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Rodef Shalom Friday Night Potluck August 5

Almost time to go back to school. Let's enjoy one more Rodef Shabbat Summer Potluck @ Crestmoor. August 5, 5:30-7:30.

Bring your family and friends and something to share. We will sing, blessing, eat, play, and celebrate together.

Sign up to bring 1 (or more) items for our potluck. Dairy/Parve please. Label with basic ingredients/common alllergies also helpful. We will meet by the benches north of the tennis courts. 

Date: 08/05/2022 (Fri.)

Time: 5:30pm - 7:30pm MDT

Location: Crestmoore Park - Benches on North East Side

Created by:   bethany friedlander

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Main Entree (10)
  5 of 10 slots filled
Rachel Gall (2)
Rena Dulberg (2)
Some sort of pasta bake (kid-friendly)
Jason Moses
Buffalo Cauliflower with Spicy Tahini Ranch
Sides (10)
  5 of 10 slots filled
Meredith Levy
TBD- probably hb eggs and veggies
Brian Johnson
Farro salad
bethany friedlander
Vege dish
Adena Franklin
Quinoa Salad
Clea Stiebel
Lemon dill potatoes
Drinks (4)
  All slots filled
Annie Harmon (2)
Bottled Waters, Root beer and something else
Lyra Galle
Sprite, maybe an iced tea product
Chelsea Thom
Challah (4)
  All slots filled
Eliana Bronstein
Meredith Levy (2)
will prepare lots of lachmaniot
Mollie Brody
GF challah
Desserts (6)
  All slots filled
Lauren Ross
something homemade by a grocery store :)
Lori Leopold
Chocolate Cake
Talia Horowitz
fruit salad
Lauren Cheatham (3)
Chocolate Pie!
Pasta (4)
  3 of 4 slots filled
Rachel Jurisz-Singh
Pearl Couscous with Chickpeas & Veggies
Adam Hutchinson
Pasta salad
Mollie Brody
GF mac and cheese
Vege/Salad (8)
  All slots filled
Lori Leopold
Tomato basil salad
Barbara Likoff (7)
Gluten free main option (2)
  1 of 2 slots filled
Shana Jacobs
Gluten Free Dessert Option (2)
  All slots filled
bethany friedlander
Ashley Abrahamson
Help with set up: 5:15pm arrival (2)
Help with clean up (approx 7:45pm)
Lauren Ross
Responses:     Yes: 23     No: 1     Maybe: 0    

Guest Count:    Confirmed: 75     Maybe: 0

YES (23) -  

Chelsea Thom (2 guests)

Jason Moses (3 guests)

Lyra Galle (1 guest)

Nancy Wurzman (2 guests)

Mollie Brody (3 guests)

Annie Harmon (4 guests)

Clea Stiebel (4 guests)

Ashley Abrahamson (2 guests)

Shana Jacobs (4 guests)

Adena Franklin (2 guests)

Lauren Cheatham (5 guests)

Adam Hutchinson (5 guests)
The Hutchinsons

Rena Dulberg (4 guests)

bethany friedlander (4 guests)

Brian Johnson (2 guests)

Barbara Likoff (2 guests)

Rachel Jurisz-Singh (3 guests)

Meredith Levy (5 guests)

Talia Horowitz (4 guests)

Lori Leopold (3 guests)

Eliana Bronstein (2 guests)

Lauren Ross (4 guests)

Rachel Gall (5 guests)

NO (1) +  

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