St. Paul Lutheran Church / 1st United Methodist Church


SOS  -  Easter Sunday April 21st - April 28th

Beginning Easter Sunday, St. Paul Lutheran Church will host 30-35 homeless men, women and children in our school building. For 7 days and 6 nights we will be their temporary shelter. We can't do this without YOU!

Thank you for taking the time to review your donation options and signing up. All items listed will be used by the SOS guests and volunteers. Your donation will help make the program successful and self sustaining. 

As always cash donation are needed and welcome. If you would like to provide a cash donation you may leave it with Pam in the church office or write a check with SOS on the memo line. Any amount is accepted.

Note that the SOS program begins Easter Sunday April 1st. All donated items are needed on or before the program begins. You may leave your donated items inn the church lobby under the SOS display.

Also below you will find "Related Files" that will provide you with related program information, 

Again, thank you for your help.


Date: 04/21/2019 (Sun.)

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Created by:  Kenneth Ruszkowski
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Available Slot

5 Small New Testament Bibles


3 Large Cans Regular Coffee

  Lori Suarez

3 Large Cans Decaf Coffee

  Lori Suarez

5 lb Bag of Sugar


2 Large Canister Powder Creamer


Juice Boxes (3) 10 box sets

30 total required


1 Box of Regular Tea


1 Box Each of Equal Packets & Splenda


2 Multi-pak of Cereals (2)


3 Boxes of Low Sugar Cereal (2)

Different Brands


4 Sets of Filled Salt & Pepper Shakers


2 Individual Fruit Cups (2)

12 pack each


2 Individual Applesauce Cups (2)

12 pack each


1 Large Jar of Peanut Butter


1 Large Jar of Jelly


3 Paper Towel Bundles

6 roll count


2 Pump Bottle Hand Sanitizer


2 Laundry Detergent

100 Load Capacity


4 Dish Cloths & 4 Dish Towels


2 Sets of Hot Pads


2 Bottles of Dish Washing Soap

38 fl. oz.


4 Large Disposable Dinner Plate Packages

400 Total Count minimum

  Dan Bowdich

2 Large Disposable Bowls

200 Total Count minimum


2 Small Disposable Plates

200 Total Count minimum


6 Styrofoam 8oz. Cups (100 Count Package)

600 Total Count minimum


5 Paper Dinner Napkins (150ct)

750 Total Count minimum

  Bonnie Rinkis

1 Box 1gal. Reclosable Plastic Bags

80 Count Box


1 Box Plastic Sandwich Bags

100 Count Box


1 36" Roll of Plastic Table Cover

100 Yard Roll


Kitchen Utensils (Dollar Store)

Spatula(2) / Serving Spoons (4) / Serving Forks (4) / Whisk (1) / Ladle (1)


3 Sharp Kitchen Knives


1 Box of Disposable (L) Service Gloves (Gordon's)

500 Total Count

  Dan Bowdich

3 Boxes Heavy Duty Plastic Dinner Forks

750 Total Count


2 Boxes Heavy Duty Plastic Dinner Spoons

500 Total Count


2 Boxes Heavy Duty Plastic Dinner Knives

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