu; Haftorah; Hosea 14:2-10; Micah 7:18-20; Joel 2:15-27 | Shabbat Shuva

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