Women of OLGC 2017-18

UPDATE: Power Packs for Children on Tuesday, March 20

Dear Volunteers and Drivers,

It looks like tomorrow morning will just be rain, but in the event the weather changes, this is our game plan:  pertaining to weather, OLGC goes by Fairfax County schools:  if Fairfax County is 2-hrs late, we will start at 10am.  If Fairfax County is closed, we will reschedule for Thursday, March 22 at 9am.

Secondly, I am looking for 4 volunteers to do "quality control" for the power packs.  That simply means making sure each bag has the specified 10 items and that the bags are closed. Would also like you to count the bags so we know how many we're delivering to Food for Others.  If you are interested, please let me know in the morning.  You will have a table and chair.

Merle will make coffee and I have a tray of breakfast items.

Sorry this has to go to everyone, but don't have time to look up everyone's individual email addresses.

Thanks much for everything,


Date: 03/20/2018 (Tue.)

Time: 9:00am EDT

Location: OLGC ~ DeSales Hall

Created by:   Jane Heishman
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Available Slot

Compleats ~ microwaveable meals for kids

7.5 to 10oz - Walmart and Amazon best bet

213 slots filled - more available
Audra Sambar (3)
Suzanne Keating (10)
Jeanette Sobajian (5)
Georgene Wall (20)
Mary Pat Egan (10)
Mary Kay Eldridge (10)
Mary Dolson (10)
Jane Heishman (20)
Cathy Novelli (20)
Merle Senyk (11)
roast beef & assorted
Marianne Palen (18)
Dinty Moore Beef Stew
Elvira Jakub (6)
Raelene Sok
Peggy Loudin (18)
Julia Ricker (12)
Catherine Thornberry (5)
Cheryl Skiados (16)
Marti Campo (12)
Andrea Gomes (6)

Chef Boyardi


176 slots filled - more available
Resa Potter (36)
24 cheese ravioli, 12 spaghetti/meatballs
Jane Heishman (10)
Rice w/chicken and vegetables
Cathy Novelli (20)
Merle Senyk (22)
Amanda Axeen (36)
12 each - cheese ravioli, chicken w/ rice, spag w/ MB
Marian Chirichella (10)
Julia Ricker (8)
Nancy Hansbrough (10)
Eileen Fox (12)
Andrea Gomes (12)

Mac n Cheese

Velveeta or Kraft (smaller size)

210 slots filled - more available
Audra Sambar
Cathy Radican (5)
Martha Tuszka (6)
Pat Murray (6)
individual serving cups
Christine Monett (10)
Maribeth LaVecchia (8)
Individual servings
Cathy Novelli (20)
Merle Senyk (12)
triple cheese
Rachel McCarthy (20)
Marian Chirichella (8)
Karen Marlo (16)
single serving cups
Margaret Daigle (16)
Peggy Loudin (12)
Gregor Bernhard (16)
Cheryl Skiados (16)
Eileen Fox (12)
Andrea Gomes (10)
Julie Rogers (16)

Hormel chili cups

7.38oz - can be ordered at Amazon

60 slots filled - more available
Robyn Poorman (36)
Marti Campo (12)
Andrea Gomes (12)

Chicken or tuna snacks w/crackers

113 slots filled - more available
Margaret Walter (10)
Ann Streb (18)
Christine Monett (10)
Jackie Shiring (5)
Mary Dolson (10)
Julie Hirka (5)
tuna w/crackers
Elizabeth Koetz
12pk tuna
Margaret Daigle (10)
Julia Ricker (8)
Gregor Bernhard (20)
Andrea Gomes (12)
Dorothy Flood (4)


Oatmeal packets, individual serving size boxes, milk n cereal bars, breakfast/nutri grain bars

324 slots filled - more available
Catherine Cissel (7)
4 pks oatmeal, 3 pks fruit & grain bars
Martha Tuszka (12)
Pat Murray (20)
individual cups or boxes
Ann Streb (52)
Christine Monett (10)
Pat Milosavich (24)
Mary Dolson (48)
Oatmeal packets
Julie Hirka (10)
oatmeal packets
Mary Farrell (16)
Cathy Novelli (20)
Fran Davenport (12)
Cheryl Skiados (64)
Dorothy Flood (8)
kelloggs fun pack
Nancy Sheehy
52 packets oatmeal assorted
Marianne Morahan (20)


Fruit snacks, fruit cups, granola bars, GoGo SqueeZ, raisins

590 slots filled - more available
Catherine Cissel (7)
4 pks. fruit cup, 3 pks granola bars
Jeanette Sobajian (80)
soft fruity snack paks
Mary Pat Egan (6)
Cathy Radican (10)
Jennifer Healy (5)
Mary Dolson (10)
Julie Hirka
Cathy Novelli (20)
Alice Plett (96)
80 welch fruit snack pkg, 16 dole fruit cups
Alice Plett (49)
49 oat n honey granola bars
Alice Plett (20)
20 gogo squeeze pouches
Catherine Thornberry (5)
Welch’s Fruit snacks boxes
Joanne Beck (2)
cheese & crackers, lemon cookies, 8 pack , 2 ea
Margaret Walter (24)
diced peaches
Marianne Palen (8)
Fruit cups
Karen Marlo (36)
granola bars
Margaret Daigle (80)
44 pretzels; 36 granola bars
Nancy Hansbrough (16)
2 boxes - 8 bars per box
Gregor Bernhard (3)
cereal bars 2 boxes. Oreos - 1 box
Cheryl Skiados (56)
Beth Richards (12)
Deanna Busteed (10)
Andrea Gomes (32)
Gogo squeez 8 boxes of 4 each
Nancy Sheehy
16 fruit cups
Nan Cox
Granola bars (4 boxes of 8)


Shelf stable milk (Horizon/Yoo Hoo), 100% fruit juice boxes

476 slots filled - more available
Lori Spencer
Audra Sambar
Mary Pat Egan (6)
Cathy Radican (5)
Lottie Zielinski (2)
2 pkg of 8 apple juice
Pat Murray (12)
boxed or plastic container juice
alice plett (76)
milk 18 choc 18 van Juice (40 capri sun)
Christine Monett (10)
Jackie Shiring (3)
Julie Hirka
Elizabeth Koetz
18pk milk 18pk juice
Catherine Cissel (32)
Margaret Daigle (80)
Nancy Hansbrough (8)
is 1 box of apple Juicy Juice boxes
Cheryl Skiados (32)
Beth Richards (12)
Tina Wickham (150)
Andrea Gomes
Milk Boxes pack of 12, Apple Juice pack of 5 - 8 count
Betsy Argauer (32)
100% apple juice boxes
Deanna Busteed (10)
Nancy Sheehy
40 organic juice drinks

Reusable grocery bags

51 slots filled - more available
Marianne Palen (20)
Cathy Novelli (20)
Cheryl Skiados (10)
Mary Pat Egan
hopefully 20

Volunteers (30)

To fill "power packs" in DeSales Hall, starting at 9am on March 20

29 of 30 slots filled
Phyllis Benson
arrive about 10am
Lori Spencer
Melissa Hylands
arrive around 9.30
Jeanette Sobajian
Mary Pat Egan
Martha Tuszka
Elvira Jakub
Patty Donahue
Marianne Palen
I can stay all day.
Jackie Shiring
from 10:00 to 12:00
Pat Milosavich
Mary Dolson
I can stay 9-1
Mary Farrell
Cathy Novelli
From 9am to 10am
Merle Senyk
Joan O'Rourke
Tina Wickham
Rachel McCarthy
Suzanne Keating
Will arrive around 11:30
amy lopes
Joanne Beck
Marian Chirichella
Can help until 11:15am
Peggy Loudin
Ann Streb
Judy Hathaway
Cheryl Skiados
Marti Campo
9am - 12 noon
Ana M. Soler
Diane McAndrew

Drivers (6)

To carry "packs" to cars/deliver to Food for Others

All slots filled
Mary Gunst
Marianne Palen
Ed LaClare
Will come around 11am
Jim Milosavich
Merle Senyk
Tina Wickham

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