Wills and Trust

Wills and Trust Seminar

The Senior Ministry, along with the Foundation Ministry, of St. Matthew Lutheran Church will be hosting a free seminar, open to the public, to help you understand the advantages and disadvantages of “Wills and Living Trusts.”  You will also learn about maintaining your privacy and protecting your estate against probate. 

ALL ages are invited!

Space is limited, so please register today!


Date: 04/19/2018 (Thu.)

Time: 6:30pm - 8:30pm EDT

Location: St. Matthew Lutheran Church - Walled Lake Campus

Created by:   St. Matthew Lutheran Church

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Greg Evans (1 guest)

Debra Sanger-Mondrush (1 guest)

Naomi Rintoul (1 guest)

Jeff Beck (1 guest)

Ralph & Judy Kade (2 guests)

Elizabeth Stachowiak (1 guest)

Lachelle Laney (4 guests)

Frank Roebuck (1 guest)

Douglas Abraham (2 guests)
Douglas Abraham and Joseph Engerer will be attending

Kim & Billy Robel (2 guests)

Irene Basar (2 guests)

Fran Roth (1 guest)

Karen Kosky (2 guests)

Mike & Stephanie Latzke (2 guests)

Nancy Hall (1 guest)

Tim & Sue Baglow (2 guests)

Joe & Lee Anne Angeloff (2 guests)

Joan Arteaga (1 guest)

Nancy Barnett (1 guest)

Robert Mcghee (2 guests)

Jason Urbahns (2 guests)

Jan Herrmann (1 guest)

Jane Bak (1 guest)

Lisa Hoppe (2 guests)

Yvonne Welte (1 guest)

Gary Olson (1 guest)

Vickie Krigner (1 guest)

Nancy Troyanek (2 guests)
Larry & I are both planning to attend this seminar.

Suzanne Klos (2 guests)

Nora Meyer (2 guests)

Jon Curlee (2 guests)

Hal Johnson (1 guest)

Jill and Kevin Hays (2 guests)

Amy J. Weston (1 guest)

anna dassow (2 guests)

Pamela Najor (1 guest)

Chuck Kuehn (1 guest)

Bonnie Papez (2 guests)

Laura Toman (1 guest)

Mike and Joyce Schonsheck (2 guests)

Jon Kosky (2 guests)

Kelly Kosky (3 guests)

Nancy Booth (2 guests)

Marv Roehling (2 guests)

Lavern & Karan Kruse (2 guests)

MAYBE (3) +