Sacred Heart School

2018-19 Volunteers

Date: 06/10/2019 (Mon.)

Created by:   Tina Lavorato
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Available Slot

Bakers (9)

All slots filled
Jesus Rosas
Shalom Mauricio
Praisia Cruz Xavier
Alison Marshall
Crystal Hosford
Diana Contreras
Cobi Ramsey
Kenia Magana
Alex Magana
Janet Gutierrez
Shayla Gutierrez
Shawn Hall

Coach SHS team sport (20)

list what sport and grade

3 of 20 slots filled
Korina Gonzalez
Third Grade Basketball
Kelly Halcon
3rd Grade Basketball
David Sullivan
3rd/4th Flag Football

Dine Out Fundraiser Coordinator


Community Breakfast Shopping

will be provided with shopping list & check (Aug - May)

Maddie Blackwell

Community breakfast donut pick up

will be provided with check. Pick up at Sunshine donuts & deliver to school breakfast morning by 7:15am (Aug - May)

Maurisa Osorio

Fall Book Fair Volunteers

28 slots filled - more available
Lilia Santa
Veronica Betancourt
Amy Parker
P Torres (2)
Kristin Iverson
Solomon Talabhaktula (2)
Julie Gomez
Katy Blowers
Lupe Garcia
Brenda Lomeli
Silvia Fritsche
Maria Perez-Puga
Pearl Jimenez
Rozina Gonzalez (2)
Melissa Vasquez
vanessa moreno
Elizabeth Lomeli
Norma Munoz
Karlie Santos (2)
Signing Up Catalino Santos as well
Rosie Gonzalez (5)

Family Festival Volunteers

31 slots filled - more available
Anna Ortega (4)
Brenda Ceron
Solomon Talabhaktula (3)
Ashley Zamora
Lupe Garcia
Derek Arredondo
Brenda Lomeli (2)
Produce section
Brenda Lomeli
Produce section
Silvia Fritsche (2)
Cecilia Hernandez (2)
Chicken both morning
Melissa Vasquez (2)
Available to run a booth along with 7th grade child
Naomi Bobadilla (3)
Help in any booth or game area needing supervision
Kristy Barnes
Jeff and I will help with BBQ etc.
Elizabeth Lomeli (2)
Leticia Mendoza
Tom & Rosa Ramirez
Martha Ayon (2)

Family Pasta Night Volunteers (10/13)

7 slots filled - more available
Kris Hamlet Esler
Solomon Talabhaktula
Melissa Vasquez
Catherine Adams
Charly Watwood-Reese (3)

Father Daughter Dance Volunteers

22 slots filled - more available
Brenda Ceron
Ashley Zamora
Julia Sanchez
Derek Arredondo
Brenda Lomeli
Alma Patricio-Rios
Alma Patricio-Rios will be volunteer)
Neida Zalazowski
Melissa Garcia
Silvia Fritsche (2)
Maria Perez-Puga
Remy Robles-Silva (2)
My Son Marcus (6th grader and I) we can help with set up.
Melissa Vasquez
Naomi Bobadilla
Kristy Barnes
Suzanne Mcgee
Elizabeth Lomeli
Leticia Mendoza
Help With Decorating
Mayra Gonzalez
Student: Claudia Gonzalez 6th Grade
Norma Munoz
Melissa Cortes

Halloween Parade Volunteers (3)

2 of 3 slots filled
Julie Gomez
Lupe Garcia

Junior High Dances (4)

All slots filled
Brenda Ceron
Lacey Deverick
Help decorate or with any task
Valerie Baldwin
P Torres

Mother/Son Dance Volunteers

9 slots filled - more available
Brenda Ceron
Kris Hamlet-Esler
Valerie Baldwin
Derek Arredondo
Maria Perez-Puga
Melissa Vasquez
German Rios
Alma Patricio-Rios
Angel Hernandez

Parade of Lights Volunteers


Parent Club Fundraiser


Pizza Product: chips & water (10)

35 mini waters & lunch size bags baked chips Aug-May)

All slots filled
Kim Kumar
Peter Kumar- grade 4
Tracey Somers
Veronica Santiago
Viola Hernandez
Wendy Guzman
Veronica Olguin
Denise Carrillo
Emma Montes
Sofia Gapasin
Kate Dutra

Pizza Product: paper plates

400 heavy duty dinner size monthly (Aug-May)

Sarah Mueller

Preschool Room Parent - Airada

Ranell Lopez

Preschool Room Parent - Strange

Amanda Stallcup

Room Parent: TK


Room Parent: Kindergarten

Michelle Garcia

Room Parent: 1st grade

Melissa Garcia

Room Parent: 2nd grade

Kristina Murray

Room Parent: 3rd grade

Marian Sullivan

Room Parent: 4th grade

Lacey Deverick
Co-chair with Katy Blowers

Room Parent: 5th grade

Amelia Morales

Room Parent: 6th grade

Jaqueline Armendariz
Hip Hip Hooray! 6th grade!!!!!

Room Parent 7th grade

Madeline Blackwell

Room Parent: 8th grade

Irenea Herrera

Safe Halloween Night

5 slots filled - more available
Pearl Jimenez
Dolores Villagomez
Catherine Adams