Beth Meyer Sisterhood

Sisterhood's 3rd Annual Trivia Night

Come out on Saturday night, February 9, 2019, for a fun night of trivia to support Beth Meyer Sisterhood! Big Slow Tom's Trivia is known all over the Triangle for creating fun nights of friendly competition. Compete with your fellow (and fella!) community members to win the coveted title of Beth Meyer Trivia Champs! Adults only. Preregistration and payment required for event.  To pay online, send your payment to our Paypal Account @

Time: 7:00-10:00 p.m.

Cost: $25/person

RSVP by February 3, 2019 - payment is also due at this time!


Date: 02/09/2019 (Sat.)

Time: 7:00pm - 10:00pm EST

Location: Beth Meyer Synagogue

Created by:   Beth Meyer Sisterhood

PLEASE NOTE: The sign up period for this event has ended. Contact the creator for more details.

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Responses:     Yes: 52     No: 3     Maybe: 0     No Response: 86

Guest Count:    Confirmed: 100     Maybe: 0

YES (52) -  

Rona Haller (2 guests)

Jim Comen (2 guests)

Mor and Jeffrey Kantor (2 guests)

Judith Sands (2 guests)

Erin Cohen (2 guests)

Herb Presnick (2 guests)

Rivky Lindauer (1 guest)

Diana Friedman (1 guest)

Teresa Robertson (2 guests)

Beth Heinig (1 guest)

Pilar LaSala (2 guests)

Tracy Miketa (1 guest)

Henry Schaffer (2 guests)

Susan Ehrlich (2 guests)

Sarah Fuerst (2 guests)

Greta Schiffman (4 guests)
Guests Dr. and Mrs. Michael Pike . You should receive a check form them.

Sandi Bouchard (2 guests)

Jill Halbrecht (2 guests)

Elyse Goldberg (2 guests)

Eric Solomon (1 guest)

Melissa Kindler (2 guests)

Jane Green (2 guests)

Liz Gordon (2 guests)

Liliane Himmel (2 guests)

Genevieve Spiliopoulos (2 guests)
Can't wait for an incredible evening

Amy Hollander (2 guests)

Elizabeth Portnoy (2 guests)

Kelly Bloom (2 guests)

Sharon Mills (2 guests)

Bonnie Leach (2 guests)

Ellen Adelman (1 guest)

Andrea Engelberg (2 guests)

Leslie Becher (2 guests)

Leslie Gartenberg (2 guests)

Jim Doerfler (2 guests)

Melissa Davidson (2 guests)

Sharon Miller (2 guests)

Kim Drooks (2 guests)
Looking forward to it!!!

Robin Miller (2 guests)

Linda &Joel Dinkin (2 guests)

Eileen Shulman (2 guests)

Shana Silverstein Barbieri (2 guests)

Jennifer Etkin (2 guests)

Jodi Stern (2 guests)

Sharyn Shapiro (2 guests)

Cindy Cadman (2 guests)
Can we sign up for a table with friends we want on our team?

Marlene Langsam (2 guests)

Karen Bograd (2 guests)

Glenda Toppe (2 guests)

Suzanne Zorn Zorn (2 guests)

Sue Finkel (2 guests)

Randi Dmiszewicki (2 guests)
Looking forward to it! I've got a table of 10 already!

NO (3) +