Camino Pablo Parents

Camino Pablo Back to School Parent Party

Join us for the Camino Pablo Back to School Parent Party at Moraga Country Club. Dessert and a no host bar next to the fire pits! Let's kick off this school year mingling with friends, new and old.

Date: 10/04/2018 (Thu.)

Time: 7:00pm - 9:00pm EDT

Location: Moraga Country Club

Created by:   Heidi Madsen

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Sidney Maestre (2 guests)

Jennifer McCollum (2 guests)
Looking forward to it!!

Maya Sandler (2 guests)

Cameron Giovinazzi Giovinazzi (2 guests)

Michelle Zmugg (2 guests)

Nicola Slavin (1 guest)

Andrea Strle (2 guests)

Erin Nyhan (1 guest)

Demetra Airaudi (2 guests)

Nikki Tuft (2 guests)

Marose Eddy (2 guests)

Adena Maestre (2 guests)

Katariina Tuovinen (1 guest)

Stephanie Becker (2 guests)

Linda Doherty (2 guests)

Elizabeth Kalpakjian (1 guest)

Ryan Oettinger (2 guests)

Sara Bennett (2 guests)

Amy Fabo (1 guest)

Sujin Heerin (2 guests)

Kim and Joey Prast (2 guests)

Cynthia Sugiyama (1 guest)

Dolores Stratford (2 guests)

Michelle Zmugg (2 guests)

Stefanie Frese (2 guests)

Sara Cecchin (1 guest)

Kingsley Frazier (2 guests)

Meghan Basso (2 guests)

Tiraporn Olsen (2 guests)

Urmila Taylor (2 guests)

Paige Dunn (2 guests)

Sara Farner (2 guests)

Brandon DeFrancisci (2 guests)

Elise McGuiness (1 guest)

Kelly Sullivan (2 guests)

Amy and Leif Johnson (2 guests)

Ellie and Jay McCune (2 guests)

Jennifer Winn (1 guest)

Rebecca Ricksen (2 guests)
Bobcats rock!

Heidi Madsen (1 guest)

Alison Stein (1 guest)

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