SMM VBS Participants

SMM 2018 VBS Donation Items

We could really use your help!  If you’re willing to donate one of these items, please sign up below.   We’ll be accepting non-perishables in the office any time up through the end of school, and perishables the week of VBS (talk to us for dates needed!)  Thanks in advance for your generosity! 

A reminder will be sent out to you 1 1/2 weeks before VBS.

Date: 06/18/2018 (Mon.)

Location: SMM Church Hall

Created by:   Karen Yasik

Available Slot

500 plastic 9oz. tall cups (4)


250 small plates (3)


1 pack of 100 standard paper plates


1 gallon juice (12)


1 gallon water (12)


1 large bag of Rold Gold mini pretzels (8)


1 tray of pretzel nuggets from Pretzel Factory (Friday Snack) (2)


12 vanilla pudding cups (10)


1 Box of vanilla wafers (8)


120 large pretzel sticks


1 large package of red Pull-n-Peel licorice (3)


18 boxes of blue raspberry jello


360 Swedish Fish (Costco has large container)


1 large box of multicolor goldfish (4)


1 package of baby wipes (6)


1 package of glue dots (4)


Artificial ferns, palm trees (borrow)


cardboard carpet tubes


Life ring or life vest (Borrow) (2)


1 large box of Ziploc sandwich bags (3)


1 box quart size Ziplock bags (2)


1 box gallon size Ziplock bags


1 piece of foam board


Ivory cloth shower curtain (borrow)


1 large bag individually wrapped lifesaver mints


beach ball


large cardboard box


50' hank of Rope


Fishing nets


6 large bottles of hand sanitizer


3 rolls of clear packing tape


1 roll fishing line


3 glass bottles (mouth smaller than an egg)


1 large and 2 small marbles


2 blue plastic tablecloths


3 fancy unbreakable plates


fake plastic fruit


fake loaf of bread


3 containers of yellow play-dough


1 roll of red cellophane


1 roll of yellow cellophane


1 roll of duct tape


1 dozen eggs


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