October 21, 2018

Mount Open House

Hello Mount Community,

The MSJA Open House is coming up on Sunday, October 21st.  We are expecting over 1,200 guests this year and need your help in donating goodies to serve to our prospective students and their parents.

Like years prior, we are asking for donations of the following food items:

*Baked Goods

*Vegetables and Dips


*Meats and Assorted Cheeses

However, please note that this year we are no longer asking for food donations by class.  Rather, to follow is an inclusive list of all items.  Please feel free to select any item(s) that work for your family.

We are requesting that you do not send in precut trays of fruit, cheese or meat please.  We will take care of that!

Also, please note that we are looking for all baked goods to be in bite sized portions.  Use of Mount colors is encouraged, but not necessary.  Please place your items in disposable containers.

Please plan to drop off your clearly labeled "Open House" donations packaged in disposable containers on either Friday, October 19th in the Faculty Lunch Room (before school only)  If you are unable to make it on Friday, contributions can also be dropped off on Saturday, October 20th from 9:00am to 12:00pm in the cafeteria. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact:

Tracey Kiefner - [email protected]

Norajean Flanagan Glenn - [email protected]

Aine Scibelli - [email protected]

Michael Lynch - [email protected]

Thank you in advance for your contributions!


Date: 10/19/2018 (Fri.)

Time: 7:00am - 8:10am EDT

Location: Dropoff in Faculty Lunch Room

Created by:   Tracey Kiefner
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Available Slot

Baked Goods - One Dozen (120)

All slots filled
Gloria Ammons (2)
Brownie bites
Christine OConnor (3)
Sugar cookies
Vivian Funchion (2)
Lemon bars
Robin Petkunas (2)
Teri Dodaro
Shannon Rietzke (4)
Riz Ranile (2)
Debbie Dziennik (2)
Eileen Remus (4)
Sue Downs
Sharon Donovan
Mini muffins
Bridget Barton (3)
Brownie bites
Ana Carrasco
chocolate m&m mini pretzels
Krista Alessandrini
Virginia KRAUSE (2)
Peg McBride
Alice Fecak (2)
Joan Donahue (2)
Alissa Taylor (2)
chocolate pretzels
Lisa Greatti
Denise Principato (2)
Cookie Sandwiches
Noreen Reis (2)
Petit fours
Pam Altier (3)
Pumpkin Snickerdoodles
Patie Lampe (2)
Jackie Zilligen
Maria Kelly (2)
Elisa Spears
Mini Scones
Laura Gorovitz (3)
Elizabeth Powell
Chocolate chip cookies
Mira Holloway (3)
Chocolate chip cookies
Cindi Hopkins (2)
Rice Krispies treats
Tamara Barrett (2)
Mini cupcakes
Heather Kuffner (2)
Chocolate Rugala
Cindy Alisesky
Bea Allen (3)
Crumb Cake (individual)
Kirsten Morasco (4)
Kellie Friel (3)
Kathy Moser (2)
Daisy Mack
Mary Jane Przydzial (3)
chocolate chip cookies & chocolate cupcakes
Susan Weeks (3)
Pam Norton
Margaret Orr
apple sauce brownies
Julie Williams
Meganne Borneman (2)
Juliann Giovanniello
Dana Sadorf
Scott Adams
Sarah McCormick
Mount themed chocolate chip cookies
Gail Baum
peanut butter fudge brownies
Valerie Goodyear
Rachel Carmody (3)
Sugar cookies
Kathleen Eiser (3)
Pat Tento (3)
Spritz cookies
Analisa Fede (2)
Margaret Klemick
Julie Desmond
Angela Nace
Brownie bits tub
Melissa Sassane
Maria Barton
Mariana Cliggett
Stacey Henkel (2)
Teresa Yaegel (2)
Mini cheesecake
Haley Stefanik (2)
Sugar cookies
Kristen Muhl

Gluten Free Baked Goods - One Dozen (10)

All slots filled
Kellyann Cilio (2)
GF Brownie Bites
Kathleen Balaratna (2)
GF/DF choc chip cookies
Kathleen Balaratna (2)
GF cupcakes
Stephanie Doxtader (2)
Heather Haines
Melanie Reinhardt
Mount themed GF cookies from the Happy Mixer

Small Bags of Peeled Baby Carrots (10)

All slots filled
Laura Yezzi (10)

Bunches of Celery (6)

All slots filled
Cynthia Bowles (6)

Red Peppers (12)

All slots filled
Kristin Lubinski (6)
carita geib (6)

Greeen Peppers (12)

All slots filled
Lauri McCallum (6)
carita geib (6)

Yellow Peppers (12)

All slots filled
Kristin Lubinski (6)
Becky Donahue (6)

Orange Peppers (12)

All slots filled
Kristin Lubinski (6)
Becky Donahue (6)

Small Containers of Roasted Red Pepper or Regular Hummus (8)

All slots filled
Marie Kushnerick (3)
Roasted Red Pepper
Catherine Treacy (4)
Elise Nocito

Small Containers of Tomato Salsa (6)

All slots filled
Melissa Scarcelli (3)
Teri Dodaro
Carrie Hughes (2)

Small Containers of Ranch Dip (4)

All slots filled
Christine OConnor
Elise Nocito
Anne Arnold (2)

Small Containers of Onion Dip (4)

All slots filled
Yvette Sistrunk (4)

Bags of Potato Chips (8)

All slots filled
Kristen Mortelliti
Robin Petkunas (2)
Teri Dodaro
Coleen Phelan (2)
Sue Downs (2)

Bags of Tortilla Chips (6)

All slots filled
Melissa Scarcelli (3)
Jennifer Wagner (2)
Catherine Treacy

Gluten Free Pretzels/Snacks (8)

All slots filled
Kellyann Cilio (2)
Will bring Pretzel Minis
Donna Langella (2)
Marilou Greed (2)
Pretzel crisps
Stephanie Gibbons (2)
GF pretzels

Cucumbers (6)

All slots filled
Melissa Scarcelli (6)

Heads of Broccoli (8)

All slots filled
Cynthia Bowles (8)

Heads of Cauliflower (4)

All slots filled
Shanele Tamulevicius
Shanele Tamulevicius (3)

Small Containers of Grape Tomatoes (10)

All slots filled
Melissa Scarcelli (2)
Anna Lewicky Luba (2)
Sara Maher (2)
Denise McKnight (4)

Bundles/Bags of Fresh Kale (20)

All slots filled