Voice of Surprise

Be the Voice of Surprise on Aug. 16 @ 6 pm City Council meeting - Wear Blue

We believe the future residents of this proposed "Waddell Crossing" (next to Truman Ranch) community are not being represented and will be handed very overcrowded and poor quality housing by a builder with a bad history, Dominium--LET'S SHOW UP AND STAND IN FOR THEM IN NUMBERS--representing all 1200 future residents even, and if you can in unity with us WEAR BLUE (any shade will do) on Tuesday, August 16th at 6 pm in the City Council Chambers to show a "sea of support" backing our City Council to know they are supported by us in VOTING NO to this master plan from Dominium which will be harmful to the safety of our community and will hand over poor living conditions for the future residents of that development. For more details visit VoiceofSurprise.com As you RSVP, it will help here to indicate your district to show our City Council a diversity of suppot across Suprise for when they vote on August 16th. If unsure of your district, see https://www.surpriseaz.gov/756/Council-District-Maps

Date: 08/16/2022 (Tue.)

Time: 6:00pm - 7:30pm MST

Location: Surprise City Council Chambers

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Created by:   Quintus Schulzke
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District 1 (Winters) (300) - If unsure, see https://www.surpriseaz.gov/756/Council-District-Maps
  2 of 300 slots filled
Pamela Tufegdzic (2)
District 2 (Cline) (300) - If unsure, see https://www.surpriseaz.gov/756/Council-District-Maps
  3 of 300 slots filled
Rose Jaksic
Surprise deserves better then this horrible builder!
Mike Yokubison (2)
District 3 (Duffy) (300) - If unsure, see https://www.surpriseaz.gov/756/Council-District-Maps
  31 of 300 slots filled
Quintus Schulzke
Sara Hernandez
Steven Allely
Pat Tudisco
Sharlene Fleming (2)
Stop Dominion!
Joshua Samford (3)
John Jones (3)
COncern over higher crime and school overcrowding
Judy Rocca (2)
Nate Pomeroy (2)
Lisa Denman
Susan Strickland
Lucas Fregoso
Sara David (4)
Ashley Gross (2)
Rhian Appicello (4)
Kameron Lavinder
Cecilia F
District 4 (Remley) (300) - If unsure, see https://www.surpriseaz.gov/756/Council-District-Maps
District 5 (Hastings) (300) - If unsure, see https://www.surpriseaz.gov/756/Council-District-Maps
  1 of 300 slots filled
Lucie Becus
I'm a Surprise Small Business owner and also building a house in Surprise very close to this nightmare - this is not a fit or benefit to our community. This will force tax payers like me to consider moving and moving our business as well.
District 6 (Judd) (300) - If unsure, see https://www.surpriseaz.gov/756/Council-District-Maps
  1 of 300 slots filled
Linda Van Natter
Neighbor not in a Surprise District (300) - If unsure, see https://www.surpriseaz.gov/756/Council-District-Maps
Responses:     Yes: 32     No: 0     Maybe: 2    

Guest Count:    Confirmed: 60     Maybe: 3

YES (32) -  

Catherine V (2 guests)

Linda Van Natter (1 guest)

Carlene Carl (3 guests)

Cecilia F (1 guest)

Kameron Lavinder (1 guest)

Allen Rossi (2 guests)

Rhian Appicello (4 guests)

Melissa Delgado (1 guest)

Ashley Gross (2 guests)

Brandy W (1 guest)

Sara David (4 guests)

Lucas Fregoso (1 guest)

Susan Strickland (1 guest)

Robert Raczkowski (2 guests)

Lisa Denman (2 guests)

Angel R (2 guests)

Nate Pomeroy (2 guests)
This project is nonsense

Kym Potesta (2 guests)

Terri Thompson (2 guests)

Judy Rocca (2 guests)
June 16 meeting was beyond depressing. It was a complete display of disregard for the future of our city by the members of our city counsel. They are afraid of a law suit rather than doing what is right.

Michelle Lewis (3 guests)

Dorothy Peterson (2 guests)

John Jones (1 guest)

Joshua Samford (2 guests)

Sharlene Fleming (2 guests)

Pat Tudisco (3 guests)
Can’t allow a modern day Pottersville to be constructed in our neighborhood.

Mike Yokubison (2 guests)

Rose Jaksic (1 guest)

Pamela Tufegdzic (2 guests)

Steven Allely (2 guests)

Sara Hernandez (1 guest)

Quintus Schulzke (1 guest)
I will be wearing Blue and plan to speak!

MAYBE (2) +