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Holiday Gift Giving for C4DP!

Sign-up for Center for Domestic Peace's holiday giving program and make the holiday special for the families in our housing programs. Give the gift of hope that a better tomorrow awaits them and there is a community of supporters cheering for their success and well being!

Note: many families prefer gift cards - these are extremely valuable as they can purchase exactly what they need/want! If you do buy presents, please make sure they are labeled with which family they are intended for, and ALL GIFTS need to be dropped off by December 14, by 5pm:

734 A Street, San Rafael, CA 94901 - you may pull in the back lot off of Second Street and ring the back doorbell! Call 415-457-2464 if you have questions!

The // indicates the wishlist from a new person in the family.

Created by:   Marla Hedlund
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Available Slot

Family 1 :A mother-daughter duo that enjoy making blanket forts and home salon days after a long day as a restaurant manager.

Gift card for Nail Salon; Ross Gift Card; American girl doll; blanket for twin size bed


Family 2: This family is made up of a yoga-loving mom who works as a make-up artist with two kids following their mom’s interest in fashion.

Make up kit; yoga pants (S)//Ross Gift Cards


Family 3: Four kids and mom all enjoy trips to the bookstore where mom also takes time to study for her graduate school classes working toward her MA degree before taking mini-road trips in Marin County.

Big 5 & Amazon Gift Cards for all four people


Family 4: Mom and son enjoy bike rides in town to grocery shop or to a new spot for a hike on the weekend. During the week this active mom is working as a registered nurse giving back to her community.

Macy's & Ross Gift Card//Best Buy & Amazon gift card.


Family 5: Mother in family 5 has created her own cleaning business to support her family who has a young son with a love of cars and boats!

Vacuum; toaster//remote control car; boat toy


Family 6: A barista and avid reader, mother of family 6 supports her two children with two jobs. Her children love playing dress up and finding new music!

Milk frother; B&N Gift Card//Make up kit; Itunes Gift Card//Mickey mouse pajamas (3T); mickey mouse raincoat (3T)


Family 7: Cooking homemade meals every day this super mom and nurse has two kids who have gotten interested in tech!

Bed,Bath & Beyond Gift Card; Safeway gift card//Target gift card (2)//Best Buy Gift Card (2)


Family 8: Mom of four avid computer geeks works as a mechanic and unwinds with massages while her children take interest in science.

Massage certificate//Amazon gift cards (4)//Cooling Pillow (5)


Family 9: Computer tech mom with two kids works long hours and enjoys weekends of shopping and playing video games or animal toys with her two children.

Target Gift Card; Ross Gift Card//Lego word game for XBOX 1; The Wild Robot Book//My Little Pony; Fur Babies


Family 10: Cooking at home and as her job this mom of two girls has shown them the joys of books, movies and puzzles, which they enjoy on the weekends together!

Safeway gift card; Best Buy gift card//Best Buy gift card (2); Amazon gift card (2)


Family 11: Working on her own online business, this mom is still busy with her young kids who love playing dress up and going to the park.

Safeway gift card; Ross gift card//Target gift card (2); Ross gift card (2)


Family 12: By day this mom is a talented hairdresser but, in the evenings, and weekends she is reading with her kids and working on her own writings.

Kohl's gift card (3); Target gift card (2); Large Race Car toy


Family 13: Working as a vet this mom has instilled other interests in her kids who have taken to music and skateboarding.

Target gift card; Amazon gift card//Amazon gift card; Skate board//Amazon gift card; headphones


Family 14: This family keeps busy between mom’s classes to complete her undergrad degree while working and choir practices for the kids.

Target gift card; Safeway gift card// Target gift card (2); Ross gift card (20


Family 15: This nuclear family spends a lot of time hiking and outdoors when mom isn’t busy grading papers as a teacher.

Ross gift card; Amazon gift card//Best Buy gift card; Amazon gift card


Family 16: With kids running from swim lessons to after school tutoring it’s a wonder how mom maintains a steady client list and her massage salon.

Ross gift card (3) & Target gift card (3)


Family 17: This busy family loves working on projects and crafts at home when mom comes home from her days working toward becoming an accountant.

Target & Safeway gift card//Backpack and school supplies; Legos (11y.o.)//Backpack with school supplies (6 y.o.); Legos


Family 18: This mom works as a cook at a restaurant, hoping to one day own her own. At home she spends time with her kids creating science experiments.

Hot Air Frye; Safeway gift card//Organic glue for slime; Ross gift card//Set of walkie talkies; learn to read (level 5)


Family 19: Racing cars and trucks takes over the house and free time for the kids. Mom helps make obstacles for them once she’s done with her retail shift.

Target & Ross gift card//Remote control car; trucks//Remote control car; Legos//Bel Bot Fisher Price; Blue Maize Fisher Price


Family 20: This family is wildly interested in culinary experiments when mom is working as a dental hygienist and the kids aren’t at basketball and baseball practice.

Safeway gift card & Trader Joe's Gift Card//Amazon gift card (2); Best Buy Gift card (2)


Family 21: Running her own organization business keeps this mom really busy. If the family isn’t walking their dog they are watching movies or doing an art project.

Perfume; Tupperware//Legos; Art supplies (4 y.o.)//Dolls with hair; Art Supplies (4 y.o.)

Karen Colligan

Family 22: With mom working as an online tutor the family spends a lot of time trying to get outdoors for picnics or a hike.

Ross gift card (all 5 in the family); Costco gift card (all 5 in the family)


Family 23: Working as a graphic designer this mom is teaching her kids the ins and outs of computer competency but also encourages their other interests in sports, food, and art.

Safeway gift Card; Trader Joe's Gift Card// Ross gift card (2); Amazon gift card (2)


Family 24: Back to school shopping is one of this family’s favorite time of year so mom often puts in extra hours as a waitress on top of her full-time jobs as an assistant so all the kids are outfitted well.

Target gift card (all 4 in the family); TJ Maxx (all 4 in the family)


Family 25: Mom has been taking extra classes to work on her undergraduate degree while her son just started his first soccer league!

Costco gift card; Amazon gift card//Target gift card; Amazon gift card

Lee Ann Bartolini

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