Ramadan Ramp Up

Salaam and greetings of peace,

Have you wondered what Ramadan is? What it means for your Muslim friends and classmates? Join us for snacks, a chat and some fun at Lab School's first Ramadan Ramp Up.

Please sign up if you would like to share food that is special to your family (no nuts & no pork).

We look forward to seeing you there!



Date: 04/25/2018 (Wed.)

Time: 3:30pm - 5:30pm CDT

Location: Judd116

Created by:   saima sufi

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set up
  2 slots filled - more available
saima sufi
Samreen Imami
paper products - tablecloths, napkins, paper plates, utensils
  1 slot filled - more available
Sabera Choudhury
Will provide plates and cups for 200
snacks (please let us know what you plan to bring)
  51 slots filled - more available
Kiran Younus (50)
veggie samosas
saima sufi
  3 slots filled - more available
Tahmina Ahsan
Will bring ice tea.
Cristina Nimeri
Bottled water
Kemi Andu-Alausa
sweet snacks
  5 slots filled - more available
Zainab Baig
Nahida Teliani
dessert (nut free)
Samreen Imami
Cristina Nimeri
Dates/ Cream Cheese
Kemi Andu-Alausa
assorted cookie tray
clean up
Responses:     Yes: 9     No: 0     Maybe: 0    

Adult Guests:    Confirmed: 13     Maybe: 0

Child Guests:    Confirmed: 20     Maybe: 0

YES (9) -  

Kemi Andu-Alausa (2 adults, 3 children)

Cristina Nimeri (1 adult, 2 children)

Samreen Imami (2 adults, 1 child)

saima sufi (2 adults, 3 children)

Kiran Younus (1 adult, 3 children)

Nahida Teliani (2 adults, 2 children)

Zainab Baig (1 adult, 2 children)
I will bring assorted South Asian (Desi) desserts for about 50 people

Tahmina Ahsan (1 adult, 2 children)

Sabera Choudhury (1 adult, 2 children)