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Guardian Angels Parish

Feast of the Guardian Angel Lunch

Everyone is invited to join us as we celebrate the Feast of the Guardian Angel. A potluck lunch will follow the noon Mass on September 29th. Sweets and Meats will provide pulled pork, pulled chicken, and cole slaw. We ask parishioners to bring a side, salad, or dessert to share (please do not bring cole slaw). Your dish should be brought in a throw away container. All of these shared food items can be dropped off in the Gathering Space between 10:00am and 12:00pm on September 29th.

Please RSVP with how many people in your family plan to attend and what dish you plan to bring to share by September 24th.

Date: 09/29/2019 (Sun.)

Time: 1:00pm - 4:00pm EDT

Location: Guardian Angels Parish

Created by:   Tiffany Strah

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I will bring a side to share (45) - Cole Slaw will be provided by GA
  42 of 45 slots filled
Casey Timko
Mexican Quinoa Salad
Brittany Lauer
Macaroni and cheese
Christy Tuley
Carolyn Schwettman
mac and cheese
Judy Fagel
A dessert
Bill Luttmer (10)
Laura Dawson
Asian peanut noodles (veg)
Erin Thurnau
Joan & Tom Wolfram (8)
Pasta salad
Margaret Dunn
Lisa Spiller
Tom and Kathryn Brokamp (2)
Jean Carville
Pasta salad
Anne Keefe
lemon orzo salad
Julie Nieberding
Nancy Ciccarello-Ware
Jan Baker
Judy Jackson
fresh fruit
Shannon Egan
2 dozen cookies
Diana Feldman-Smith
Baked Beans
Anne Kron (2)
Joan Muchmore
George Tabet
Corn Casserole
Kathy Myers
sweet cornbread
I will bring a salad to share (40)
  30 of 40 slots filled
Luann Rowekamp (12)
fruit salad
Elaine Herzog
Brandy Uhlenbrock
Pat Yates
Veggie pasta
Aubrey Badell
Linguine spinach salad
Molly Nicolai
Orzo Salad
Teresa Praechter
Potato salad
Peggy Fechtel
Pete Caccavari
California slaw
Amy Armstrong Smith
Asian slaw salad
Amy Bacevich
fruit salad
Michael Malecki (2)
Garden Salad
Jennfer Sebranek
tossed salad
Susan Coats
pasta salad
Vi Powers
Jessie Heikenfeld
Paul Spencer
Orzo Cucumber Salad
I will bring a dessert to share (40)
  All slots filled
Lisa Myers (12)
Jason Claes
Assortment of Cookies
Rebecca Richmond
Anne Jones
Kay Froehlich
chocolate chip bundt cake
Kathleen Armstrong
Meg Coogan
Bernie O'Connell (22)
pumpkin cookies
Responses:     Yes: 68     No: 2     Maybe: 0    

Guest Count:    Confirmed: 213     Maybe: 0

YES (68) -  

Mike Dettmer (7 guests)

Jaime Schlenck (4 guests)

Paul Spencer (4 guests)

Kathy Myers (1 guest)

George Tabet (2 guests)

Joan Muchmore (4 guests)

Margaret Dorson-King (2 guests)

Irene Schmidt (2 guests)

Corey Stoops (1 guest)

Anne Kron (2 guests)

Diana Feldman-Smith (1 guest)

Jake Andreadis (3 guests)

Shannon Egan (4 guests)

Florence Dwyer (4 guests)

Jessie Heikenfeld (3 guests)

Vi Powers (1 guest)

Judy Jackson (1 guest)

Jan Baker (3 guests)

Susan Coats (1 guest)

Nancy Ciccarello-Ware (2 guests)

Julie Nieberding (2 guests)
Julie Nieberding

Paula Barry (2 guests)

Jennfer Sebranek (4 guests)
2 adults; 2 kids

Michael Malecki (2 guests)

Susanne Sebree (4 guests)

Susan Selzer (4 guests)

Anne Keefe (3 guests)

Jack Diesel (2 guests)

An Nguyen (4 guests)

ALDO ROMEO (6 guests)

Jean Carville (6 guests)

Amy Bacevich (4 guests)

Amy Armstrong Smith (4 guests)

Tom and Kathryn Brokamp (4 guests)

Pete Caccavari (4 guests)

Liz McElroy (5 guests)

Lisa Spiller (6 guests)

Margaret Dunn (4 guests)

Peggy Fechtel (4 guests)

Teresa Praechter (2 guests)

Joan & Tom Wolfram (2 guests)

Dick Vogelgesang (3 guests)

Molly Nicolai (4 guests)

Stephanie Lammeier (2 guests)

Erin Thurnau (4 guests)

Laura Dawson (5 guests)

Aubrey Badell (5 guests)

Julia Carney (3 guests)

Bill Luttmer (2 guests)

Marianne Glassmeyer (2 guests)

Judy Fagel (2 guests)

Pat Yates (2 guests)

Roger Dettmer (1 guest)

Carolyn Schwettman (2 guests)

Brandy Uhlenbrock (3 guests)

Heather Topmiller (3 guests)

Bernie O'Connell (2 guests)

Meg Coogan (1 guest)

Christy Tuley (4 guests)

Elaine Herzog (1 guest)

Brittany Lauer (6 guests)

Casey Timko (4 guests)

Kay Froehlich (4 guests)

Anne Jones (4 guests)

Luann Rowekamp (2 guests)
Looking forward to it!

Rebecca Richmond (4 guests)

Jason Claes (4 guests)
Thank you for the invitation!

Lisa Myers (4 guests)

NO (2) +  

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