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Talent Show 2018

Welcome to the 2018 Talent Show! If your student is interested in participating, please register below and be sure to include your email address, student name and grade. Each student must be registered individually. A required form will be emailed directly to you after you sign up. Each student participating must complete the required form. If you do NOT receive the form or if you have questions, please contact me directly: Elizabeth Corbitt at [email protected]

The Talent Show is open to all students K-6. If your child is performing as a group, each individual student must sign up on their own through the signup genius, but please note in the comment section the names of additional performers in your group. 

All acts are strictly limited to 2 minutes each. This is simply to make sure each student has a chance to demonstrate their special talents within the time limits provided by the school. Thank you for your understanding!

We are looking for two MCs to announce acts and tell jokes in between acts! If your child is interested in auditioning for one of the two positions, please put "MC" in the description.

Important dates:
April 19-20 2:45-4:45: Auditions. This is mandatory and allows your child to give us a preview of their act for our planning purposes. You will receive a 15 minute window date and time as we get closer to the audition dates. 
April 30 @ 2:45: Rehearsal. Required for all participants.
May 3: Performances. There will be two performances for students only during school hours. The evening performance for families will be at 5:30pm.

Created by:   Elizabeth Corbitt
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Available Slot

Performer Name & Grade

68 slots filled - more available
Trudi Gentry
Everett Gentry. Mr.Sweetman
Olivia Zhou
Emily Zhao (Mrs Harris)
Danny Gaffney
Danny Gaffney. 4th Grade
Joe Gaffney
Joe Gaffney. 5th Grade
Jaime Ayala
Lylie Ayala - Capra
Jaime Ayala
Sydnie Ayala - Rahm
Mary Beth Allen
Addie Allen 4th Grade
Ellie Duncan
Izzie Duncan, 1st grade, Buter
Barbra Stricker
Leo Stricker, 6th Grade
Ellie Colagrosso
Ellie Colagrosso, 4th grade
Amelia Buyrn
Amelia 3rd (with Avery, Mia, Kiana)
Avery Buyrn
Avery 1st (with Amelia, Mia, Kiana)
Carola Yamasaki
Mia Yamasaki 3rd (with Amelia, Avery, Kiana)
Kiana Yamasaki
Kiana 1st (with Mia, Amelia, Avery)
Zeke Lowry
Zeke Lowry- 2nd grade Walker
Sarah Puff
Ruby Bullock-1st grade
Sarah Puff
Cooper Bullock-3rd grade
Erin Cornelius
Justin Cornelius, Ms. Rahm 4th
Ella Wagonlander
4th grade rahm
Andy Warns
Amberlin Warns - 3rd Grade
Andy Warns
Annalie Warns -1st grade (with Amberlin Warns 3rd grade)
Stephanie Craft
Genesse Craft 4th Grade
Gabriella Poisson
Gabriella Poisson 6th
Sarah Katahira
Sarah Katahira (2nd)w/Kennedy Ireland (2nd)
Amy Arendt
Nova Clark, Walker, 2nd
Kennedy Ireland
Kennedy Ireland 2nd (w/Sarah Katahira 2nd)
Jen Kellogg
Logan Horan - 3rd Grade
Joette Salazar
Alija Salazar
Jen Kellogg
Luke Kellogg - 6th Grade
Heidi Colwell
Caden Colwell - Kindergarten(Reinke)
Heidi Colwell (5)
Brody Colwell - 5th
Linda Bullinger
Ava - 5th
Anna Schmalzigan
Anna Schmalzigan, Mrs. Harris
Mrunalini Joshi
Juilee Joshi, Grade 1, Ms.Houlihan
Jennifer Gates
Matt Gates 5th
Jennifer Gates
Drew Gates-5th
jessica latino
Jake Latino - 2nd grade
Sara Sandoval (2)
Sophia Sandoval 4th grade
Sara Sandoval (2)
Isabella and Sophia Sandoval 4th
Anne Jenkins
Emily Jenkins-Mrs. Feijoo
Kim Alfaro
Sebastian Alfaro-5th
Ava Bachman
Ava Bachman 6th
Joy Sederwall
Jakan Sederwall-5th grade
Zach McFarland
Grace McFarland, 5th grade
lexie johnson
Lexie 6th
Beth Callahan
Gavin Callahan 6th grade
Heidi McLaughlin
Mia McLaughlin 3rd
Jason Hamilton
Kayla Hamlton - 3rd
Vanessa Thorsten
Soren Thorsten - 3rd
Grace Wilcox
Hope Wilcox, 3rd grade
Henry Hays (2)
Henry Hays
Blake Boushie
Blake Boushie - 2nd Grade
Reece Jensen (4)
Reece Jensen
Connie sower
Jeremiah Sower 6th grade
Joey Sturm
Aidan Sturm - 5th grade
Jamie Caruso
Olivia Caruso- 5th Traut [email protected] - with Grace McFarland
Beth Callahan
Gavin Callahan 6th grade
Angie McCaslin
Ashley McCaslin - Kindergarten (Reinke)

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