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Swim Team

CC Crimson Crocs Swim Season 2021

Hi Swim Team Families!  We would like to get an idea of how many swimmers are interested in participating in the upcoming season.  This is not a formal registration.  We are just trying to gauge interest.  Please keep in mind that there will be many safety precautions and possible virtual meets to limit the amount of people in close proximity.  We are not sure of how the season will be structured, but we will keep the website updated with information as it becomes available. 

Thank you!

Date: 05/01/2021 (Sat.)

Location: CC Pool

Created by:   Abbey Borovatz

Will you be attending the event?
Did you already RSVP? You can Edit your RSVP.

Do you plan to have your child(ren) participate in the swim season? (150)
  90 of 150 slots filled
Erin Rich (2)
Tanja Hodge (2)
Beth Hensley (3)
Melissa Agnew (2)
Kyleigh and Carter Agnew
Abbey Borovatz (2)
Angie Walger (2)
Kristy Millette
Amanda VandenBroek (2)
Lisa Gregory (2)
2 kids, ages 7 and 11
Savannah Bowman (2)
Robin Clark
Kaitlin Schwartz (2)
Erin Noegel (2)
Christina Phillips (2)
Abigail Roddy
Jennifer Ward (3)
Abigail, Megan, Victoria
Kelley Maupin
Tom Beshere (2)
Jessica Davis
Brittany Dunlap (3)
Jim Antonakos (3)
Manuela Pappy (3)
Stephanie Malon (2)
Yaocheng Song
Natalie Mazakas (2)
Carter Mazakas 10, Harrison Mazakas 5
Debbi Mintz
Stephanie Porter (2)
Andi Yeager
Deeya Patel (2)
Jason Schemmel (2)
Tabitha Anderson (2)
Jitender Kumar (2)
Katharine Ross
Erin Horansky (2)
Braden (9) and Peyton (7) Horansky
Debbie Roberts
Svetlana Barrett (2)
Mindy Buffington
Apollo Playton
Amanda Dean (2)
Omer Khalid (2)
Izzie Stewart
Tanja Cottrell
Rachel Baldwin
grace merrill (3)
Rene Valdes (2)
Martha Breitenbach (2)
Regan (10) and Erin (6)
Anita Yeung (2)
Elizabeth Norton (5)
Responses:     Yes: 50     No: 0     Maybe: 14    

Guest Count:    Confirmed: 109     Maybe: 26

YES (50) -  

Elizabeth Norton (5 guests)

Anita Yeung (4 guests)

Martha Breitenbach (3 guests)

Rene Valdes (3 guests)
Carlos and Carla are coming! Thank you

Shalane Bauersachs (2 guests)

grace merrill (3 guests)

John Vosper (1 guest)

Tanja Cottrell (1 guest)
Cottrell - 1

Omer Khalid (2 guests)

Amanda Dean (1 guest)

Rene Valdes (2 guests)

Apollo Playton (2 guests)

Svetlana Barrett (2 guests)

Debbie Roberts (1 guest)

Erin Horansky (2 guests)

Katharine Ross (1 guest)

Tabitha Anderson (2 guests)

Jason Schemmel (2 guests)

Deeya Patel (2 guests)

Andi Yeager (1 guest)

Stephanie Porter (1 guest)

Abby Rickel (2 guests)

Debbi Mintz (1 guest)

Kelly Dinora (3 guests)

Natalie Mazakas (2 guests)

Yaocheng Song (3 guests)

Stephanie Malon (2 guests)

Manuela Pappy (5 guests)

Minh JURGENS (2 guests)

Jim Antonakos (3 guests)

Brittany Dunlap (4 guests)

Kate Rezabek (2 guests)
Ryan & William Rezabek

Kelley Maupin (3 guests)
Ava Grace Ziadeh (age 6)

Abigail Roddy (1 guest)

Christina Phillips (2 guests)

Erin Noegel (2 guests)

Kaitlin Schwartz (2 guests)

Jaime Babic (3 guests)
Swimmers- Sasha, Anastasija, and Sofi Babic

Savannah Bowman (2 guests)
2 swimmers

Joni Stevens (1 guest)
Sam Stevens (14) Would also be interested in helping

Rosa Crance (3 guests)

Lisa Gregory (2 guests)

Kristy Millette (1 guest)

Angie Walger (2 guests)

Melissa Agnew (2 guests)

Leslie Armstrong (2 guests)
McKenzie and Lucas

Beth Hensley (3 guests)

Tanja Hodge (2 guests)

Theresa Sheffler (1 guest)

Jennifer Ward (3 guests)
Abigail, Megan, Victoria Abigail interested in being a helper

MAYBE (14) +  

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