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Rainbow Days

2017 Saturday with Santa

Rainbow Days needs your help to make our annual Christmas party for homeless children and parents a success!  On Saturday, December 9, we will serve more than 500 children, infants through Adolescents, and their families residing in area shelters and will provide them with a special day of family fun holiday-themed activities.  Volunteers are needed before, during and after the event.  ALL Volunteers are required to complete our online Volunteer Application (if you have not already completed one within the last 18 months) which can be found at: http://rainbowdays.org/more-ways-to-help/volunteer/volunteer-application/Please note, the deadline for completing your Volunteer Application AND Background Check is December 1st.

If group(s) have reserved spaces, please be sure to register under your designated area, or e-mail below for additional spaces.  For all others, please review the available positions to make your selection, and be sure to include your specific corporate/community group (i.e. YMSL - Plano, NCL - Turtle Creek, or Individual Volunteer) to ensure hours are credited to the appropriate team.  Should you have a specific area of interest for your team or questions, please either register under that duty or e-mail Wendi McMullen, wendim@rainbowdays.org or 214-217-3811.


Note:  If you need to drop off your baked goods on 12/08/17, you may do so at our corporate office from 9am to 5pm. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

Created by:   Catherine Deeken
PLEASE NOTE: The sign up period for this event has ended and the sign up creator has locked all sign up slots from being modified. Contact the creator for more details.

Date (mm/dd/yyyy) Location Time (CST) Available Slot
12/08/2017 (Fri.) Rainbow Days, Inc. and Lovers Lane UMC - 8150 N Central Expressway, Suite M1003, Dallas, TX 75206  1:00pm - 5:00pm  
North Pole Movers (10)
Pre-Day Transportation: Transport items from Rainbow Days office to Lovers Lane UMC - this job requires lifting
3 of 10 slots filled
Ken Allen
Diane Oxley
Yvonne Barrett
Lovers Lane UMC - 9200 Inwood Rd, Dallas, TX 75220  5:00pm - 9:00pm  
North Pole Set Up (20)
Pre-Day Set Up: Help with organization of stockings and toys into age categories for distribution on day of event.
All slots filled
Nicole Williams (5)
Pamela Gause
Kristy Dismuke
D'Lana Dismuke
Susan O''Suilleabhain (2)
Beth Bedell
Jennifer Hill (2)
Jennifer & Avery Hill
Lauren Decuir (2)
YMSL - Irving Hawks (Lauren & Austin)
Sheri Crosby Wheeler (3)
Sharon Roth
George Simon
12/09/2017 (Sat.) Lovers Lane UMC - 9200 Inwood Rd, Dallas, TX 75220  9:00am - 10:30am  
Santa Cupcake Bakery (34)
Baked Goods (Cupcakes): Please bake 1 dozen of cupcakes. Holiday themes/designs are welcome.
31 of 34 slots filled
Heather McBride (2)
Megan Mcbride (16) NCL Legacy Frisco
Gobriel Rusthoven (4)
Patty Soerens (2)
Priya Nair
Jahnavi Nair
Nikki Young (2)
Melissa Pate (2)
Natalie will also bake
Christy Adriaenssens (2)
Christy & Kate Adriaenssens
Rhonda Jones (2)
Patricia Gulledge (2)
Bibsy Ruchman
Heath Ruchman
one dozen cupcakes
Will Arnold
Velia & Isabella Thomas
Shantavia Lowe
Destyni Anderson
Janelle Rawlston (2)
Julie Coon
Santa Cookie Bakery (50)
Baked Goods (Cookies): Please bake 1 dozen of cookies. Holiday theme/designs are welcome.
All slots filled
Meredith Laufenberg
Cecy Feld (2)
Jack Feld
Renee Spratlen (2)
Cullen White (2)
Stacey White
Gobriel Rusthoven (4)
Priya Nair
Jahnavi Nair
Kim Gleason
Phyllis Stone (2)
James Stone (2)
Annabel Hoffman
Julie Drake (4)
Kellie Johnson
JoAnn Compton (3)
Tammy Komenda (20)
NCL - Golden Corridor
Lorien Hathaway (3)
lorien Hathaway
Will meet the bus at the specified location for your assigned bus (location details provided in confirmation e-mail)  9:30am - 4:30pm  
Sleigh Riders (15)
Bus Chaperones: Serve as assistants to the Bus Leaders to/from the shelters, with parents and children of all ages
1 of 15 slots filled
Ronald Ward
Lovers Lane UMC - 9200 Inwood Rd, Dallas, TX 75220  10:30am - 4:00pm  
North Pole Traffic Patrol (5)
Traffic Directors: Responsible for monitoring and directing the flow of event traffic.
1 of 5 slots filled
Angela Hammons
We can do 10:30-12:30
Attorneys Serving the Community (ASC): Frosty Station (10)
Lunch Attendants: Assist lunch service volunteers by collecting meal tickets, distributing food, maintaining dessert and beverage stations, and help with cleaning the room afterward.
8 of 10 slots filled
Martha James
Beth Bedell (2)
Lisa Hamilton
Gina Velez-Lopez
Megan Donovan (3)
Santa Cafe (15)
Lunch Servers: Will assist in collecting meal tickets and distributing containers of food, maintain and replenish drink coolers, maintain cookie distribution, help keep tables clean and clear throughout meal service.
13 of 15 slots filled
Jeanne Koepke (2)
Paige Koepke
Melissa Drumm (2)
Susan O''''Suilleabhain (3)
Clare- NLC and Evan - YMSL
Sharon Roth
Rhonda Jones (2)
Denise, Ashton and Austin Cason (3)
We can help 10:30 to 1:30
RDI Auxiliary: Rainbow Crew (10)
Volunteer Room: Assist with the volunteer room and maintain refreshments.
8 of 10 slots filled
Patti Goodwin
Gobriel Rusthoven (2)
Brooke Shulman (4)
harlan burk
Toddler Express (15)
Child Care Monitors: Assist families with young children and with activities located in the toddler area, including coloring pages.
All slots filled
Catherine Ann Clayton
Gobriel Rusthoven
Amy Brock (2)
Nicole Clements
Meagan Jerome
Nick Jerome
Tausha Esparza (4)
Lorien Hathaway (3)
Lorien Hathaway
Maricela Hernandez
Home Depot: Elf Workshop (15)
Craft Station: Bringing games and prizes, set-up, break-down and removal at conclusion of event.
Thompson & Knight: North Pole Distribution Center (15)
Fulfillment Center: Fill family gift orders as they are brought to desk by Bus Captains/Ambassadors.
All slots filled
Nicole Williams (15)
Reindeer Games (30)
Carnival Games: Set-up and facilitate game, award prizes, break-down/clean-up at conclusion of event.
All slots filled
Joan Hurlburt (3)
Renee Spratlen (2)
Christine Callejas (2)
Beverly Mohler (2)
Coton Green
Cara Nunan (2)
NCL Preston Bluebonnet
Andrea Miller (2)
Neal Rapoport (3)
Sandra Lauro
Stacey Waide
Parker Dawson
Rita Cunningham
Dabney Pitts (2)
Paula Greenman
Cynthia Dufresne (3)
Jessica O'Neill
Stephanie Schmidt (2)
Lovers Lane UMC: Rudolph Roundup (20)
Specialty Games: Set-up and facilitate game, award prizes, break-down/clean-up at conclusion of event
18 of 20 slots filled
Michelle Williams (2)
Ruth Mascorro
Maria Soria
Cole Simpson
Abigail Mascorro
Alonso Mascorro
Quyen Le (4)
Ethan (15); Owen(12) & Aiden(10) Nguyen
Katy Annett (2)
we can work 12-2
Nancy McGuire (2)
we can help 12-2:00
Chad Calaza
Kimberly Tutson (2)
Can come from 10-1
Mistletoe Lane (15)
Craft Center: Overseeing children’s crafts, providing encouragement, inviting families to do craft together. (Volunteers are asked to provide the crafts for this station. Please e-mail to inquire about suggestions.)
All slots filled
Cole Olmsted
Jenny Olmsted
Andrea Berkowitz (2)
Amber Seale
12-2pm shift please (they said 2hours)
Heather Hunter
Monica Kelley (2)
We can work 2-4!
Kara Green (2)
Mia and McKenna Green
Mary Yang
Mary and Elizabeth Yang
Maryam Khakpour (3)
2-4pm shift
Lillie Touchstone
Tiny Tim (10)
Toddler Craft Station: Overseeing children’s crafts, providing encouragement, inviting families to do craft together. (Volunteers are asked to provide approx 150 crafts for this station, which is 15 per person. Please e-mail to inquire about suggestions.)
9 of 10 slots filled
Heather and Megan Mcbride (2)
Megan McBride (16) NCL Legacy Frisco
Lynn Mazur
Carly Mazur
Christy Adriaenssens (2)
Christy & Kate Adriaenssens
Kimberly Sims (2)
Amy Cole
Snow Flakes (20)
Event Support: Assignment will be given when you arrive at LLUMC (ie. help with carnival games, stocking distribution, bus ambassador, serve refreshments, etc.)
6 of 20 slots filled
Judy Pollock
Barbara Arnick
Summer Gell (3)
Megan Donovan
11:00am - 4:00pm  
Sleigh Bells (10)
Greeters: Will greet the children/families as they unload/load the buses, and cheer them on at the event.
All slots filled
Gina Velez-Lopez
Heidi Hill (9)
Santa's Helpers (30)
Bus Ambassadors: Will help greet the buses as they arrive, fill orders for each family on the bus, and ensure all bags are count and put on the assigned bus.
13 of 30 slots filled
Pamela Gause
Kristy Dismuke
D'Lana Dismuke
Evelyn Jackson
Kim Gleason
Christina Gomez (3)
Sandy Vasquez
Alice Brumback (2)
Jane Hetherington (2)
Deck the Halls (15)
Face Painters: Paint the children's face in holiday-themed designs.
1 of 15 slots filled
Patricia Gulledge
Santa's Secret Service (2)
Line Managers: Manage and supervise families and children as they line up for Santa.
All slots filled
Rita Cunningham (2)
Rita & Olivia
Caroling Angels
Karaoke: Assist karaoke vendor with set-up/break-down of equipment, recruit participants and generate excitement
Lovers Lane UMC to Rainbow Days - 9200 Inwood Rd, Dallas, TX 75220  3:00pm - 6:00pm  
North Pole Roundup (10)
Cleanup: Packing up and transporting items from the event site back to Rainbow Days - this job requires lifting
5 of 10 slots filled
Ken Allen
Cullen White
Maria De Los Santos (2)
YMSL Irving
Velia & Isabella Thomas
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