Advanced Fitness - Challenge #14 APRIL 2018

Advanced Fitness Test 2018 – FITLIFE CHALLENGE #14

When:  Saturday, April 7th  6:15 am – 6:45 / 10 am – 11:15 am 

Where:  2404 S Orchard St.  (FitMania Orchard)

How:  Reserve a spot via Sign-Up Genius (Contact Annette regarding scheduling concerns.)


What:  Warm up.  Go over the course and complete a form check with the trainers.  Complete the exercise circuit (approx. 3 to 5 minutes). Workout hard for 11 weeks and repeat. 

Other things to know:  

Your “beginning of Challenge” test time will be added to your “end of Challenge” test time so you want to perform at your “best” on both.  

Feel free to practice ahead of time to get a feel for the transitions, etc.

All pushups must be completed on your toes with full range of motion.

Trainers will be watching form, counting, coaching and timing.


FL#14 Exercise circuit: 

10 pushups (using foam blocks in a designated push up area) 


Bear crawl (from push up station across the room to a chair on the wall)

10 double leg chair squats (basically squats, but you have to touch the chair)

10 lateral hops over a line

Repeat squats and hops 3x for a total of 30 squats and 30 hops

Traveling long jump (back across the room)

10 push ups 


Run and touch 10 lengths (hand and foot must touch mats past the cones)(spaced 5 mat lengths apart) 

10 push ups 


Run and touch 10 lengths (hand and foot must touch mats past the cones)(spaced 5 mat lengths apart) 

Finish back by the push up area.


Date: 04/07/2018 (Sat.)


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