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Please join us for our 2nd annual Saint Bridget "Family Day of Service". Serve together as part of your family's Lenten journey! The morning will begin at 8:30 am with coffee, doughnuts and an opening prayer. We will then break into teams to get day rolling!

Service opportunities are available for all ages- everyone is welcome! Use the comment section when signing up to include your family information (ie., ## of parents/children and ages/grades of children). This information will help us match your family to the best project. If you decide to sign up different family members under different project areas, a parent must be present at each activity.


Unable to attend Family Day of Service? You can still help by donating supplies that will be used to benefit our off-campus missions. Click on this link:

Questions? Contact Meghan Dexter and Michele Dempsey at, or Christie Turnbull at

As each one has received a gift, use it to serve one another

as good steward's of God's varied grace.

1 Peter 4:10

Date: 03/18/2017 (Sat.)

Time: 8:30am - 11:00am EDT

Created by:  Saint Bridget Church
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Available Slot
Visit to the home bound (15)
Join another family to spread some joy by delivering a provided gift.
All slots filled
  Angela Allen
We are a small family of 3, but we are happy to do whatever is needed.
  Patrick White
Whatever you need.
  Erin Garnett (4)
Erin, Tom, Emily (6), Cecilia (21 months)
  Katherine Kenny
I'll be there representing the BeFriender Ministry for the first hour, but I'm happy to do something after that.
  Anne-Marie Condlin (2)
We may have 2 more, I just have to wait for AJ's baseball schedule
  Laura Marshall
2 Adults 3 Kids
  Chrissy Harrison (4)
2 adults, 8 year old and 3 year old
  Steve Oswald
On Campus Service (79)
Great for adults or families with older children! May include light lifting, hauling, planting, organizing and cleaning inside & out.
All slots filled
  Metcalf Family (7)
Fernando, Olga, Olga(22), Olga(16),Ana(14), Fernando(9) and James(almost 7)
  Tena Krouse (4)
Krouse Family (Michael, Tena, Olivia 7, Alexander 5)
  Leslie Gallagher (4)
2 adults and 2 children (3rd and 4th)
  cindy sullivan (3)
Sullivan Family (2 adults, 1 3rd grader)
  Dave Dempsey (2)
Dave & Bridget (7)
  Rad Tollett (3)
We want to dig it up
  Margaret Haymore (5)
Haymore Family
  Jen McLemore (3)
maybe a 4th
  Donna Chalkley (2)
  Siewers Family (3)
Beth, Bevie (12) & Breslin (11)
  Honor Carver (3)
Honor, Hampton and Emily (11)
  Chun Family (4)
Emma-15, Sam-13, Luke-10
  Brady, Sophie & Gardener Campbell (4)
Campbell family
  Betsy Burgess (2)
Elle, 7 & Luke, 5 -we'll be there after K soccer
  Samantha Payne (2)
David and Anthony (10)
  Andras Bality (2)
I'm sorry, I forgot about Branko's soccer game, we will not be able to get there until 10
  Tom Robertson (2)
1 adult, 1 child (7)
  Jacques Brousseau (4)
Madeline (18), Alex (16) & Ben (13)
  Dan Keller (2)
both Dan and Kim
  Thu-Hang Groome (6)
Chris thu-Hang Ethan(13) Caitlin (11)Leah (9)Mason(7)
  Julie Chapman
  Schuyler Guare
just me! 18 years old
  Mary Ruth Craig (2)
1 adult & a 5th grade child
  Kate Beggerow (2)
Kate and Chason (7)
  Lia Mooney (2)
Lia and Danny (8)
  Lisa Colangelo (4)
2 adults and two kids
Off Campus Service (105)
We will serve a variety of off-campus sites such as Little Sisters of the Poor, Saint Francis Home and Housing Families First. Fun outreach for families and most opportunities will have teams of families working together!
92 of 105 slots filled
  Cara Baker (4)
Cara, Stephen, Haley (7), Eliza (4)
  Emily Smith (6)
Kids' ages 13, 12, 10, 6
  Katie Sleeker
Katie, Alex, Anna (10), Michael (8), Julia (6)
  Christine Rotter
Christine, Meghan (12), Mary Grace (10), Henry (7)
  Sarah Birckhead (3)
Sarah, Dave and Logan (10)
  Susan Knutson
Susan & Darren (parents), Will (10), Mary Caroline (6)
  Chad Suhr (3)
Chad, Stephanie, & Beatrice (will be 7 months March)
  Jacqueleen MacLaughlin (3)
Victor 10, Finn 7
  Liv Schneider (5)
Brian, Liv, Chloe (12), Ben (10) and Andy (6)
  Joy Or John Weir (3)
1 adult , Kids ages: 12, 10
  Jennie Shaw (2)
Jennie and Avery (8)
  Elizabeth Boyle (3)
Adult: Elizabeth, Kids: Owen (13), Colin (9)
  Cat Corso (2)
Cat (Adult) & Michaela (10)
  Carrie Todd
Monte and Campbell (9)
  Christina Fox (2)
1 parent, 1 child age 8
  V. J. Petillo (4)
Two adults and two children (14 and 12 y.o.)
  Lisa Robert
2 adults, 2 kids (10 and 12)
  Alana Austin (3)
3 adults - Jay, Gina & Alana
  Meghan White
2 grown ups, 3 kids (9, 7,& 5) We'll go wherever you need us!
  Dan Schlussler (4)
2 adults, 2 kids (9 & 10 years old)
  Christie Turnbull (3)
Birck (adult), Kate (12) & Sarah (10)
  Shannon Garbett (3)
two adults plus 12 year old. We can do heavy lifting.
  Family Morel (4)
Morel Family
  Melanie Davis (6)
16, 12, 10 & 7. Would be great with yard work
  Heather Drew
Drew Family (boys 5+6) will be there after STB soccer at 9:30.
  Nadja Gutowski Cipriani
Adult and 8 yr old (David)
  Kuriger Family
Allyson, Madison, and Nicholas
  Bill Winters (6)
Bill, Kristan, Mikayla, Madoc, Nate & Reid
  Katherine Hatfield
Katherine, Johnny, Frances, Everett & Anne Stewart
  Kelly Hargett
Dan, Kelly, Hadley (13), Emma (11) and Chloe (9)
  Kathleen Hornik
Siena has her first day of KG soccer but there should be three of us there.
  Stephanie Meadows-Shropshire (2)
Stephanie and Taylor (6th grade)
  Mark Rankin
Mark, Claire (13) and Ella (11)
  Jendy Daglio
3 volunteers: Jendy- Helena (age 13) and Ellie (age 13).
  Stephanie Stumpf
Stephanie, Lydia (9) and Eva (6)
  meghan hess
Meghan, Amelia (9), possibly Sarah (15)
  Erin Geary
Just myself
  Gayle Smith (3)
  karen lynn
1 adult 3 children 14, 12, 9. we went to HFF last year. would like to go somewhere different if needed. Thanks
SBS Work Stations (62)
Great for preschoolers and younger children! Families will get a chance to work at stations creating meal kits, assembling cards and craft projects that will be distributed to the elderly and youth in our community!
All slots filled
  Alycia Winter (4)
The Winter Family - Sean, Aly, Finley (7) and Madeleine (4)
  Patricia Fulco (4)
Fulco family
  Samantha Fahy (3)
The Fahy Family - Matt, Samantha, & Maya (8)
  Melanie Bean (4)
Melanie, Jason, Nora (8), Sydney (4)
  Becky Mann
Becky. Josie, Ginna
  Heather Hicks (3)
Scott Hicks + 2 children (3rd & 4th)
  Kathleen Pennock (4)
2 adults, Anthony (10), Jake (7)
  Allyson McTaggart (4)
McTaggart Family- kids (6) and (3)
  Kim Lacy
2 adults plus 3 children ages 2, 7 and 9
  Cate Fernandez
Cate, Andrew, Eleanor (4), Rose (2)
  Kristen Bell (3)
Kristen,Tony, Sarah (8)
  Amy Clark
Amy, Sophie, Adeline
  Alison Puccinelli (5)
Alison, Isabella 10, Graylyn 8, Harper 5, Matthew 3
  Jessica Smith (4)
2 adults, 1x 7 year old, 1x 4 year old
  Stacie Townley (4)
Stacie, Sara, George, Michael
  Molly Gee
The Gee Family - Patrick, Molly, Livi (6), Philip (4), and Anne Henri (1)
  Shannon Jones (5)
2 adults and 7, 3, and 1 year olds
  Rhoda Bevc (5)
2 adults, 3 kids (ages 6, 4 and 1)
  Amanda Graziano
2 adults 2 kids
  Lauren Hill
Lauren, Jon, Mary (5), Landon (3)
  Meghan Dexter (3)
We are excited!
Can't make it? Donate Supplies!
Please see above for the link for donations! No need to indicate anything in this slot.
7 slots filled - more available
  Florinda Chun
check out working link above:-)
  Shubhro Pal
supplies donation
  Julie Valerie
200 Happy Bday Pencils + 12 bags Easter eggs
  Amy Haverstick
signed up for supplies
  Kathy Allen
Pinto beans and kidney beans
  Anne-Marie Condlin
Beans and will drop off Rusty Fallen's donation at the church office on Sunday
  cindy nolan
Donate supplies
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