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All About Elementary Parent Education Event, Nov. 8, 2017

Join us next Wednesday, November 8 as our Elementary faculty will present an in-depth look at the Montessori Elementary curriculum. It is our hope that all Primary & Lower El. students will be able to continue their Montessori journey through the Elementary years ---please come learn more about the materials, how children are encouraged to continue to construct their own independent work, how the outdoors, music and wider community become more of a focus, and about Montessori educational outcomes. Childcare will be provided---see tabbed sign up sheet above! 

Date: 11/08/2017 (Wed.)

Time: 6:30pm - 8:00pm PST

Location: MdTL

Created by:   Montessori de Terra Linda
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Paulina Janus - Titterington (2 guests)
Please sign up Rose for day care . Thank You !

Jeni Janci (1 guest)
Chris may be able to make part of it.

Breanna de Geere (1 guest)

Christina Peppers (2 guests)

Laurie Bautista (2 guests)

Karma Bronstein (1 guest)

Karin Collins (1 guest)
Please sign Liv up for daycare

Rika Gopinath (1 guest)
Pls sign Avi and Nik up for childcare.

Karen Henke (1 guest)

Misty Segura-Bowers (1 guest)

Greg Neuenburg (2 guests)

David Sason (1 guest)

Liza Lorenz (2 guests)

Daisley and Matthew Kramer (2 guests)

Katie Louderback (2 guests)

Carri Abrahms (1 guest)
Plus childcare for Mila.

kessinger kessinger (1 guest)

Charlotte Bernstrom (2 guests)

Alice Bybee (1 guest)

Karolina Zosicz (1 guest)

Jenna Krick (1 guest)

Alena Litchfield (1 guest)

Stella Lazzarini (2 guests)

Kayleen Walters (1 guest)

Jack & Mariana Medina-Magdaleno (2 guests)

Summer Holladay (1 guest)

Amy Gray (2 guests)

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