PHIS PTA Hawaiian Nights Social

Hawaiian Nights - 2018 Spring Social

The torches are lit, the theme is set! So grab your grass skirts and Hawaiian shirts and volunteer for the Hawaiian Nights Spring Social at PHIS!!!

 This Spring our social will definitely be a night of fun, tiki torches and Hawaiian shirts! Of course, none of this would be possible without our wonderful volunteers. We have several different areas that we will need help with so feel free to grab whichever slot speaks to you the most!

 The social will be on Friday, April 20th from 7:00 - 9:00, we will start decorating the day before the social onThursday, April 19th from 3:00 - 6:00. So if you would like to help but are not available on Friday then you can definitely help on Thursday. We will need volunteers the day of for set up (4:30 - 6:30) and after (9:00 - 10:00) to help with clean up. If you are available for multiple time slots please feel free to sign up for multiple times and days. On Friday at 6:00 the PTA will have dinner for the volunteers in the teacher's lounge, this is our simple way of saying thank you to all the volunteers. 


If you are a parent volunteer, please make sure you have completed a background check at ;parent volunteers must be an approved volunteer in order to volunteer at the school. Your background check must be done every school year, if you have not completed one for the 17-18 school year please do so.

When you sign up please double check that your email address listed is the best one to contact you at. We will send vital information to you using the email address that is listed with your sign up. 

Also, if you're not available for the entire time slot please let us know what times you will be available in the comment section so we can plan accordingly.

Lastly, if you're a student volunteer use the comment section to let us know what school and what program you're earning volunteer hours for. You may also email this information to Amber Whisenant at [email protected] if you prefer to do so.

  We are so excited for our bulldogs to enjoy this Spring Social and it would not be possible without all the help we receive from each and every one of you, the PHIS PTA can not thank you enough! As always, if you have any questions or concerns contact either Whitney Propst at [email protected] or Amber Whisenant at [email protected]


Location: PHIS

Created by:   Parkwood Hill-PTA
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Date (mm/dd/yyyy) Time (CDT) Available Slot
04/19/2018 (Thu.) 3:00pm - 6:00pm  

Day Before Set Up (10)

We will be putting up some of the decorations and making sure everything is where it needs to be for the next day

7 of 10 slots filled
Stephanie Bartholomew
Amber Whisenant
TJ Ferri
Sabaa Akram
I will arrive at 4
Irene Mourched
I will be there at 5pm/ I can bring my kids to help
Kyle Drzka
Central NHS
Madeline Lewis
04/20/2018 (Fri.) 3:00pm - 6:30pm  

Set Up (15)

Help set up and decorate

13 of 15 slots filled
Stephanie Bartholomew
Kelly Webb
Krista Bailey
TJ Ferri
Madeline Lewis
Emily Freimuth
Emma Hadjikiriakos
Emily Taton
Melissa Slater
I will be there at 4
Hollie Childers
Becky Scott
Janet Oden
Janet Oden set up
Eliza Milner

Volunteer Assistant (2)

Sign in volunteers & provide breaks if needed

All slots filled
Molly Urbanek
Trish Hooper
6:00pm - 9:00pm  

Volunteer Assistant (2)

Sign in volunteers & provide breaks if needed

All slots filled
Misty Womack
Michelle Ballow

Concessions (10)

Help mark off tickets and hand out food, drinks and snacks.

All slots filled
Melissa Fields
Gloria Valdivia
Leeza Hanson
Jill Coates
Madeline Lewis
Anastasia Hadjikiriakos
Emily Freimuth
Emma Hadjikiriakos
Danette Kessler
Shaden Altahes

Front Lobby (2)

Help direct students to ticket lines and control the flow of traffic.

All slots filled
Andrea Becker
Autumn Vergil

Free Photo-Op (2)

Take pictures of students at the free photo op using the student's devices.

All slots filled
Kristen Heller
Leittia Knight

Bulldog & Candy Store (8)

Help sell merchandise and candy to students. Help with traffic and mark off tickets

All slots filled
Jamie York
Melissa Slater
Maria Aredondo
Kerri Kirk
Sabaa Akram
Tu Cao
Holly Stanford
Brad Gray
I'll be doing this AND watch dogs, so I will be a bit late

Face & Hair Paint (5)

Paint student's face and hair, direct traffic and mark off tickets

All slots filled
Natalie Johnson
Katie Maul
Would love to do hair again
Angela Gunshore
Sarah Wofford
Jenn Zak

Games (15)

There will be several different games and activities set up in the large gym and each game will need 2-3 volunteers to run it.

All slots filled
Cindy Rich
I want to be paired with Connie Aphonephanh please.
Connie Aphonephanh
please pair with Cindy Rich
Kelli Huffman
Mary Tran
Central High School; National Honor Society
Christina Nguyen
Peter Doan
Danette Kessler
Valerie Snyder
Bree Szatkowski
Please pair me with Kimberly Kimball
Kimberly Kimball
With Bree please
Caylee Lemmons
Central NHS / Pair with Reagan Hoelscher please
Reagan Hoelscher
I would like to be paired with caylee lemmons
Ethan Hua
sara holmes
Justin Doan
pair with peter doan please

Cake Walk (5)

Run music for cake walk, mark off tickets, pass out prizes and direct traffic

All slots filled
Kelly Webb
Elesha Elzahar (2)
And Mohamed Elzahar
Rebecca Morin
Melissa Montoya

Photo Booth (3)

Help line up students, mark off tickets and control the flow of traffic

All slots filled
Amy Roerick
Silvia Alvarez M
Christina Saunders

Floating Volunteers (5)

A floating volunteer will be placed where any extra help is needed through out the night.

All slots filled
Leslie OBrien
Emily Taton
Edward Hargroves
Geraldyne Pinto
Angie Pham

High School Students Only (5)

In the Art Room we will need students who are not afraid of getting hit with Nerf darts. Three students will be dressed up in jumpsuits and a tiki mask and the PHIS students will have 30 seconds to hit our "Tiki People" as many times as possible.

All slots filled
Kyle Drzka
Christine Nguyen
CHS Leadership
Emily Lim
Garrett Wortham
Brionna Williams
6:00pm - 9:30pm  

Watch Dogs (Dads) Security (25)

Guard doors to make sure no one comes in or out and help control traffic before and after social.

23 of 25 slots filled
Mike Long
Chuck Whisenant
Nate McReynolds
Elmer (Chuck) Ball
Brad Gray
Scott Hoelscher
Sean Taton
Chris Munizza
Jeramie Caldwell
John Hensey
Jerry Hand
Neil Saunders
Brandon Lathe
Vaughn Starling
Janet Oden
James Oden watch dog
Chad Kimball
Patrick Duncan
Curtis Comer
Geoffrey Gibson
Jeff Lillard
Jeff Lillard
Matt Slater
John Morin
9:00pm - 10:00pm  

Clean Up Crew (10)

Help take down decor and clean up

All slots filled
Stephanie Bartholomew
Kelly Webb
Emily Taton
Amber Whisenant
Mary Tran
Central High School; National Honor Society
Emily Freimuth
Emma Hadjikiriakos
Sabaa Akram
Ethan Hua
Angie Pham

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