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Women's Conference

Women's Conference 2021

May 8, 2021

"Even If.” Even if the worst happens, we won’t lose hope. 

Welcome to the IF: Gathering 2021 Women's Conference at CLC!

Come join us for worship, teaching, disscusion and fellowship at this outdoor event from 8:45-2pm (bring a chair!).  Coffee will be available and lunch will be served.  In the case of inclement weather, we will move inside to the sanctuary.  

 A one time free gift offering of $10 is appreciated to cover lunch.  If you are bringing your own lunch, a free gift offering of your own amount would be appreciated but not necessary.   Cash/check will be accepted the day of the event or attendees can use Pushpay through the MyChurchApp.   Just click Give on the app and be sure to scroll down to "Women's Conference - May 8th, 2021".  

Lunch will be from Magnolia Bakery featuring a box lunch with a choice of Chicken Salad on Croissant, ham & cheese on brioche roll or  Chicken Salad on GF tortilla (GF option) with fresh fruit cup and a cookie.  Please indicate your choice on the sign-up.

Please sign up below and indicate your choice of lunch.

We are sorry, but at this time, we will not be offering childcare due to Covid Restrictions.  However, if you are in need of a babysitter, please let us know as we know some great babysitters that may be able to help you out.

We are so excited to see you!!

Date: 05/08/2021 (Sat.)

Time: 8:45am - 2:00pm EDT

Location: CLC

Created by:   Mary Teather

Will you be attending the event?
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Chicken Salad on Croissant (100)
  41 of 100 slots filled
Mary Teather
Diane Gouge
Caitlin Cellini
Beverly Henry
Mindy Myers
Ashley Rector
Renee Martinez (2)
Rain Catoia
Pat Clarke
Linda Roberson
no croissant please
Donna Troutman
Mary Lou McKee
Loryn Mascaro
Cathryn Piscitelli
Ann Deering
Jodi Cooper
Janice Rudden
Kristen White
Heather Maybray (2)
Julie Roberts
Megann Graf (2)
Tracey Ehrhart
Laura Woodin
Hope Dieterly
Molly Mastrippolito
Amy Shockley
Lynne Mcmullen (3)
Laurie Sample
Linda Shepherd
Lisa Wilson
Sue Thomas
Lauren Soto
Peg Harshaw
Debbie Jester
Nancy Aupperle
Ham & Cheese on brioche roll (100)
  7 of 100 slots filled
Lauren DeHart
Loryn Mascaro
Marian Roberts
Angie Blevins
Megan Leff
Lauren Soto (2)
GF option: Chicken Salad on GF tortilla (100)
  3 of 100 slots filled
Kerry Pierce
Lauren DeHart
Lisa Wilson
For my quest
I'll be bringing my own lunch (100)
  13 of 100 slots filled
Rachel McNaughton
Mindy Daubert
Peggy White
Can't wait 2020 IF was amazing
Mary Teather
Nancy Rakus
Julie Caputo
Erin Padilla
Stephanie Spain
Carol Leonard
Wendy Marinelli
Amy Blom
Patti Crossan
MaryLynn Frantz
Responses:     Yes: 56     No: 3     Maybe: 0     No Response: 6

Guest Count:    Confirmed: 69     Maybe: 0

YES (56) -  

Renee Kempf (1 guest)

MaryLynn Frantz (1 guest)

Nancy Aupperle (1 guest)

Patti Crossan (1 guest)

Amy Blom (1 guest)

Debbie Jester (1 guest)

Peg Harshaw (1 guest)

Lauren Soto (4 guests)

Carol Leonard (1 guest)

Lisa Wilson (2 guests)

Linda Shepherd (1 guest)

Laurie Sample (1 guest)

Lynne Mcmullen (3 guests)

Amy Shockley (1 guest)

Molly Mastrippolito (1 guest)

Stephanie Spain (1 guest)

Erin Padilla (1 guest)

Hope Dieterly (1 guest)

Laura Woodin (1 guest)

Tracey Ehrhart (1 guest)
Coming with Megann Graf

Megann Graf (2 guests)

Julie Roberts (1 guest)

Heather Maybray (2 guests)

Wendy Marinelli (1 guest)

Megan Leff (1 guest)

Angie Blevins (2 guests)

Kristen White (1 guest)

Julie Caputo (1 guest)

Nancy Rakus (2 guests)

Janice Rudden (1 guest)

Marian Roberts (1 guest)

Jodi Cooper (1 guest)

Ann Deering (1 guest)

Cathryn Piscitelli (1 guest)

Loryn Mascaro (2 guests)
Nancy Piscitelli

Mary Lou McKee (1 guest)

Kayla MacCombie (1 guest)

Mary Teather (1 guest)

Lauren DeHart (2 guests)

Donna Troutman (1 guest)

Linda Roberson (1 guest)

Pat Clarke (1 guest)

Rain Catoia (1 guest)
I will be late due to kids sports but will be joining!!!

Renee Martinez (2 guests)

Peggy White (1 guest)

Ashley Rector (1 guest)

Mindy Myers (1 guest)

NANCY JORDAN (1 guest)

Beverly Henry (1 guest)

Kerry Pierce (1 guest)

Mindy Daubert (1 guest)

Rachel McNaughton (1 guest)

Diane Gouge (1 guest)

Caitlin Cellini (1 guest)

Sue Thomas (1 guest)

Mary Teather (1 guest)

NO (3) +  


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