Interfaith Food Pantry/Literacy Volunteers

2018 VOLUNTEERS-Turkey Trot

To Our Dedicated and Faithful Volunteers!! 

Yes, it is Turkey Trot time again and we are once again reaching out to you to ask for your help and support on race day. Our 12th annual Turkey Trot will take place on November 22, 2018, Thanksgiving morning. What a great way to start your Thanksgiving day! 

We would love to have you volunteer again this year and bring lots of your friends! As our race grows, we need more and more volunteers. Last year we had over 3,500 runners and we are hoping for at least that many this year too. 

Please signup for the volunteer duty that you would like to help out with. 

From all of us at the Literacy Volunteers of Morris County and the Interfaith Food Pantry, we would like to thank you in advance for your time and consideration in helping us put on a great event and raise money for two awesome charities.

If you have any questions about volunteering, please feel free to email me at [email protected] or Debbie Leon at [email protected]

Warmest regards,

Mel and Deb 


Waiver: Please note that by signing up to volunteer, you, or your guardian if you are under 18, agree for yourself, heirs, executors and administrators, to waive and release any claims that you may have against LVMC, IFP, the Township of Morris, the Morris County Parks Commission, Sports Action Reaction LLC, USA Track and Field, and any and all parties, groups, organizations, volunteers, sponsors or representatives of the Morris Township Thanksgiving Day Turkey Trot for any and all injuries that you may incur at this event.   You, or your guardian, certify that you are physically able to volunteer for this event and agree to abide by and cooperate with the race officials' instructions and decisions.   You, or your guardian, grant full permission to use any photos, video, recording, or other record of your attendance at this event for legitimate purposes without compensation or remuneration.

Date: 11/22/2018 (Thu.)

Time: 6:30am - 9:30am EST

Location: Ginty Field, Morris Township, NJ

Created by:   MELANIE FINK

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Parking (5) - Arrival Time: 6:30AM
  All slots filled
Jack Miller
Michael Sinche
Sam Slackman
Joseph Oettinger
Kevin Mueller
Pre-Registration (20) - Arrival Time: 6:30am
  All slots filled
Jane Richards
Julie Walsh
I'll need 4 handwarmers....
Diane Miller
Lynn Eberenz
Karin Kruse
I love the excitement of the day!
Kim Stecher
Love helping out
Beth Fields
Celeste Stracco
Chris Jastrzebski
Leslie Sato
Janet Russo (2)
Very Excited!
Michael Trueba Jr (2)
Looking forward to it!
Grace Lynch
Tanya Andino
Nick Sinchi
Katherine Rose
Jessyka Orrala
Derek Hormaza
Pre-Registration-T-shirts (9) - Arrival Time: 6:30am
  All slots filled
Matteo Matalon
Sean Tierney (3)
Max & Luca Hadley
Andrew Bauer
Evan Haralampoudis
Medha Patil
Hyun-Jung Kim
Moira Clarkin
Crowd Control (13) - Arrival Time: 7:00am
  All slots filled
Bob Leon
I’ll bring my megaphone:)
Gene Stracco
Emily Skilton
Emma McCarthy
Ciara Holland
Indira Summerville
Michelle Bertram (2)
Hannah Cheren
Hannah Pfahler
Noelle Smith
Taylor McEntee
Jackson Campbell
Kids Trot & Field Oversight (6) - Arrival Time: 7:00am
  All slots filled
Nancy McGraw
Annette Bradley
Catherine Bradley
Boaz Michaels
Kirsten Santiago
Kirsten Santiago
Kirsten Santiago
Teresa Capella
Refreshments and Clean-up (6) - Arrival Time: 7:30am
  All slots filled
Steve Lerit
Doug McMahon
I'll stay for the whole event arriving early to close.
Morgan Mastracchio
Phoebe Etzold
Nina Mohs
Ryan Lynch
Water Stop (14) - Arrival Time: 7:15am
  All slots filled
Sharon Bennett (2)
Molly McEntee
Olivia Votapek
Marisa Amati
Matthew Amati
Elyse Miceli
Kate Matzuk
Morgan Oneill
Elizabeth Rivetti
Madeline Dickinson
Maiken Gehsmann
Emily Vigilante
Kasey Lynch
Course Marshalls (20) - Arrival Time: 7:15am
  All slots filled
Cindy Caporaso
Kitchell Road!
Michael Hammer
margaret boehm
Not sure what this is - but if I can do it, I will! LOL
Veronica Yohana
^ it's like standing at a point and motivating the runners
Michaela Forbes
Rebecca Moscatello (3)
Sean Oddoye
Rhys Harris
adam kaufman
My wife and 3 boys can help
Jody Marcus
amy Brunswick
Noreen Drucker
Logan Adubato
Mackenzie Siverson
Conor Lenahan
Emi Chalker
Nicole Barkemeyer
Craig DeSantis
I can also fill as photographer if needed. I do have pro photo equipment
Same Day Registration (7) - Arrival Time: 6:30am
  All slots filled
Michael Sirkin (2)
Claire Oplinger
Erik Vataker
Emily Ellis
Kinsey Ellis
Peter Hong
1 Mile/Kids Dash Registration (5) - Arrival Time: 6:30am
  All slots filled
Cecily Lee
Community service hours
Jennifer Waller (4)
kids are 14 years old so can help