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2019 Middle School Book Beat

Middle School Families you are invited to the Middle School Book Beat on Wednesday, December 4 at 6:00 p.m. (the Book Fair will be open to everyone during this time). Don't miss this great Middle School party that features speakers, food, a bake sale to benefit Temple Sinai's People of the Book Literacy Project, and performances by the student rock bands. We look forward to seeing you there!

Please RSVP so that we can plan and please sign up to VOLUNTEER!

Date: 12/04/2019 (Wed.)

Time: 6:00pm - 8:00pm PST

Location: Redwood Day School Gym

Created by:   Andrea Roth

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Help with Set Up (3) - Please arrive at 5:30 p.m.
  All slots filled
Nancy Cecchettini
Will arrive at 5:30 to help with whatever you need!
Caryn Hoadley
Irene Lee
set up
Help Serve Pizza (3) - Please arrive at 6:00 p.m.
  All slots filled
Denise Thanos
Denise Thanos
Natalie Friedman
Allison Keith
Allison Keith
Bring baked goods (12) - Please bring enough to serve 20 people
  All slots filled
Joanne Cain
Something delicious
Lynda Deakin
I'll bring cupcakes or cookies
Nikki Maguire
Probably chocolate bundt cake
Sarah Kuehl
Alisa Barnes
Dozens of handmade, flavored marshmallows
Amy Catalano
Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies
KIm Hoffman
choc chip cookies
Juliette Linzer
Nancy Cecchettini
Sugar cookies or something easy
Brooke Abola
Will bring chocolate chip cookies
Tracy Clements
Olivia Catanese
something yummy
Wo/man the bake sale (3) - Please arrive at 6:30 p.m.
  2 of 3 slots filled
Natalie Friedman
chocolate cake
Meera Desai
Help with Clean Up (3) - Please plan on staying after the event!
  All slots filled
Natalie Friedman
Aileen Wheeler
Clean up
Tanya Willacy
Will clean up
Responses:     Yes: 88     No: 12     Maybe: 5     No Response: 273

Guest Count:    Confirmed: 220     Maybe: 11

YES (88) -  

Jeff Sharman (2 guests)

Sophia Reed (1 guest)

Marcilie Smith Boyle (2 guests)

Nanu Wolstenholme (3 guests)

Avis Kowalewski (4 guests)

Dhyana Clark (2 guests)

Liz Price Patel (3 guests)

Sandra Doi (2 guests)

Hamilton Hunt (2 guests)

Louise Knapp Pollard (6 guests)

Gina Dominguez (3 guests)

Peter Laub (2 guests)

Steven Sweeting (2 guests)

Kym McCourt (2 guests)

Ami Desai (1 guest)

Bena Currin (2 guests)

Heather Hopd (2 guests)

nicole vasgerdsian (2 guests)

Jon Gilbert (2 guests)

Tricia Iacovangelo (2 guests)

Brennan Karp (2 guests)

Greg Edelin (2 guests)

Johanna Jones (3 guests)

John Kinnaman (1 guest)

Penny Fottrell (2 guests)

Jaime Gutierrez (3 guests)

lila heller (2 guests)

Corrin Haskell (1 guest)

Elsie Pierce (1 guest)

David Lerner (3 guests)
Rachel Lerner and 2 family members

Tali Levy (3 guests)

Urmila Raghavan (3 guests)

Stephanie Mayhew (2 guests)

Michelle Bowen (2 guests)

Susan Barnes (2 guests)

Tonya Lang (2 guests)

Milton Cheng (2 guests)

norma Fiedotin (2 guests)

Dee Minnite (3 guests)

Onika McGriff (1 guest)

Angelina Forrest (3 guests)

Sue Chen (4 guests)

Irene Lee (4 guests)

Mai Okita (2 guests)

Josephine Moh (3 guests)

Pat Galvin (2 guests)

Melanie Abrams (2 guests)

Tracy Donahoe (2 guests)

Kelly Morrison (3 guests)

Leah McGowen-Hare (2 guests)

Jennifer Porcinito (3 guests)

Gina Hunt (2 guests)

Jennifer Martin (4 guests)

Tanya Willacy (1 guest)

Jyoti Channon (2 guests)

Olivia Catanese (1 guest)

Amy Nathan (3 guests)

Meera Desai (1 guest)

Sujata Neurgaonkar (2 guests)

Tracy Clements (3 guests)

Brooke Abola (4 guests)

Caryn Hoadley (3 guests)

Nancy Cecchettini (2 guests)

Andrew Gordon (2 guests)

Farhana Currimbhoy (2 guests)

James Cleveland (3 guests)
Juno Yu

Juliette Linzer (3 guests)

Lauryn Hong (4 guests)

Liz Lucero (3 guests)

Diana Fung (3 guests)

KIm Hoffman (5 guests)

Hena Borneo (4 guests)

Amy Catalano (2 guests)

Bob Zunino (4 guests)

Janie Johnson (2 guests)

Vineela Poddatoori (3 guests)

Alisa Barnes (2 guests)

Sam Green (1 guest)

Megan Hyatt (2 guests)

Allison Keith (3 guests)

Aileen Wheeler (1 guest)

Sarah Kuehl (2 guests)

Nikki Maguire (4 guests)

Natalie Friedman (2 guests)

Denise Thanos (3 guests)

Rachel Hulst (4 guests)

Lynda Deakin (4 guests)

Joanne Cain (5 guests)

NO (12) +  

MAYBE (5) +