FCOG Men's Ministry

Men's Mission Breakfast

Men, we invite you to join us as we gather in celebration of Free-To-Serve week by hosting our annual Men’s Mission Breakfast.  This event offers not only a wonderful morning of fellowship, but will also introduce you to a guest speaker who has devoted his life to world missions. You won’t want to miss this powerful testimony in the company of other men at First Church of God. This event is for ALL MEN!

Date: 04/28/2018 (Sat.)

Time: 8:00am - 10:30am EDT

Location: Dining Hall

Created by:   Men's Ministry

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Guest Count:    Confirmed: 28     Maybe: 0

YES (26) -  

Michael Zabitosky (1 guest)

Jeremy DeVault (1 guest)

Robin Yencho (1 guest)

Timothy Kross (1 guest)
See you Saturday Earl. Tim

Dick Vauter (1 guest)

Jack Carson (1 guest)

Doug Wight (1 guest)

Eddie Kapadia (1 guest)

Tom Council (1 guest)

Lonnie Mixell (1 guest)

Timothy Ester (1 guest)

Richard Funcheon (1 guest)

Dennis Boltwood (2 guests)

Bill Parrott (1 guest)

Alan Sommer (1 guest)

Mort Smedley (1 guest)
Guest: David Dale

Dave Wilson (1 guest)

Devlin Hamilton (1 guest)

Mike Ribaudo (1 guest)

Chuck Wiseman (1 guest)

Rick Justo (1 guest)

Nate Adams (1 guest)

Dennis McLelland (1 guest)

Ken Fischer (1 guest)

Earl Alfaro (2 guests)
Guests: Earl and Matthew Alfaro

Richard Harvey (1 guest)