Garrett Park Elementary School

2018 Science Fair - April 19th

Students in grades K-4 are invited to make science fair projects on any topic. Individual and group projects (up to 4 kids) are welcome. Some students do experiments and present their results. Others read up on a topic and show what they have learned. Local scientists will interview students - no judging, just fun!  There are many websites with project ideas including:



The project must stand on a tabletop (most students use a trifold display board). No fires or flames.  No animals alive or dead.  No harmful microorganisms.  No human blood or body fluids. No electrical outlets can be used.   No harmful chemicals (such as bleach or lye), organic solvents, or dry ice.

Signing Up

Please create 1 SignUp entry for each Project Group.  If you are working with other families, please be sure that only one person fills out the Sign Up Genius.  Do, however, indicate the names of the other students in the comment field.


Date: 04/19/2018 (Thu.)

Time: 7:00pm - 8:30pm EDT

Location: Garrett Park Elementary School

Created by:   GPES Science Fair
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Available Slot

Classrom B143 (12)


Gym (35)

18 of 35 slots filled
Heather Down
Bella Down, Evie Xie, Hinata Motegi, and Maia Gonzalez-DerVartanian
Bridget Manifold
Mia Manifold, Nora Fogarty
Ina Nasution
Aliya Mustofa (3rd Grade)
Ben Nysenbaum
2nd Grade - Mrs. Lucas
Henry Yang
Henry Yang, 3rd Grade
Kristin Altar
Natalia Reyes Laguyas
Matias Reyes Laguyas (K Ms Williams)
Natalia Reyes Laguyas
Juan Reyes Laguyas (2nd Ms Kolb)
Nicole Parisi
Thomas Hamilton, Wilson Keister, Corrie Tocol, Johan Tocol
Leila Holtsman (4)
Rose Rubenstein, Sofia Miccichi, Evie Sivulich, Norah Chernoff
Sadie Willard
Sadie Willard
Amy Wesa
Fiona Wesa-Cox (3rd, Ms. Morici)
Alexey Krylov
Nina Krylova
Maureen Leddy
Kieran Toyoda, Aarad Khalili
Isabelle Nana
Christian Zabsonre

All Purpose Room (72)

69 of 72 slots filled
Arthur Santiago
Juliana & Ellie
Arthur Santiago
Daniel Santiago
Kim Hooton
Kim Hooton
Stacey Friedman (2)
Julie Friedman and Cynthia Zaker
Karim K
Karim (Ms Zador)
Alice Bradley
Alice Bradley
Monica Faucette
Wilson Faucette
Monica Faucette
Kai Faucette
Kieran McMullin
Kieran McMullin
Jeff Lieberson
Izzy Lieberson
Dawn Harris
Reilly Harris, Addie Wright, Ellie Mayster
K Jegalian
Nairi Rivers
Alex Rhee
Alex Rhee
Evan Ryder
Evan Ryder
Maryann Meza
Brian Carroll
Keegan Trostel
Keegan Trostel
Lynn Ricciardella
Kathryn Ricciardella
Satsuki Tsuda
Linka Tsuda
Cara Jackson
Finn McArdle
Staci Peron
Ella Peron
Kelly Oskvig
Ella and Henry Oskvig
Heather Bruskin
Sawyer Bruskin
Jody Rosenzweig
Ari Rosenzweig (2nd grade Saranjam)
Michelle Egan
Daniel Burros
Megan Guenther (2)
Aban Katki & Greta Locke
Megan Guenther
Rashni Katki
Derek Paley (2)
Adyn Paley, Natalie Finn
Lori Lucas
Anna Bangert
Leonardo Angelone
Lori Lucas
Michael Bangert
moryah cohen
Moryah Cohen
Yulia and Alexander Pimenov (3)
Sasha Pimenov, Sofia Pimenov, Simone Berton
Kanako Sugiura
Kanako Sugiura
Luiza So Gomensoro
Luiza So
Allison Zhang
Allison Zhang
Wendy Ellman
Abby Ellman
John Rosenbaum
Mark Rosenbaum
Julie Steenberge
Sadie and Abby Steenberge
Maria Martinez
Amanda Borkowicz
Clara Bodelon
Diego Aldworth
Andrea Brush
Brooke (3-Yoon) and Addison (1-Lichtenstein)
Rosa Mejia
Eve Mauck and Isabella Gonzalez
Raadin Fotouri. first grade, (ms Saranjam class)
Dawn Maynard
Luke and Olivia Maynard
Parker Cho
Parker Cho
Taylor Cho (2)
Taylor and Mackenzie Cho
Heather Bruskin
Abby Bruskin
Janhavi Raju
Janhavi Raju
Liz Pappano (2)
Grace Pappano and Isabella Castro
Rehan Khan
Jennifer Luce (2)
Alex Luce & Ethan Gitelson
Priyali Sen
Milan Chandra
Becky Miller
Izzy Miller (Frank) and Maggie Miller (Yoon)
Ashley Hutchins
Kai Hutchins
Ghizlane Gray (2)
Maria & Rania Gray
Stacey Lee
Jacob and Emma Yi
Michael Bangert (2)
Anna and Michael Bangert

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