Hawaiian Ultra Running Team

Pirates of Paradise 2019

Ahoy me hearties!  This be the place to sign up for ye volunteering opportunities at the best aid station for the H.U.R.T. 100 Trail Run on January 19-20, 2019.  Please choose one or more shifts at the Manoa Paradise Park aid station.

Please indicate if you have any special needs, wishes, or preferences and your t-shirt size.  

We will communicate with emails as the race date gets closer.  Thank you so much for any and all assistance.  Remember...Always be yourself; Unless you can be a Pirate; Then always be Pirate!

If you are interested in being a 36-hour pirate, please email me at [email protected] or call 808-221-5171.

Many mahalos,

Your captains Marian and Neal

Location: Paradise Park

Created by:   Marian Yasuda
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Date (mm/dd/yyyy) Time (HST) Available Slot
01/19/2019 (Sat.) 5:00am - 12:00pm  

5 am - 12 pm (16)

Set-up and first loop of runners - very hectic and requires steady work

All slots filled
Ronnie Vesperas
I don't want to have to dodge missiles again like the last time.
Drew Lichtenstein
Everything! I like filling packs and helping the runners when they come in, but I can do anything you ask me to do!
Clem Aleka-Gorai
Jennifer McVay
Jacki Doppelmayer
Set up and assist incoming runners
April Shrum
Any thing you need.
Ricky Williams
Help with whatever you and Jen need!!!
David Huezo
I am willing to help where needed
Phillip Dorsainvil
Will help wherever needed.
Michael Hee
Carolina Anchieta
Malia Denis
Satomi Fujimura
I have to finish volunteer work by 10am. If not OK, please let me know! Thank you!
Ron Alford (2)
Betty Gail, too.
Fish Arabia
12:00pm - 6:00pm  

12 pm - 6 pm (14)

Loop two of runners - requires steady runner support and preparations for night

All slots filled
Jennifer McVay
Greg Voelkel
Teresa Henderson
David Huezo
I am willing to help where needed
Ricky Williams
Help with whatever you and Jen need!!!
Phillip Dorsainvil
Will help wherever needed.
Nikolaus Daubert
First timer.
Clement Aleka-Gorai
Michael Hee
Tom Brown
Malia Denis
Mary Saetham
Enjoyed guiding runners around the food area last year, but happy to help however I can!
Benito Quintana
Melanie Koehl
Ring the cowbell/timing as usual :-)))
6:00pm - 12:00am  

6 pm - 12 am (12)

Loop three of runners - things slow down a bit and runners need more TLC

All slots filled
Teresa Henderson
Jennifer Hee
First time! Open to anything.
Christina Hee
I’ll do anything! First time volunteering
Michael Hee
Craig Jerome
Malia Denis
Two Feathers Howells
Whatever is needed
Dreadknot Keyes
Whatever is needed
Christina Longman
Whatever is needed
Jo Cinter
Shiver me timbers... I’ll do whatever ye need.
Irina Razina
Sonia Diaz
01/20/2019 (Sun.) 12:00am - 6:00am  

12 am - 6 am (10)

Loop four of runners - zombie apocalypse begins. Slow trickles of people and extra assistance required for runners.

All slots filled
Teresa Henderson
Keith Campbell
Michael Hee
Kelley Hupp
Looking forward to helping wherever needed.
Joe Gronwald
Irina Razina
Help out wherever I can and hopefully to pace if my runner comes around
Krystal Geddes
Medical assistance to runners, anything else I can do to help!
Christina Torres
Happy to help however!
Kimberly Kuhlmann
Anything! I am a veteran volunteer/ runner of ultras, but never volunteered at HURT. I'm good at problem-solving, getting runners moving. I have been the 'zombie runner'. ;-)
Mark McCabe
Kim K signed me up, I'm new to ultras/ volunteering, but I'm super pumped to help out!
6:00am - 2:00pm  

6 am - 2 pm (14)

Final loop for runners - activity can get hectic again. After 1:30, the aid station break-down begins.

All slots filled
Sergio Florian
Keith Campbell
Michael Hee
Annie Marshall
Anything is ok.
Krissy Nakamura
Kevin Darmer
I'm game for anything...I'm pacing someone during their night loop, so will be showing up after I get them around the course.
Katherine Wellington
Karen Harper
Aleisha Swartz
Will do what is needed.
Nandor Szotak
Emmanuel Balligui
Alexa Deming

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