IGH Traveling Basketball

December Traveling Basketball Tournament

As required by the Traveling Basketball Board and the High School Boosters program, all families need to volunteer at both home tournaments this year to fulfill volunteer requirements and be refunded your deposit check (traveling families only for the deposit).  We are requiring all families to volunteer at each tournament FOR EACH CHILD in both traveling or boosters (limited to two shifts per tournament per family).  If you coach (or assistant coach) in the traveling program, you are exempt from volunteering for a traveling shift, however, this does not exempt you from boosters hours if you have a high school student.

Please sign up for one shift outlined herein.  Also include a comment as to whether you are volunteering for traveling or boosters, as this link/signup is being used by both groups.  Additionally it will be helpful for you to state your player's name and team/grade as many families have various surnames.

You will receive an email reminder from signup genius two days prior to your shift. 

When you arrive at your shift, please go to the high school cafeteria and find the tournament table manned by Board members.  They will direct you to your assignment.

Created by:   Amy Becht
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Date (mm/dd/yyyy) Location Time (CST) Available Slot
12/07/2018 (Fri.) Simley H.S. Cafeteria  6:00pm - 9:00pm  

Friday Set-Up (10)

All slots filled
Rick Wormer
Simi Fruean
Traveling/Alex Fruean/8th grade boys
Sarah Brady (2)
Traveling 7th & 8th grade blue
Brady Groth
5th Boys Traveling
Lance Abrahamson
Niklas Abrahamson Traveling 5th grade boys
Sena Dahl
Traveling. Owen Dahl. 7th Grade
Kathleen Beekman
Kanysha Sherels
Traveling-Tamari Christophers 4th Grade Girls
Melanie Toren
Traveling 6th Girls
12/08/2018 (Sat.) Simley H.S. Cafeteria  7:00am - 10:15am  

Tournament Shift (Door/Concessions) (13)

12 of 13 slots filled
Scott Binley
Traveling Binley 7
Penny Binley
Boosters V Alex Binley
Laura Miles
Boosters Ravyn Miles
Jerry Chevre (2)
Boosters Ysareia Chevre 11th
Wendell Buysman (2)
Booster Wendell/Ann Buysman (gate)
Kristelle Fumich
Traveling 8th
Colleen Mens
Traveling 7th grade boys
Tony Lenoir
Traveling Carter 3/4 grade red 4th grade
diego delao
3/4 grade boys
Brendan Lucio
Liliana Lucio 8th grade
10:00am - 1:15pm  

Tournament Shift (Door/Concessions) (13)

10 of 13 slots filled
Sue Borchard
Dave Borchard
Jacquie Lehman
Angela Rud
Jeff Rud
Angela Hinz
Leo Hinz 4th grade boys
Jodi Garcia
Barb Nitti
Jordan Nitti Igh 7th
Jeff Maki
Traveling - 6C Boys - Ben Maki
Omar Zein
Kaynen 5th boys red
1:00pm - 4:15pm  

Tournament Shift (Door/Concessions) (13)

11 of 13 slots filled
Nyapai Kek
Traveling/ booster Trevaughn (5), Rj (9th)
Michelle Anderson
Traveling/Joe 6th grade boys
Jeane Johnson
Traveling boys 5th Brayden J
Helen Haile
Traveling Abel Blue 5th grade
Meghan Lippert
Traveling, Greyson 4th grade
Shannon Frank
Traveling-7th grade girls- Bailey Frank
Stephanie Schmid
Traveling 6th grade girls
Beth Kneisl
Traveling, Beth Kneisl, 8C Boys
Mark Bartlette
Traveling - Alex Bartlette 7Blue
Carrie Lounsberry
Traveling Tommy Blue 4th grade
Diego Delao
3/4 boys traveling
4:00pm - 7:15pm  

Tournament Shift (Door/Concessions) (13)

9 of 13 slots filled
Doug Larson
Boosters; Ellah Larson, 9th Gr.
Norah Larson
Jeane Johnson
Traveling boys 3rd/4th Riley O
Jamie Charles
Traveling jamie charles 6
Tiwanda Franklin
Jen Radmaker
Traveling Braedyn Bryant 5th
Autumn Cubus
Travel, 5 Avery
Long Vang
Jordan T Vang/ 7th grade
Paulo Neish
Boosters Jaden Neish 7th
7:00pm - 10:15pm  

Tournament Shift (Door/Concessions) (13)

11 of 13 slots filled
Kathleen Beekman
Traveling Matthew 6
Brittany Mackenzie
Traveling girls Jadin M 6th
Shane MacKenzie
Traveling girls Jordyn M 3rd/4th girls
Heather Wanek
Travel/IGH 5th grade boys blue team
Jessica Ramstad
Traveling Wyatt Wichner 6th grade boys B
Traveling/Shirley Ishak/7th
Shirin Ishak
Brenda Myran (2)
Thomas7 & Simone8 Lorentz
Laura Dobbs
Jax Dobbs Traveling grade 3
Feng Zheng
Traveling Oscar chen
12/09/2018 (Sun.) Simley H.S. Cafeteria  7:00am - 10:15am  

Tournament Shift (Door/Concessions) (13)

All slots filled
Elizabeth Gullerud (2)
Denise Deutsch
Traveling boys 8th - Max Krebs
Rebekah Buck
Traveling-Kayla Buck 7th
Ruth Babick-Scofield
Summer Scofield - traveling 8th girls
Deanna Somvong
Traveling - Paige Somvong 7th
Jen Radmaker
Traveling Meenah Haack 4th
Stephen Haugh
Traveling - Frances - Girls 8th Grade
Michelle Lucio
Traveling - Stephanie Lucio
Mary Stein
Boosters - Girls 10th grade
Layne Streich
Caitlin Rasmussen
Traveling- Angalene Taylor 4th grade
Brittney Watters
Colin Slyman - 7th grade traveling
10:00am - 1:15pm  

Tournament Shift (Door/Concessions) (13)

12 of 13 slots filled
Norah Larson
NHS - Volunteer
Sophia Fredeen
NHS - Volunteer
Barb Borrowman
Booster - Boys 10th Grade
Carlos Gee
Traveling 6th Girls
Jill Renslow
Traveling Girls 7th
Charey Williams
Traveling Boys 7th Blue
Miriam Rogers
Traveling Boys 8th
Jen Pieczka
Traveling, Addison girls 6th
Shannon Dudek
Boys 6th grade traveling
Jess Voss-Kehl
Traveling 6B Boys
Rita Thoemke
Nicole Austin
Traveling 3rd grade boys
1:00pm - 4:15pm  

Tournament Shift (Door/Concessions) (13)

All slots filled
Amanda Hobot
Traveling Hannah Hobot 3rd grade
John Hobot
Traveling Hannah Hobot 3rd grade
Mark Stensgard
Varsity Boosters
Jennifer Pieczka
Traveling Camryn girls 3/4
Claudia Cunningham
Traveling Jesiah 4th Grade Boys Blue
Wayne Seelhammer
6th grade Wayne/Emma
Jeremy Keen
Traveling 6C Caleb Keen
Michelle Krech
IGH 6C- Isaiah Wilson
Richard Endris
Juliana Endris 8th grade Traveling
Kossi Gavi
5th Grade Red Team
Diego Delao
7th girls traveling
Carrie Lounsberry
Carrie Lounsberry Tommy 4th grade blue
Rishelle Davidson
Traveling Spartans-Sevanah Davidson 3/4 Girls
4:00pm - 7:15pm  

Take Down/Clean up (15)

All slots filled
Jackie Tschida (2)
Gina Erickson
lezlee flategraff
Traveling- lezlee flategraff& Ashley buntin, boys red,5th
Chris Anderson
Traveling Girls 7th
Kate Caulfield (2)
Traveling - 3/4 Joe Caulfield
Autumn Chandler
9th Grade Simley Basketball
Wayne Seelhammer
6th grade Wayne/Emma
Ken Vandermeer
Boosters/Ken Vandermeer/JV-10
Scott Chatleain
Scott Chatleain 5th grade boys
Angie scheffley
Sam Scheffley Boys HS
Darren Kuefler
Jeff Maki
Traveling - 6C Boys - Ben Maki
Dan Vujovich
Boosters - Vujovich - JV / V
Simley HS Cafeteria  5:00pm - 8:15pm  

Take Down/Clean up (5)

3 of 5 slots filled
Jillian Koester
5th grade Traveling/ Brendan
Eddie Urbina
Traveling-Marciano Urbina 6th Red
Ayan Abdulahi

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