Stream Academy - Spring

Stream Academy Spring

These are the following STREAM Academy Courses that will be offered at Notre Dame Academy this Spring. Each Academy has a set number of spots. Signing up is based on a first come, first serve basis. 

The cost for each STREAM Academy course is $25.00 and should be sent in to your childs homeroom teacher in an envelope with your childs name, and the STREAM Academy course they registered for.  


PEAP (1st-3rd Grade) Assist Goldilocks as she improves the design on that broken chair and makes it “just right.” PEAP brings the engineering design process to our youngest learners. This Academy course adapts the engineering design process to meet the needs of our favorite fairy tale characters. These familiar and timeless stories encourage students to begin problem solving, generate design proposals, collaborate, and make connections to the enchantment of engineering! New and improved!


Lego U (2nd and 3rd Grade) Bring abstract concepts to life with a fun, hands-on approach that really engages students. LEGO® bricks turn numbers, words, and ideas into real models that can be touched, described, and innovated across all subject areas! Each week, the students will undertake a design challenge connected to topics taught at the primary level in ELA, Science, S.S., Religion, or Math utilizing LEGO® bricks. They will also have opportunities to present and share, strengthening their presentation skills!


Arcade Academy (4th-8th Grade) A Home Run! Loads of Creative Fun! Based on “Caine’s Arcade,” this course invites students to design and build fun and engaging arcade games made from cardboard, recycled materials and imagination. The games are then shared with the school community to help raise awareness and funds for a charity of their choice.


Kitchen Chemistry (4th-6th Grade) An introduction to food preparation is a way to reinforce and teach subjects like science, math, and reading, and provides a fun, hands-on way to introduce young students to other life skills such as budgeting, problem- solving, grocery shopping and more! In addition to food preparation, some of the things students will learn about are the origins of food, healthy food choices, and not only how to achieve accurate measurements, but why it is so essential to the final outcome of a recipe. Food tastings and identification, as well as safe kitchen practices will be emphasized.


Kitchen Chemistry (5th-8th Grade)  An introduction to measurements, baking, and decorating baked goods. Students will learn a variety of decorating techniques and how to use the "tools of the trade," to create delicious and beautiful desserts. 


Date: 03/14/2018 (Wed.)

Time: 2:30pm - 3:30pm PDT

Location: Notre Dame Academy

Created by:   Notre Dame Academy SBCS
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Available Slot

PEAP (1st -3rd Grade) (20)

All slots filled
Jack Bevilacqua
Jacalyn Keane
Maura Keane
Maggie Paolini
Connor Law
Brayden Tefft
Jordan Nelson
Jordan Nelson
Cullen Gorman
Bradley Milligan
Erica Carr
Ava carr
Jeanne Liberati (2)
Myles Schimek
dean andriaccio
dean Andriaccio jr
Riley ONeil
Jacob Garner
Josean Rodriguez
Kristen Lalley
Madeline Lalley
Heather Przybyszewski
Leigha Przybyszewski
Dawn Sopko (2)
Nathan sopko/Ryleigh jankowski

Lego U - (2nd and 3rd Grade) (12)

All slots filled
Maggie Paolini
David Corbett
Jonna Grieco
Molly Marren (2)
Jack & Patrick
Jillian Reed
Grace Sullivan
Kelly Moran
Lila Moran
Elijah Clark
Scott McQueary
Luke Dublino
Griffin Laney

Arcade Academy (4th-8th Grade) (12)

All slots filled
Kevin Ivanoski
Gabriel Moran
Gabriel Moran 4th Grade
Erica Carr
Aiden carr
Scott McQueary
William Hardy
Billy Lickfeld
Kristie Ott
Pierce Ott
Brayden Martinez
Nicole Moesch
Dina Fisher Fisher
Aidan Fisher
McKenna Cashion
Benjamin Berhalter

Kitchen Chem - Baking (5th- 8th Grade) (20)

All slots filled
Noel Merced
Maggie Paolini
Brett McDowell
Kylie DeFilippo
Zachary Neubeck
Sarah Schillace
Jennifer Adamczsk
Colin Oliveri
Ashley Cirbus
Nevaeh Schimek
Trinity Mead
Jason Echevarria
Matthew Coughlin
Michelle Page
Richie Page
Mary Ventura
Luca Ventura
Darby Hardy
Quinn D’Anthony
Jack Keane
Colleen Balen
Meghan Balen
Brogan Maloney

Kitchen Chem - Cooking ( 4th-6th Grade) (20)

All slots filled
Correen Scheer
KayliAnn Tefft
Amy Shanahan
Caelynn Shanahan
Jessica Coccionitti
McKenna Mead
Brianna McCaslin
Mary Pat Maloney
Isabella Snyder
Erin Hudson
Nora Vattes
Michelle Page
Ava Page
Tracy Wyman
Joelle Staniszewski
Kristen Lalley
Anna Lalley
Ben Finn
Damien Ellis Jr.
Keith Gurnett
Grayden Gurnett
Keith Gurnett
Grace Gurnett
Dawn Sopko
Emma sopko
Dawn Sopko

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