Trivium Prep

Grandparent's Day at Trivium Prep

You are invited to Grandparent's Day at Trivium Prep!


Friday, March 23

High School Grandparents 10:45-11:35am

Middle School Grandparents 11:45am - 12:35pm

(Grandparents of both High School and Middle School students, please register for both sessions)


Trivium Prep Gymnasium

2001 N. Bullard Ave, Goodyear, Arizona


Grandparents are invited to bring a "brown bag" lunch and join us for Grandparent's Day at Trivium Prep. Please bring your own lunch and feel free to bring a lunch to share with your grandchild.

During the event, grandparents will hear from our Headmaster, enjoy student performances and eat lunch with their grandchild. Optional tours will be available following the event.

**Due to limited parking, we kindly ask parents to drop off/pick up grandparents from the Gym entrance, if possible.**


Date: 03/23/2018 (Fri.)

Time: 10:45am - 12:35pm MST

Location: Trivium Prep Gymnasium

Created by:   Lily Bader
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Available Slot

High School - 10:45am - 11:35am

43 slots filled - more available
Liza Figueroa
Grace Vega
Carmen Martinez (2)
Dylan Wirth (2)
Dylan Wirth
Sheryl Budlong
Heather Everett (2)
Nathaniel Everett
Daniel MacLeod
Mary Ellen Quint
Yolanda Revelez (4)
Nora & Ramon Canenguez (2)
Peggy Vasiloff (2)
Dick & Peggy
Sandi Schwarz
Patrick Massengale (2)
Grandmother's Name is Dorothy Massengale "88" Years Old
Jennifer Brunke (2)
Shilrey Gladstone
Annmarie Bradley
amy stewart
Janet Kolts/Audrey Stewart
Alice Carter
Beth Rosell
Gwendolyn Ruiz
Isabel Ruiz, Grandparent
Kathleen Grant
Cassie Bank (2)
Marti Villatoro; Rosemary Vieux
Angelique Samaniego (2)
Henry and Toni Samaniego
anne caldwell
Mike Johnson
Patt Spicer (2)
Michele Kerfoot (2)
Alexander Kerfoot
Terri Balsley (3)

Middle School - 11:45am - 12:35pm

80 slots filled - more available
Harris & Danielle Yeager
Lisa Copeland (3)
Faith Copeland
Jenn Lipman (2)
Makennah Hubler 6th
Bob & Betty Tinker (2)
Betty Moodhe
Betty Moodhe
Betty Baer
Ryan Wirth (2)
Ryan Wirth
Sheryl Budlong
Mary & Millard Anderson (2)
Nicki Pacheco
Same grandparents as Faith Copeland
Heather Everett (2)
Hannah Everett
Yolanda Revelez
Phylice Walton
Stacey Wehner (2)
Lauren Wehner
Ramon & Nora Canenguez (2)
Jessica Nicholl (2)
Jennifer Brunke (2)
Shirley Gladstone
Dalene Doyle (3)
Elizabeth Murray (2)
William & Patricia Brown
Beckie Plohal
Beckie Plohal (Izabella Price-8th)
Gene Fehlhaber
Nora Granda (2)
Amy Christison
Annmarie Bradley
Lena Dixon
Wheelchair access needed
Ana Gironi
Grandparent is Maria Donovan
amy stewart
Janet Kolts/Molly Stewart
Judith Chancey
Jean Blasko
Debra & Del Brown (2)
Kimberly Aldridge's (2)
Beth Rosell
Kimberly Aldridge's
Dennis Aldridge (Conner and Cohen grandad)
Crystal Perry (2)
Donna Allen and Tom Allen
Melissa Villalobos (2)
Bernard and Cynthia Harrison
Paty Rief (2)
Cassie Bank (2)
Marti Villatoro; Rosemary Vieux
Sabrena Schmella
Janine Davis
anne caldwell
Andrea Hamilton (2)
Mark and Elsa Smith
John and Ellen Stergulz
Michele Kerfoot (2)
Andrew Kerfoot (8 th) / Zachary Kerfoot (6th)
Marcus McFall (2)
Terri Balsley (3)
Lisa Higa
Grandparent Name: Robin Stevens
Colette Pitts (2)
Heather Ortega
Robin Morrison - Heather Ortega
Tina Hernandez
Nancy Colberg (3)
Malia Ward
Grandfather only
Amy hager

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