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Voice of Surprise

Be the Voice of Surprise on Aug. 16 @ 6 pm City Council meeting - Wear Blue

We believe the future residents of this proposed "Waddell Crossing" (next to Truman Ranch) community are not being represented and will be handed very overcrowded and poor quality housing by a builder with a bad history, Dominium--LET'S SHOW UP AND STAND IN FOR THEM IN NUMBERS--representing all 1200 future residents even, and if you can in unity with us WEAR BLUE (any shade will do) on Tuesday, August 16th at 6 pm in the City Council Chambers to show a "sea of support" backing our City Council to know they are supported by us in VOTING NO to this master plan from Dominium which will be harmful to the safety of our community and will hand over poor living conditions for the future residents of that development. For more details visit VoiceofSurprise.com As you RSVP, it will help here to indicate your district to show our City Council a diversity of suppot across Suprise for when they vote on August 16th. If unsure of your district, see https://www.surpriseaz.gov/756/Council-District-Maps

Date: 08/16/2022 (Tue.)

Time: 6:00pm - 7:30pm MST

Location: Surprise City Council Chambers

Created by:   Quintus Schulzke

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District 1 (Winters) (300) - If unsure, see https://www.surpriseaz.gov/756/Council-District-Maps
  12 of 300 slots filled
Pamela Tufegdzic (2)
Kevin BarBer
Tim Moynihan (2)
Betty Hobbs
Laura LaGuardia
Heather Wheatley Wheatley
Louise Dubs Dubs
Phillip Brown (2)
Jennifer Meter
District 2 (Cline) (300) - If unsure, see https://www.surpriseaz.gov/756/Council-District-Maps
  7 of 300 slots filled
Rose Jaksic
Surprise deserves better then this horrible builder!
Mike Yokubison (2)
Roy Wheatley
Bad Man Man
She Stinks!
Mitchell Turner
Diana Lowery
District 3 (Duffy) (300) - If unsure, see https://www.surpriseaz.gov/756/Council-District-Maps
  183 of 300 slots filled
Quintus Schulzke
Sara Hernandez
Steven Allely
Pat Tudisco
Sharlene Fleming (2)
Stop Dominion!
Joshua Samford (3)
John Jones (3)
COncern over higher crime and school overcrowding
Judy Rocca (2)
Nate Pomeroy (2)
Lisa Denman
Susan Strickland
Lucas Fregoso
Sara David (4)
Ashley Gross (2)
Rhian Appicello (4)
Kameron Lavinder
Cecilia F
John P Kmett
Darcy Lowery (3)
Bryan Wallace
Nancy Carlson
I do not want our tax dollars to have to support this.
Barb Berrafato
Candace Simpson
Kelly Braun (2)
Vote NO to Dominium
Andrew Berrafato
Mark Didway (2)
Catherine Buyno (2)
Bernadette Garcia
Mitchell Horabik (2)
Henry Mayer Mayer (2)
John Rogers
Tim Mahon
Rebecca & Joe Fields (2)
We are strongly against the Dominium housing project!!
Nita Billups
Christine Florendo (2)
Lisa Cassidy (2)
Rian Swearingen
Andrea Parilla
T Brunetti
Kathirose Crawford (2)
Stephanie Duffy (2)
Not ok with the low income housing plan when I paid a rediculous amount of money 2 months ago to live in this area.
Jim Hamilton
Richard Ozga
Traffic which is all ready a problem will be even worse.
Mark Smith
Do not approve the low income housing project. Do not lower the socio economic standards or our city and invite increases in crime and violence; as well as, further disrupt traffic flow at Cotton ln and Waddell rd
Gonzalo Rico (3)
We will be there!
Carol Veneroso (2)
Christopher Ballew
James Dutcher (3)
Ashley Rinaldi (2)
Patrick & Debbie Smith (2)
Bill Ekola (2)
Do Not Sell Us Out!
Ronda Woodland
B White (3)
Marina Moreno
Debbie White (2)
Jennifer Gabrych
Paul Jensen (2)
Too much traffic due to 4 school programs all within 3 blocks from each other and narrow roads.
Drew S
Donald Fritz (2)
William Sherman
Tammy Nelson
Rod Hartman
Melody Pahel
No on Dominium
Tami Fitch (2)
Chadrick Hayden
Too much traffic already for this area. Also this builder is not welcome
Chris Dillender (2)
Stephanie Moore (2)
Joseph Bauer (3)
Tina Huntsman (6)
Azucena Rodriguez (4)
Denise Cox
Michael Thorp (2)
Lisa Brockelman (2)
Bret Reeder (2)
Amber Ayers (2)
Keith Ayers (6)
JoAnn Paul (6)
NO TO DOMINIUM!! They will be bad for the people of Surprise!
Tasha Herrera
Cece Payne
Diana Fitzgerald (2)
Dave McCormick (2)
This project is in the absolute worst location for our city. Find a different area to build this project.
Susan Sharbaugh
Randy Cates
Michelle Hoeniger
Bev Backa (2)
Brianna Cervantez (4)
Rizaldy Inocentes
Vicki Knudtson
Jamie Farr (2)
Dawna Anderson (2)
Julie Crawford (2)
Andy Snyder
ROBERT Herrmann (2)
Nenah Sylver (2)
The current infrastructure/utilities prevent proper roadway engineering. to be built now. do not allow properconstructu eutities
Greg Mauro (4)
brian koeber-boeck (2)
Ryan Haggard
Jennifer Jensen
Jerald Buglione
This development will bring in more crime and congestion that we do not want.
District 4 (Remley) (300) - If unsure, see https://www.surpriseaz.gov/756/Council-District-Maps
  2 of 300 slots filled
Carolyn Johnson
Joy Benson
District 5 (Hastings) (300) - If unsure, see https://www.surpriseaz.gov/756/Council-District-Maps
  7 of 300 slots filled
Lucie Becus
I'm a Surprise Small Business owner and also building a house in Surprise very close to this nightmare - this is not a fit or benefit to our community. This will force tax payers like me to consider moving and moving our business as well.
Geo Lynne (2)
Richard Jensen (2)
Katrina Whitehead
Ruthanne Wisniewski
District 6 (Judd) (300) - If unsure, see https://www.surpriseaz.gov/756/Council-District-Maps
  9 of 300 slots filled
Linda Van Natter
Debra Medress
Deijon Maxey (5)
Nicole Kronenburger
Laura Keith
Neighbor not in a Surprise District (300) - If unsure, see https://www.surpriseaz.gov/756/Council-District-Maps
  8 of 300 slots filled
Kelly Hub
We all need to contribute
Toma Bailey (2)
Kim Contreras (2)
Michele Courier (2)
Clifford Ernst
Be there
Responses:     Yes: 212     No: 7     Maybe: 14    

Guest Count:    Confirmed: 415     Maybe: 26

YES (212) -  

Jerald Buglione (2 guests)
This project will definitely more crime.

Jennifer Jensen (4 guests)

Karri DeSanti (2 guests)

Ryan Haggard (2 guests)

brian koeber-boeck (2 guests)

Diana McNitt (1 guest)

Nenah Sylver (2 guests)

ROBERT Herrmann (2 guests)

Dustin Davis (1 guest)

Lexy Virgo (1 guest)

Diana Lowery (1 guest)
Do not want this crowded housing in this new beautiful area of Surprise. Not needed.

Justin Rychtik (4 guests)

Julia Shammas (3 guests)

Danny Thompson (2 guests)

Katrina Whitehead (1 guest)

Cynthia Dubay (1 guest)

Andy Snyder (1 guest)

Julie Crawford (2 guests)
Needs to be in an area with more public transportation and more centrally located

Nichole Hartmann (2 guests)

Greg Mauro (2 guests)

Dawna Anderson (2 guests)

Triscia Stokes (2 guests)

Kelly Heffron (4 guests)

Chelsea Gilmore (4 guests)

Vicki Knudtson (1 guest)

Carrie Moore (2 guests)
No public transportation/ no parks for children/ schools already full/ congestion already/ needs to be more centrally located

Angelique Warr (2 guests)

Bev Backa (2 guests)
To place affordable housing so far from city center infrastructure and supports is irresponsible

Michelle Hoeniger (2 guests)

Rachelle Bakke (3 guests)
So proud of everyone getting involved! Let’s do this!

Guadalupe Juarez (2 guests)
NO to development on Wadell & Cotton

Randy Cates (2 guests)

Viga Moss (1 guest)

Kyle Terwelp (1 guest)

Clint Golash (2 guests)

Stacy Sanchez (2 guests)

Darla Downs Darla Downs (1 guest)

Susan Sharbaugh (1 guest)

Dave McCormick (2 guests)

Diana Fitzgerald (2 guests)

Cece Payne (2 guests)

Laura Keith (1 guest)

Nicole Kronenburger (1 guest)

Rachel Anderson (2 guests)

Tasha Herrera (2 guests)

JoAnn Paul (6 guests)
NO TO DOMINIUM!! They will be bad for the people of Surprise!

Deijon Maxey (5 guests)

Keith Ayers (6 guests)

Amber Ayers (2 guests)

Bret Reeder (2 guests)

Phillip Brown (2 guests)

Lisa Brockelman (2 guests)

Michael Thorp (2 guests)

Bronson Murphy (3 guests)
This is a bad area for this type of development and is congested already. We don’t need apartments flooding this area with more people.

Ruben Alvarez (6 guests)

Sharett Miller (2 guests)

Leeza Aaron (2 guests)

Tiffany Van Keuren (1 guest)

Brad Pendgraft (2 guests)

B Eves (2 guests)

Denise Cox (1 guest)

Nancy Brown (2 guests)

Ashley Jensen (1 guest)

Azucena Rodriguez (1 guest)
I’m against the construction over Waddell and cotton ln

Stan Podlasek (1 guest)

Irma Hernandez (1 guest)

Tina Huntsman (6 guests)

Trish Malone (2 guests)

Clifford Ernst (1 guest)

Richard Jensen (2 guests)

Ruben Diaz (2 guests)
I moved from a horrible state and wanted peace and quiet. I don't want to go thru this again

Joseph Bauer (3 guests)

Chico Montano (2 guests)

Tina Ward (2 guests)

Benjamin Cummings (2 guests)

Stephanie Moore (2 guests)

Tyson Currie (2 guests)

Chris Dillender (2 guests)
NO to development!

Tami Fitch (2 guests)

Monica Siler (2 guests)

John Smith (14 guests)
This is not right. I plan to speak my mind and let everyone know how this will mess up everything out here

Melody Pahel (1 guest)

Rod Hartman (1 guest)
This will be a horrible housing project impacting the traffic as well as the quality of life for Surprise residents near or adjacent to this development.

Tammy Nelson (1 guest)
This is a HORRIBLE location for this and this builder is NOT WELCOME HERE!

William Sherman (2 guests)

Angela Rabb (1 guest)
I strongly oppose this development.

Sandi Duncan (2 guests)

Donald Fritz (2 guests)

Drew S (2 guests)
Surprise need to think this through, if we were to have this than they need to bring public transportation! We don’t have that so this will not work well in our area!

Paul Jensen (2 guests)
This is not the right corner for this project. We are already over burdened with runaway traffic and small streets.

Jennifer Gabrych (1 guest)
Not good for the City of Surprise.

Debbie White (2 guests)

Marina Moreno (3 guests)

Jim Brubaket (2 guests)

B White (2 guests)

Ronda Woodland (1 guest)

Jeff Morgan (1 guest)

Bill Ekola (2 guests)
We are being sold out. Do Not Change the current zoning Laws!

Patrick & Debbie Smith (2 guests)

Ashley Rinaldi (2 guests)

James Dutcher (3 guests)

Christopher Ballew (1 guest)

Dana Winterstein (2 guests)

Heather Wheatley Wheatley (2 guests)

Carol Veneroso (2 guests)

Gonzalo Rico (3 guests)
I will invite all my neighbors and friends. This needs a great number of attendees!

Chris Gase (1 guest)

Patrick Boyd (1 guest)

Mitchell Turner (3 guests)
Not a good match for our home values and children's schools. This will congest and already congested area. How many police will they add to offset the huge influx of people?

Michele Courier (2 guests)

Karen Rauch (1 guest)

Heather Shields (2 guests)

Heather Shields (2 guests)

Renee' Townsend (1 guest)
People have the right to be involved with the community they live in they have been doing it for years

Laura LaGuardia (2 guests)

Gary & Jean Belangeri (2 guests)

Ryan (1 guest)

Marv Larson (1 guest)

Norlene Jackson (2 guests)

Mark Smith (2 guests)

Stacy Jensen (2 guests)

Kim Contreras (2 guests)

Toma Bailey (2 guests)

Richard Ozga (1 guest)
Dominion Project will further impede traffic during school days; and with other projects on Waddell on both sides of 303; traffic will be impossible if there's an accident worse. An accident happen at the intersection of Waddell and Cotton will shut

Dori Fulk (3 guests)

Karen Grieser (1 guest)

Jim Hamilton (2 guests)

Stephanie Duffy (2 guests)

Kathirose Crawford (2 guests)
Our council needs to responsibly care for the present and future citizens of Surprise or it's our job as citizens to put into office people who will.

T Brunetti (1 guest)

Andrea Parilla (3 guests)

Sharon Snelson (2 guests)

Kelly Hub (1 guest)

pat paulik (2 guests)

Debra Medress (2 guests)
New to Surprise but not liking what I have read about Dominium Developers

M K (1 guest)
Let's Fight this

Mary Sobarzo (2 guests)

Bad Man Man (1 guest)

Sheila Norris (1 guest)
We can not handle anymore residents with the infrastructure we have now!!

Tyler Gordon (2 guests)

David Bakken (1 guest)

Rian Swearingen (1 guest)

Vicki Smith (1 guest)

Roy Wheatley (2 guests)
No more high density housing. We deserve a voice.

Lisa Cassidy (1 guest)

Brenda Sharp (1 guest)

Christine Florendo (2 guests)

Cari Sykes (1 guest)
Voting against apartments

Tim Moynihan (2 guests)

Denise Whirledge (2 guests)

Cayley Garrett (2 guests)

Russell Wall (2 guests)

Jennifer Smith-Mattar (2 guests)

Kevin Gibbens (2 guests)

Justin Calhoun (1 guest)

Nita Billups (1 guest)

Caroline Foundation (1 guest)

Lauren Heimbach (1 guest)

Rebecca & Joe Fields (2 guests)

Lisa Cummings (2 guests)

Tim Mahon (3 guests)

John Rogers (1 guest)
Total Opposition to the Weddell Crossing project

Henry Mayer Mayer (2 guests)

Mitchell Horabik (2 guests)

Bernadette Garcia (5 guests)

Catherine Buyno (2 guests)

Mark Didway (2 guests)

Joy Benson (1 guest)
This is the wrong project for Surprise.

Andrew Berrafato (3 guests)

Vote NO to Dominium creating chaos in our community.

Kelly Braun (2 guests)

Candace Simpson (2 guests)

Barb Berrafato (1 guest)
Attending by phone

Nancy Carlson (1 guest)

Bryan Wallace (1 guest)

Darcy Lowery (3 guests)

Kurt Olson (2 guests)

Sam Valverde (1 guest)
We cannot let this happen!

John P Kmett (1 guest)

Kevin BarBer (2 guests)
No to this multiple family development

Catherine V (2 guests)

Linda Van Natter (1 guest)

Carlene Carl (3 guests)

Cecilia F (1 guest)

Kameron Lavinder (1 guest)

Allen Rossi (2 guests)

Rhian Appicello (4 guests)

Melissa Delgado (1 guest)

Ashley Gross (2 guests)

Brandy W (1 guest)

Sara David (4 guests)

Lucas Fregoso (1 guest)

Susan Strickland (1 guest)

Robert Raczkowski (2 guests)

Lisa Denman (2 guests)

Angel R (2 guests)

Nate Pomeroy (2 guests)
This project is nonsense

Kym Potesta (2 guests)

Terri Thompson (2 guests)

Judy Rocca (2 guests)
June 16 meeting was beyond depressing. It was a complete display of disregard for the future of our city by the members of our city counsel. They are afraid of a law suit rather than doing what is right.

Michelle Lewis (3 guests)

Dorothy Peterson (2 guests)

John Jones (1 guest)

Joshua Samford (2 guests)

Sharlene Fleming (2 guests)

Pat Tudisco (3 guests)
Can’t allow a modern day Pottersville to be constructed in our neighborhood.

Mike Yokubison (2 guests)

Rose Jaksic (1 guest)

Pamela Tufegdzic (2 guests)

Steven Allely (2 guests)

Sara Hernandez (1 guest)

Quintus Schulzke (1 guest)
I will be wearing Blue and plan to speak!

NO (7) +  

MAYBE (14) +  

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