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2017-2018 Youth Ministry Fundraising

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Mission Trip Families

We could not be more excited about our upcoming Youth Mission trips for 2018!!  In that excitement we also know that it takes responsibility on our part to help fundraise for our trips.  This year we are significantly increasing our fundraising efforts.  Lamb of God is gracious in helping support our youth both in prayer and in financial support.  Now it is our job to have ownership of our trips by demonstrating fundraising efforts.  Our Fundraisers will make our YOUTH the spotlight.  That means youth will be the face of our efforts as we want to model that ownership to them!

A typical mission trip costs $500-$600 per person and we are able to offset that cost through fundraising. Youth can qualify for Fundraising Credit by serving at 4 qualifying youth fundraisers.  Individual credit is based on total youth group participation.  Results of our fundraising efforts will be released by the end of May and you will be notified of your individual credit. We will be keeping a tally of our fundraising and posting it somewhere visible for our congregation, such as a thermometer.

Please periodically check back in as we will be adding more opportunities as dates and events get established. Once you sign up we expect you to be active in participating in that fundraiser. We realize that emergencies come up but please help us by updating our sign up below so that we know who to expect as we will check people into each event.  

We need Adults help to make our events possible. We are asking for adults/parents to help organize a single fundraiser. If you see Adult Coordinator listed for an event, that means that we need your help organizing that event.  If we each take an event the load is so much easier on the team!  The reality is we need your help to make this possible!!

We would love if you have your own idea of fundraising and want to coordinate that as well.  Come speak to us!!!

Dan Knepper (Youth President) and I are hoping to make forward motion with our fundraising efforts and are open to any cool, fun, fundraising ideas with low overhead cost!

If you have any questions please contact Hannah Prindiville [email protected]!

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