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Askate Long Beach, CA - Volunteer Registration - June 23, 2018

Askate at the SAM FKA - Summer and Music Festival

Long Beach, CA - JUNE 23, 2018 


Volunteer Confirmation below!  - Please take the time to read in length and contact us if you have any questions!! 


Thank you so much for signing up to volunteer at the Askate Foundation event on June 23, 2018 in Long Beach CA. Below is some important information for you to read regarding the event and what to expect as a volunteer!



We typically do have skateboards on hand at events but we rely on the volunteers to bring their skateboards for the kids to use. Since 2007 volunteers like your self are the reason Askate's programs are successful because we do not have the ability to travel with 40+ full setups across the country. We truly appreciate your help!! 



We appreciate your reaching out to us and helping make this event possible! We are seeking 30 volunteers so please share this info with your friends and family! 


DIRECTIONS AND PARKING: The event is from 2pm-4pm...Please try to arrive no later than 1:30pm. There is no skating the street course while the event is going on however there will be Askate contest after that you can enter!!

The event is off of Pine Avenue between E. 3rd Street and E. Broadway.

Reference Adderess/Parking:

51 E. 3rd Street, Long Beach, CA 90802

The above address will lead you to the parking lot for the event which is just North of the event site There are 598 spaces so there will be plenty of parking for everyone. The first 2 Hours Free and will $2.00 after the first 2 hours; $.75 per 20 min thereafter. We were given this information from the event planners and are not responsible if this information changes before on or the day of the event. Please check the parking lot signs prior to leaving the lot to make sure that the above information is correct.

We will have a check in and have a prep talk for volunteers prior to the event! 

If you are unable to attend, please let us know so we can fill your spot! Without the proper amount of volunteers we will not have enough people working with the kids. 



Skate Volunteers:  You will be guiding, assisting, making sure the kids have fun and are safe on the board! Some children are Non-Verbal, so patience is key! Some Children will be afraid, again... patience and compassion is very important! The goal is to show these children an amazing time for 1 hour… Remember, their parents are watching and this is just as exciting and important to them, as it is the children! 

There may be children with food allergies attending which you will be able to recognize by a sticker indicator that we will put on the back of their shirts. We will show and tell you more info in detail the day of the event! 


Non Skate Volunteers:  We have numerous areas of need for non-skate volunteers! (Registration, fitting helmets, managing drink and food table!) We will be able to delegate these positions at the event.


We look forward to meeting you, and appreciate the time you are willing to dedicate to helping these amazing children! If you have any other questions, or know of any other volunteers who may be interested

(WE NEED MORE VOLUNTEERS)…please feel free to contact us! 


Skateboarding is known to "heal the soul" but for our special kids it is so much more! Skateboarding offers nearly every component of Occupational Therapy believe it or not focusing on motor, vestibular, and proprioceptive skills. In addition our program allows these children to be social on their own terms. 


We teach the children how to skateboard and teach the parents how to incorporate skateboarding into the lives of their families. 



Thank you!!!

Crys. Worley  

Askate Foundation




for a quick visual on the impact you will be making today watch this short video produced by Vans. https://youtu.be/zOvvttHxa5g




Date: 06/23/2018 (Sat.)

Time: 1:30pm - 4:00pm CDT

Location: 51 E. 3rd Street, Long Beach, CA 90802

Created by:   Crys. Worley
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