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General Volunteer Opportunities

On the Registration website you were asked to either volunteer some of your time or to “opt out” from volunteering.  All members who chose to volunteer were automatically added to this list.

If you have "opted out" send us a note and we will remove your name from this e-mail group. 

Take a look to see where you can help.  Note that some jobs have to be done during school hours, while others can be done at home.

Each task or job category on the Sign Up will specify the contact that is responsible for the job.  Your contact person will be in touch.  If you have signed up to help in the classrooms, please take the initiative to speak with that teacher.

Do you have any special talents that you would like to share with GSC that are not represented below?  Are you an artist or perhaps an IT professional?  Let us know how you’d like to share your talents with us and we will see if there is a spot for you.

We are looking for a graphics artist who would be willing to spearhead a yearbook initiative.  

Town Volunteers are needed for each community to distribute brochures to places like the public library, pre-schools, local schools (public and private at all levels), area businesses, and even your place of employment.  Brochures should be distributed as needed throughout the year.  This is a task that everyone should be doing regardless of other volunteer commitments or your opt out status.  Stop by the office to pick up your brochures, or download one from this site.

This year is a transition year as many of the regular volunteers have children who will be aging out of the school.  This means that there will be many more tasks than usual from which to make your choice.  

Please let me know if you have any comments or questions about GSC's policy or the specifics of any task/position.  If I can't help you, I'll know who can!  

Your Sign Up Genius Coordinator is parent volunteer, Zeynep Serdar.  Many thanks to Zeynep for taking on this responsibility!


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Created by:   Zeynep Serdar
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Available Slot

Assistant Registrar - September through May (3)

Contact Gail M. or Gail Z. - Assist the Registrar this year, in anticipation of becoming Registrar the following year or year after. This position requires your physical presence at the school most Saturdays. See Gail M. if you have questions.


Facility Maintenance - September through May (5)

Contact Jim M.

4 of 5 slots filled
Dennis Herner
Chris Friday
Stefan Kuehlkamp
Jim McCloud

Newsletter Editor - September through May plus 1 Summer Issue - currently using Mail Chimp

Contact Julie S.

Nolan Lambert

Photographer / Videographer (2)

Contact Julie S. - Photos needed at 6 events, plus some classroom photos. Video needed at Weihnachtsfeier and Maifeier (separate sign-ups)

All slots filled
Toby Junker
Markus Peters
I can videotape Maifeier and Weihnachtsfeier

School Yearbook - Working with photographer design and execute project

Contact Gail M.

Zeynep Serdar

Volunteer Sign Up Genius Coordinator

Contact Julie S. - Ongoing. Use & update Sign Up Genius, solicit volunteers, update volunteer categories for website.

Zeynep Serdar

WH GSC Website

Contact Gail M. - Ongoing. Update website for West Hartford GSC.

Nolan Lambert

Open House Registration Desk - August (2)

Contact Gail M. - Welcome visitors to GSC and direct them to Fellowship Hall

All slots filled
Gail Zimmermann
Julie Steinmetz

Open House Volunteer Desk - August

Contact Zeynep S. or Julie S. - Explain Volunteer Program to new families and solicit new volunteers

Zeynep Serdar

Text Book Sales - September (2)

Contact Gail M. - Man book table 1st. day of school.

All slots filled
Karin Hauer
Karin Hauer
Armin Hauer

Classroom Helper - Pre-K

Contact teacher. Fall and Spring Semesters


Classroom Helper - Identify Class in Comments (6)

Contact teacher to see what help is needed, if any. Fall and Spring Semesters

4 of 6 slots filled
Michelle Miller
Anna's class
suzanne kukucka
chiara's class- can begin 10.21
Brooke Barack
In either of my children's classes
Rasika Dalvi
I would like to apply for this position

St. Martinstag Baking - Celebrated at GSC on November 4, 2017 (8)

Contact Gail M. - Bakers of 2 dozen goose shaped cookies each. Cookie cutters may be borrowed from GSC the Saturday(s) beforehand. See Pause or Office volunteers.

All slots filled
Susannah MacNeil
Happy to bake 2 dozen cookies! Where may I purchase a cookie cutter?
Margaret B. Higgins
2 dozen
Claudia Pagani
2 dozen cookies
Christine Miller
2 dozen cookies
Angela Rivadeneira
2 dozen cookies
Danielle Walker
Will bake 2 dozen cookies
Zeynep Serdar
Yayyy cookies :)
Toby Junker
We will make dairy free cookies

St. Nikolaus - Celebrated at GSC on December 2, 2017

Contact Gail M. - One day event - Wear St. Nikolaus costume, visit classes

Markus Peters
I can wear Nikolaus costume

Fasching - Celebrated at GSC on February 10, 2018

Contact Gail M. - Order and deliver Pause treat

Claudia Dinep

Librarian - Pending new book catalog system - ON HOLD (2)

Contact Gail M - Ongoing Task


Musical Talent - Instrument or Voice (6)

Do you play an instrument or sing? We have opportunities for you to contribute to Weihnachtsfeier, COLT, or Maifeier. Contact - Brian G.


Technology Advisor (2)

If you are knowledgeable with WiFi setup/systems, we'd like to hear from you.


Corporate Advertising

Contact: Urs Klarer, Stamford GSC


Accounting/Bookkeeping Support

Contact: Gail M. - Ongoing Task

Ted Hintz
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