VBS 2018

VBS 2018 Student Volunteers

Students having completed Grades 6-12 may volunteer in a VBS Classroom - June 11-15, 2018. Student Volunteers must attend Fruit Cove Baptist Church either on Sunday or Wednesday to be eligible to help in a classroom.

Students having completed 6 Grade (by June) are required to work in Preschool classes only.

Students will receive community service letters by request only. Contact Lisa Hess, 287-0996, to request a service letter for school.

Date: 06/11/2018 (Mon.)

Time: 8:30am - 12:00pm EDT

Location: 6/11-15/2018 - Fruit Cove Baptist Church

Created by:   Lisa Hess
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Available Slot

Children's Class Room (60)

Grades 1-5

44 of 60 slots filled
Joshua Berger
2nd grade please
Jon Wallace
5th grade Seth Wallace or recreation; wherever help is needed
Grace Gahagan
3rd grade and up
Abigail Yazdiya
1st or 2nd grade please
Emma Hatcher
1st or 2nd Grade with Gracie Garris please!
Miles Hatcher
5th grade with Jon Wallace please
CJ Sexton
2nd or 3rd grade
Brennen Sexton
3rd grade
Keanan Sexton
1st grade
Joshua Wallace
2nd grade please
Aleah Baxley
1st Grade Please
Caroline Jeter
5th grade girls
Sami Sberna
2nd and 3rd grade with CJ Sexton please
Grace Allen
5th grade please and thank you.
Gracie Garris
1st or 2nd grade with Emma Hatcher
Brooke Nootens
Mrs Donna McGill’s class helper again if possible
Emilee Flanagan
1-3 grade
Dylan Holland
Mrs. Denise Hodges Please
Ava Pumphrey
I would like 4th or 5th grade
Brock Howze
I would like 1st grade
Hannah Morell
Can I please do 1st or 2nd grade?
Tarun Kuchipudi
Baylee Comer
1st - 3rd grade would like to be with Erin Hoban
Sierra Palmer
1st grade please.
Kyle Janes
Ellie McCormick
1st grade Mrs.Angie please
Magic Krotzer
5th graders please.
Jeremy Hiers
3rd grade
Zachary Hiers
3rd grade
Leighanna Goldman
1st grade with Mrs. Angie
Aubrey Anderson
with Braxton and Abby
Savannah Rahn
1st or 2nd grade with Hannah Morell please!
Hannah Musal
Scott Musal
Carson Berry
Can I work with 2nd grade with Tarun and or Josh Berger
Jenna Russom
5th grade
Cara Standard
1st grade- I can’t be there on Friday.
Danielle Smith
5th grade please :)
Mercy Ellison
Prefer 3rd or 4th grade
Ben Davis
Would like to be with joshua wallace in 2nd
Ellie Cowan
5th grade with Danielle Smith please
Abby McCormick
Avery youngs class please
Emily Morton

Children's Crafts (12)

Grades 1-5

All slots filled
Sarah Spears
Kaeli Legg and Stephanie Chrenshaw in group if possible.
Kaeli Legg
Sarah Spears in group if possible
Samantha Reynolds
Madison Heltebridle
Tressalee Gahagan
Grace Uy
Older Crafts
Benjamin Uy
Older Crafts
Nicole Lopez (2)
Camille Donaldson
Abby Crick
Older kids please
Brandon Russell

Children's Recreation (20)

Grades 1-5

All slots filled
Will Vanderlinde
Hogan McSwain
Davis Crenshaw
Robbie Moss
Christopher Lopez (2)
Alexa Smith
Brianna Smith
Jacob Blanton
Brock Posey
Matthew Fettik
Jason West
JD Thigpen
Tyler Otts
Leonardo Duran
Alex Bryan
Catie Zurcher
Claire King
Jack Kohlmann
Samuel Inastrilla

Preschool Class Room (69)


49 of 69 slots filled
Kristal Clark
3 yr olds please
Sarah Clark
3 yr olds please, but not w/my sister Kristal.
Aubrey Ritter
2 or 3 year olds please
Mallory King
Zachary Berger
4 year olds
Jared Tompkins
Trent Briant
K-In my mom's class please
Jadyn Jozwiak
Hannah Wallace
4 year olds please
Leah Crenshaw
Joshua Fleck
3 or 4 year olds please
Matthew Jeter
4’s with Caleb Allen
Caleb Allen
With Matthew Jeter in 4's please and thank you.
Auston Hsieh
Emilee Flanagan
Emma Lemaster
3 year olds
Emma Henderson
Request 2 or 3 year old class
Cameron Alligood
Kindergarten with Amelia Thomas if possible please.
Amelia Thomas
Kindergarten, with Cameron Alligood, if possible :)
Rylee McGill
May I please be with Mrs.Katey Wilson?
Grace Roy
Two-year olds please
Skyler Henderson
2 and 3 year olds please and be with my sister Emma Henderson who is a 7th grade volunteer
Camila Lopez
2 year olds please
Bradley Barnett
2 year old class is first choice. 3 year old class is second choice. Would like to work with Maddie Humphreys and Jacob Saarela.
Madison Humphreys
Work with Bradley Barnett
Michelle Rapillo
My daughter Isabella, is looking forward in helping out the preschool aged children. Thank you for the opportunity.
Roisin Crowley
Erin Hoban
Work with Eileen Scullion. Age 3 or 4
Eileen Scullion
please put with erin hoban age-3-4
Alexis White
3 years olds
Mailey Cash
Mailey Cash
Not in my mom’s room, with my sister Madison would be great
Kylee Danko
2/3 yr olds with Marley Freel
Marley Freel
2/3 yr olds with Kylee Danko
Mia Naaktgeboren
With Erin Hoban
Aubrey Nill
3's class with Leah Crenshaw
Cameron Nill
In a ones class
Christopher Beckett
Has Epi-pen for Ants, although he's never needed it, and Benedryl, Inhaler, and Hydrocortisone cream in his bag if ever needed
Gracen Osborne
3 or 4 year-olds please
Katelyn Webb
W/ Robin Webb & Jan Parrish
Kendal Creech
Please put in Tammy Briant’s kindergarten clas
Will Eggers
Will Eggers - Kindergarten
Andrew Eggers
Andrew Eggers - 3 year olds
Rachel Williams
I would love to work with 3-5 year olds if possible thank you
Ayden Trawick
Lindsey Parrish
Lauryn Parrish
Shelby Kalil
Garrett Kalil

Preschool Crafts (12)


All slots filled
Annabelle Yazdiya
Gracie Caldwell
Alexandria Melville
With Sarah Bowen
Michelle Rapillo
My daughter Isabella is excited for this opportunity
Laini Wilson
would like to work with Hailee Deaton in preschool crafts or a 4 year old classroom or a kindergarten classroom
Hailee Deaton
I would like to work with Laini Wilson.
Madison Cash
Emma Ostrout
Mary Kanady
Annabelle Kohlmann
Whitney Norris
I’d like to work with Laini Wilson
Logan Page

Preschool Music (8)


4 of 8 slots filled
Ashley Armstrong
Can I be with Ms. Debbie, Please.
Caragh Zeigler
Lauren Fauss
Can I please be with Debbie as well? :)
Angela Cononie
Cindy Warner's grand daughter.

Preschool Recreation (12)


All slots filled
Zachary Muniz
Brady Clark
Brantly Thomann
Connor Blinn
Tyler McCall
Brenden Cope
Arik Howze
Zachary Deaton
Braden McKinley
Ian Jackson
James Jackson
Ian Jackson's younger brother
Landon Anderson
with Arik How

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