Voice of Surprise

Be the Voice of Surprise on June 16 @ 6 pm P&Z Commission meeting - Wear Blue

We believe the future residents of this proposed "Waddell Crossing" (at Truman Ranch) community are not being represented and will be handed very overcrowded and poor quality housing by a builder with a bad history, Dominium--LET'S SHOW UP AND STAND IN FOR THEM IN NUMBERS and if you can in unity WEAR BLUE (any shade will do) on June 16th at 6 pm in the City Council Chambers to show a "sea of support" backing our Planning & Zoning Commission to know they are supported by us in NOT recommending approval of this master plan from Dominium which will be harmful to the safety of our community and will hand over poor living conditions for the future residents of that development.  As you RSVP, it will help here to indicate your district to show our City Council a diversity of suppot across Suprise for when they vote on August 16th.

Date: 06/16/2022 (Thu.)

Time: 6:00pm - 7:00pm MST

Location: Surprise City Council Chambers
16000 N Civic Center Plaza, Surprise, AZ 85374

Created by:   Quintus Schulzke
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District 1 (Winters) (200) - If unsure, see https://www.surpriseaz.gov/756/Council-District-Maps
  9 of 200 slots filled
Honey Caldwell
Pamela Tufegdzic (2)
Salvador Jimenez (6)
We do not want "Waddell Crossings" in Surprise. Please vote no on this initiative
District 2 (Cline) (200) - If unsure, see https://www.surpriseaz.gov/756/Council-District-Maps
  2 of 200 slots filled
Rose Jaksic
Pam Garver
District 3 (Duffy) (200) - If unsure, see https://www.surpriseaz.gov/756/Council-District-Maps
  34 of 200 slots filled
Quintus Schulzke
Robert Barrette (2)
Candace Simpson
Andrew Berrafato (4)
Nate Pomeroy (2)
Susan Strickland
Dave McCormick
Edward Fleming (2)
Mark Didway (2)
Pat Tudisco
Jim Buyno (2)
Very much against this project
Bruce Robles
Mark Smith (2)
Judy Rocca (2)
Steve Allely
Kelly Braun
Michelle Lewis
Judy White
Jeff Gagne
Sara Hernandez
Don Hirst (2)
Robert Garrette
District 4 (Remley) (200) - If unsure, see https://www.surpriseaz.gov/756/Council-District-Maps
District 5 (Hastings) (200) - If unsure, see https://www.surpriseaz.gov/756/Council-District-Maps
  1 of 200 slots filled
Dan Read
District 6 (Judd) (200) - If unsure, see https://www.surpriseaz.gov/756/Council-District-Maps
Neighbor not in a Surprise District (200) - Select here if you don't live in Surprise, but still stand united in opposing this. If unsure, see https://www.surpriseaz.gov/756/Council-District-Maps
Responses:     Yes: 37     No: 0     Maybe: 3    

Guest Count:    Confirmed: 60     Maybe: 5

YES (37) -  

Robert Garrette (1 guest)

GAIL OLIVE (2 guests)

John Jones (1 guest)

Joshua Samford (1 guest)

Don Hirst (2 guests)

Sara Hernandez (1 guest)

Melissa Zuege (2 guests)

Jeff Gagne (2 guests)

Pam Garver (2 guests)

Terri Thompson (2 guests)

Dallin Lee (3 guests)

Kelly Braun (1 guest)

Dan Read (1 guest)

Steve Allely (1 guest)


Jason Baehr (1 guest)
18 year resident of Surprise. Not in favor of this project. Nothing good will come of this.

Judy Rocca (2 guests)
Do not want this disaster in our community

Bryan Wallace (1 guest)

Salvador Jimenez (2 guests)
We do not want "Waddell Crossings" in Surprise. Please vote no on this initiative

Rachel Thompson (2 guests)

Bruce Robles (1 guest)

Rose Jaksic (1 guest)

Jim Buyno (2 guests)

Pat Tudisco (3 guests)
Against this project

Mark Didway (2 guests)
We need an updated traffic report on this area. Neighborhood has doubled in size.

Kenni Uribe (1 guest)

Edward Fleming (2 guests)

Dave McCormick (2 guests)

Christie Allen (1 guest)

Susan Strickland (1 guest)

Nate Pomeroy (2 guests)
Yes- will sign up

Pamela Tufegdzic (2 guests)

Andrew Berrafato (4 guests)

Candace Simpson (1 guest)

Honey Caldwell (1 guest)

Robert Barrette (2 guests)

Quintus Schulzke (1 guest)
I'll be wearing blue and signing up ahead to speak too!

MAYBE (3) +