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Parenting Toward Positive Self Image...especially when life is messy

OVERVIEW In today’s achievement-focused and body conscious society full of retouched “perfection,” social media highlight reels, and “do this for success” options, maintaining a healthful and positive view of oneself can be challenging. Writer and teen mentor, Robin Massey, shares her experiences with self and body image struggles, from mild unhappiness to eating disorders and depression, and offers ideas and perspectives on supporting our children towards acceptance and thriving.


  • What we can do to as parents to support our kids, when life gets messy.
  • Struggles happen in life for all of us, and each of us needs help at times.
  • Positive self-image isn’t a place “to get to” but rather a practice to build.

Robin Massey is a mom of three living in the Bay Area. She has played many roles over the years, including elite athlete, scholar-athlete at Stanford University, HR in high tech land, personal chef and health coach, and author. Robin is especially proud of her journey through (and recovery from) depression, eating disorders, and other struggles in her teens and early twenties. Life went in directions she never would have thought — and she ultimately made it out the other side stronger and wiser. She now speaks and writes in support of kids (particularly teens) as they navigate the road into adulthood.

Date: 03/01/2018 (Thu.)

Time: 7:00pm - 8:30pm PDT

Location: Fisher Middle School LIBRARY

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Appreciate if you could address fitting for someone with tanned skin color. My son has mentioned that he has been told that he was brown skinned by schoolmates... How can we help him see his values and address such comments effectively? Many thanks!

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