251 Art Teachers

251 Art Teachers Show

This group art show is for anyone who shares their passion and love of art through teaching, whether it's in the school setting (public or private, college or university), workshops, classes, private lessons, and/or art camps. This show is so we art teachers get to exhibit our own personal art in a large group exhibit. 

This sign up sheet is just to start getting a head count on how many art teachers wish to participate in the show. *Art work can be 2d and/or 3d, as well as audio/video. **Artists may submit up to three pieces of work that will fit within a 3x6' area. 

Drop off dates for art work will be Tuesday, May1 and Wednesday, May 2, 2018 at the Mobile Arts Council. Drop off times are between 9am-5pm. If you cannot drop off during these days and times you will need to make arrangements prior to these days. More information will be provided later. 

$10 Entry fee; this pays for food and wine/beer for the ArtWalk Reception.

*there will be a show prospectus that discusses proper mounting/framing/hanging equipment for artwork

**this is subject to change depending on how many artists participate

Date: 05/11/2018 (Fri.)

Time: 6:00pm - 9:00pm CDT

Location: Mobile Arts Council

Created by:   Amanda Youngblood

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Artists Submitting Art
  58 slots filled - more available
Amanda Youngblood
I will be submitting a few pieces
Christy LeGros
Christy leGros
Carol Wiggins (2)
Great idea!!
Brennan Gibson
Can't wait!
Cat Pope (2)
Looking forward to it!
Lucy Gafford
Rikki Rhodes
Again, I don't know what I'm doing... this is also a year away, so time to plan...
Keith Wall (3)
Please keep me updated. I would like to participate.
Rebecca Wright
Renee Grimes
Can't wait!
Karin Marrero (3)
Thank YOU for this opportunity!
Linda Duffis
Acrylic painting
Melissa Stuart (3)
Sounds like it will be fun!
Rebecca Wright
One piece
Jeff Knighton (2)
2D Mixed Media, and one raku vessel
Anne Rose (3)
Warren Jackson (3)
1 Guest
Jason Outlaw
Blah blah
Ardith Goodwi (3)
acrylic on canvas
Steve Dark (2)
Can I play?
Sharon Samples (2)
I will be submitting at least one piece.
Sharonda Harris-Marshall (3)
Lisa Hancock
Catherine Helmsing (3)
Catherine Helmsing
Corky Goldman (3)
Wonderful idea
Nancy Barry (3)
Very cool!!
Julie Kogon (2)
Probably a mixed media and a watercolor
Janet Hinton
I teach at the Eastern Shore Art Center.
Mary Elizabeth Kimbrough
Alma Hoffmann (3)
Will enter at least one piece but probably 3.
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Guest Count:    Confirmed: 56     Maybe: 3

YES (34) -  

Janet Hinton (2 guests)

Julie Kogon (4 guests)
Looking forward to it Amanda!

Mary Rodning (1 guest)
Thanks for the opportunity

Nancy Barry (2 guests)
Sounds like a great idea!!

Corky Goldman (2 guests)

Catherine Helmsing (2 guests)

Lisa Hancock (2 guests)

Sharonda Harris-Marshall (1 guest)
Photography and Digital Media

Sharon Samples (1 guest)

Susan Baker (1 guest)

Steve Dark (2 guests)

Ardith Goodwi (1 guest)

Ruby Lange (1 guest)

Ella Smith (1 guest)

Jason Outlaw (1 guest)

Warren Jackson (2 guests)
1 Guest

Esther McNellage (3 guests)

Anne Rose (1 guest)

Jeff Knighton (3 guests)

Melissa Stuart (1 guest)

Linda Duffis (2 guests)
So glad you are doing this Amanda!!

Karin Marrero (2 guests)

Renee Grimes (2 guests)

Rebecca Wright (2 guests)

Monica J Beasley (1 guest)

Keith Wall (3 guests)
Please keep me updated. I would like to participate.

Rikki Rhodes (3 guests)
I'm not sure if I did this right or not. Also email reminders would be great if there is a way to auto send them out. I stay off FB as much as possible.

Lucy Gafford (1 guest)

Mary Rdning (1 guest)
Thanks for the opportunity!

Cat Pope (1 guest)
Yes please!

Brennan Gibson (1 guest)

Carol Wiggins (1 guest)

Christy LeGros (1 guest)
Keep reminding us on Facebook for those of us who get busy with 20 grade books and forget, please:-)

Amanda Youngblood (1 guest)

NO (1) +  

MAYBE (2) +